Do Ethernet Cables Really Matter for Gaming? (We Checked)

Some games require a fast internet speed to work properly. And lots of online gamers have wondered if an ethernet cable will help with helping them have a better experience.

In this article, we will take a look at if ethernet cables matter for gaming and give you a good idea of what sort of Ethernet cable is best for you, and how to set up your home network for the ultimate gaming experience!

Here’s If Ethernet Cables Matter for Gaming:

If you’re playing a game that requires an Internet connection, then an Ethernet cable is the best option for gaming. While wireless connections can be fast, there are a number of factors that make them less reliable and more prone to lag than their wired counterparts.

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Some games may require additional bandwidth from your router in order to run smoothly; this is why gaming online on consoles often requires a wired connection instead of just using Wi-Fi.

So What Makes These Cables So Much Better Than Wi-Fi?

First off, they offer faster speeds than wireless networks do: while Wi-Fi can range anywhere between 5 Mbps (megabits per second) and 1 Gbps (gigabits per second), ethernet cables can reach up to 10 gigabits per second or more under ideal conditions (which isn’t something most people will ever need).

Secondly, ethernet cables are also physically closer together thanks to their physical connection—this means less interference from outside sources like radio waves being emitted by nearby electronic equipment or even other devices on your network itself.

Lastly while it might seem like an obvious point: since you don’t need batteries or power outlets when using them.

How Much Bandwidth to Computer Games Use?

How much bandwidth a game uses depends on the game and your internet connection.

For example, Fortnite can use up to 20mbps. Overwatch can use up to 10mbps, while PUBG typically uses around 5mbps or less.

The lower the bandwidth required for a specific game, the better it will perform over a Wi-Fi network that’s shared by multiple devices at one time (e.g., during an online gaming session).

Therefore, if you’re playing something like Fortnite or Overwatch on an older computer with only 2GB of RAM and limited processing power—which may not even be able to run those games at their maxed out settings—you’ll likely experience lag spikes due to insufficient bandwidth between your computer and other players in multi-player matches.

What Is the Optimal Type of Ethernet Cable for Advanced Gaming?

There are many options and it’s hard to know which one is best, so let’s take a closer look at the features that make up an Ethernet cable.

There are two major types of Ethernet cables: Cat5e and Cat6a/Cat7. They both use twisted pair wiring to transmit data across wire strands in the same direction (this reduces electromagnetic interference).

The difference between them comes down to speed, though with recent advances in technology we’re seeing more manufacturers offer Cat7 cables with speeds above those required by modern systems.

You’ll also notice that some cables have metal shielding surrounding their core wires while others do not; this helps prevent interference from external sources such as nearby power lines.

Other electronics devices like speakers or lamps that operate on similar frequencies as your home network equipment uses when transmitting data packets back-and-forth between devices connected via network ports using these types of cables.

For example: If your router is installed near any electrical appliances then you may want a shielded version instead so it has less chance getting knocked off-line when someone turns on their washing machine during gameplay sessions.

Finally there are several variations within each category based upon specific materials used throughout construction such as whether or not braided insulation was employed instead of just regular plastic tubing around each strand inside its central channel.

Are Long Ethernet Cables Bad for Gaming?

In the world of network cable length, there are a few different opinions.

The first is that longer cables are always better: it’s a matter of signal degradation. The longer your cable, the more signal degradation you’ll have, and it’s good for gaming because of this.

However, there’s another side to this argument: shorter cables can be bad for gaming because they cause signal degradation too. However, the effects are somewhat less than with longer cables.

In general, if your cable is good quality and in good condition, any length should work.

We have more here on how long ethernet cables affect gaming.

Is It Better to Game on Ethernet Cable Than Wi-Fi?

For gamers, there’s no question that the fastest internet connection possible is a good thing.

If you’re playing a game on your computer, it will be faster to download and update content if you have an Ethernet cable running from your computer to your router.

The same goes for streaming games through services like PlayStation Now or GeForce Now (for Mac).

These services offer access to hundreds of games that you can stream over the internet without having to purchase them outright.

Like most cloud-based services, however, these games are often hosted by servers located somewhere else—meaning they’ll be running at least part of their load through Wi-Fi instead of directly connecting via an Ethernet cable.

