How To Get ITVX On Your TV? (Quick & Easy Guide)

The process of accessing and setting up ITVX is relatively simple, with compatibility across multiple devices such as smart TVs, laptops, and tablets.

ITVX can be accessed on various devices, including iOS and Android phones and tablets, Samsung Smart TVs (from 2016 onwards), and Roku TVs.

Let’s dive in.

What Exactly Is ITVX?

ITVX is a new, free streaming platform by ITV, replacing the previous ITV Hub.

It offers access to 10,000 hours of free shows, including popular series such as A Spy Among Friends, Without Sin, and Riches, as well as a dedicated selection of children’s programming.

To get ITVX on your TV, you have several options depending on your devices and platforms. ITVX is available on various television platforms including:

  • Sony Bravia,
  • BT TV,
  • Freesat,
  • Now TV/Roku,
  • Sky,
  • Samsung Smart TV & Blu-ray players,
  • Virgin Media,
  • and YouVie.

It can also be streamed on game consoles such as PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox One/S/X, and Xbox Series X/S.

Additionally, it is compatible with mobile platforms like Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows Phone.

To sign in to ITVX on your TV, open the ITVX app and select the Settings icon in the left-hand menu. Click on ‘Sign in’ and choose to sign in either on another device or using the provided on-screen keyboard.

Remember to verify the availability of ITVX on specific devices and platforms as needed, since compatibility may change over time. Enjoy your streaming experience with ITVX!

Requirements for Getting Itvx on Your TV

Compatible Devices

To access ITVX, you need to have one of the following compatible devices:

  • Samsung Smart TV (2016 model or later)
  • Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S
  • Huawei devices
  • Select Smart TVs, set-top boxes, and DVRs with built-in Freesat and Freeview Play
  • And more (check the instructions)

Setting Up Itvx Account

To use the ITVX app, users should follow these steps:

  1. Download the app on a compatible device
  2. Create an ITVX account or sign in with existing credentials
  3. Browse and select programming, ensuring accessibility settings are enabled if needed

Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is necessary for streaming content on ITVX.

Users should ensure they have a reliable connection before starting, and they may want to consider using a wired connection for the best streaming experience.

How to Install Itvx App

On a Smart TV

To install the ITVX app on a Smart TV, first, go to the app store that is compatible with the TV (e.g. Google Play Store for Android TVs or LG Content Store for LG TVs).

Search for the ITVX app and select it.

Click on the “Install” button to download and install the application. Once the installation is completed, open the app and proceed to sign in or create an account.

On a Streaming Device

For streaming devices like Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV, access the respective app store (e.g. Roku Channel Store, Amazon Appstore, or Apple App Store) and search for the ITVX app.

Download and install the app on the device, then open it and sign in or create an account.

Navigating Itvx Interface

The ITVX interface is designed for easy navigation.

Once signed in, users will find a menu on the left side of the screen that provides various options:

  • Home: The main page displaying popular shows and movies
  • TV: Access to live TV channels and catch-up programs
  • Films: Browse available movies for streaming
  • Shows: A list of available TV series
  • My ITVX: Personalized content based on user preferences
  • Settings: Options for managing accounts and customizing settings

Users can simply select the desired option and explore the available content. When watching a show or movie, users can pause, fast-forward, or rewind using the on-screen controls.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Login Problems

Sometimes users may face login issues with ITVX.

Here are some steps to solve these problems:

  1. Check if your credentials (email address and password) are correct. Make sure there are no typos or extra spaces.
  2. Reset your password if you’ve forgotten it. You can usually do this by clicking the “Forgot password” link on the login page.
  3. Ensure your device is connected to the internet. A stable connection is necessary for logging in.

App Not Loading

In case the ITVX app isn’t loading on your TV, follow these steps:

  1. Update the ITVX app to the latest version. This can usually be done from the app store on your Smart TV or by checking for updates within the app.
  2. If the app still isn’t loading, try clearing the app data or reinstalling it. This process may vary depending on your Smart TV model.
  3. Check your internet connection for stability. The ITVX app requires a stable connection to function properly.
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