As such, using this type of service will always feel slower than using an actual disc or cartridge on physical hardware connected directly with an Ethernet cable.

Can Ethernet Cables Increase FPS (Frame Per Second)?

You’ve got a gaming PC, an internet connection and a new mouse. What else could you need?

The answer: An Ethernet cable. If a computer game is being played on your local network, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect it directly to the router in order to ensure that all of its data is sent as quickly as possible.

This will give you better ping, latency, and download speed – all of which are important for gaming performance.

Some people prefer USB cables because they’re cheaper and easier to find at home or work than Cat-6 cables – but if there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to gaming performance, then why not go with what’s best?

Can Premium Ethernet Cables Reduce Lag in Games?

Yes, you can reduce lag by upgrading your Ethernet cables.

The exact cause of lag is the subject of much debate, but the general consensus is that it’s a result of a slow internet connection. The higher the data rate you have, the less likely your gaming experience will be impacted by lag.

The fastest internet speeds available in most areas are around 100 Mbps (megabits per second).

This means that any activity taking place on a network with such speeds could be affected by lag—even if your device doesn’t use any bandwidth at all.

But Why Does This Affect Games?

As we mentioned earlier:

  • Ethernet cables need to send data back and forth between devices on the same network in order for them to communicate with each other correctly; charging ports and USB ports cannot do this automatically because they’re only wired up to send power across their respective devices’ interfaces (so no data transfer occurs).
  • Therefore, when playing online games or video streaming services like Netflix/YouTube etc., a lot more information needs to be sent from one device through its own antennae directly into another device’s antennae via cable than just powering up two devices together would require – which requires high-quality wiring like Cat6A Cat7a etc., depending on how many devices are being used simultaneously at once.

Top 3 Ethernet Cable Recommendations For Gaming

The best Ethernet cable for gaming is the one that you can afford, because it’s not always necessary to spend the extra money on a good cable.

That being said, if you’re looking for something more than just a basic gigabit Ethernet cable and want one that has better performance than your average cheapo Ethernet cable, then here are some of my favorite picks:

  • The Best Gamer-Friendly Cable—Gigabit Ethernet Cable by GE/Linksys ($15)
  • The Best Long Distance Cable—6 Feet Cat7 UTP Network Patch Cord by StarTech ($13)
  • The Best Long Distance Cable 2—50 Feet Cat7 UTP Network Patch Cord by StarTech ($18)
  • How To Increase Bandwith For Gaming?

If you’re looking to get more bandwidth for your gaming, here are a few things that can help:

Get a faster internet connection.

This is the easiest way. If your internet is slow, it’ll be hard to get good response times no matter what else you do. If you’re paying $30 per month for 5mbps and playing online at peak hours in the evening, think about upgrading!

Use a wired connection instead of wireless.

Wireless connections are susceptible to interference from other devices like microwaves or cordless phones (if they still make those).

Even if the signal strength looks good, interference can ruin the experience with severe lag or dropped packets.

Wired connections are less affected by this kind of thing because there’s no radio waves involved—it’s just electricity traveling down wires into your computer/console! So if possible, use an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi when connecting up with other players.

How To Make Your Internet Faster For Gaming?

If you’re looking to make your internet faster for gaming, there are a few different things that can help. First of all, you need to get a better router.

The router is the first thing that any computer connects to when accessing the internet, so having one that’s capable of handling multiple devices at once and providing strong wireless signals will help keep your connection stable.

It’s also good practice to connect multiple devices directly into the modem instead of using a hub or switch for additional ports; this will reduce interference and improve performance even further.

Next up on our list is getting a better modem.

Modems typically come with either DOCSIS 3 or DOCSIS 3+, but both versions can only handle up to around 100mbps transfer speeds (though they will go faster if there are no other people connected in your area).

If you’re looking for something more modern than what came with your ISP package deal then consider upgrading now while prices are low – otherwise wait until it makes sense financially before upgrading again down the road.

This option costs nothing upfront but may require buying new hardware (modem+router) depending on how much bandwidth needs boosting right away (if anything).


Now that you know all about ethernet cables and how they impact your gaming experience, and what you can do to improve them. We hope they will help you be more competitive against other players in online multiplayer games such as Fortnite or Overwatch.


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