Hootsuite & Pinterest | 16 Answers You Should Know

The integration of Pinterest into the Hootsuite platform has changed over time.

Back then, you need to install Tailwind for Pinterest to work inside Hootsuite. Now, you can add the social media network without the need for an app to port Pinterest.

The relationship between the two platforms has evolved and made Hootsuite a strong partner for Pinterest.

Here are some of the things you need to know about Hootsuite and Pinterest integration:

1. Does Pinterest Like Hootsuite?

Pinterest is open to third-party tools to help you make your content publishing more efficient.

One of the tools it allows is Pinterest.

Pinterest listed Hootsuite as a Content Managing Partner.

2. Does Hootsuite Post to Pinterest?

You can post to any of the boards on your Pinterest profile.

You can choose from your Hootsuite media library or upload a photo from your computer.

Hootsuite even allows scheduling of pins. That also includes the AutoSchedule option.

Note that the Autoschedule feature is only available for paid subscriptions.

3. How Easy is it to Connect Pinterest to Hootsuite?

Connecting Pinterest to your Hootsuite account is as easy as adding any other social media profile.

All you need is to click on add network and select Pinterest. You will be asked to log in to your account.

After logging in, grant Hootsuite access to your Pinterest account during the prompt.

4. Is Posting on Pinterest the Same as other Social Media Profiles?

While Pinterest is not at all different from other social media networks, it implements a board system, which is the main feature of the network.

Pinterest requires users to select a board for pinning and a link before you can publish a pin.

Unlike the other social media networks where posts can stand alone, with or without a link:

  1. If you want to post a pin, instead of clicking “Create Post”, you select “Create Pin”.
  2. From here, you will be asked to choose the board you want to add your post and insert the link to where your Pin should lead your followers.

There is also a character limit for the caption of your Pin.

5. Is Pinterest Counted Against the Social Media Profile Limit?

Pinterest is like any other social media profile and counts towards the limit of your plan.

6. What Else Can you Do on Pinterest via Hootsuite?

You can schedule your pins, so they appear at a time your audience is most active.

Use Hootsuite to automatically pin your content so that your audience gets to see them at once. That way, you can drive more traffic to your site and generate more leads for your business.

Hootsuite also has a photo editor, which lets you resize photos for your pins.

Use it to adjust the framing of your image, so they appear clearly and more inviting. Having good framing helps create interest and engage your audience.

7. Does Hootsuite do Analytics for Pinterest?

Hootsuite lets you compare the performance of your Pinterest account with your other social media profiles.

The comparison can help you measure how your social media profiles contribute to lead generation for your business.

You can also install Google Analytics to help you measure how many clicks are generated by your Pinterest account going to your website.

Note that the Analytics feature works only on paid subscriptions of Hootsuite and requires Hootsuite Impact.

Your Pinterest account must also be a Business profile to access analytics.

8. Does Hootsuite do Social Listening for Pinterest?

The basic search and keyword stream is not available for Pinterest.

However, the Hootsuite Insight service lets you check the web for pins, provided these are public.

Note that this service is only available for Business and Enterprise plans.

9. Can You Schedule Pins on Hootsuite?

You can schedule your pins on Hootsuite.

You may use the Schedule and AutoSchedule function of Hootsuite to help you distribute your content without oversaturating it.

10. Can You Create Boards for Pinterest on Hootsuite?

You can create new boards on Pinterest using your Hootsuite account.

That includes making secret boards.

11. Are There any Limitations on Pinterest with Hootsuite?

For one, you cannot view new pins from accounts you follow, like you normally can on Pinterest, when using Hootsuite.

Also, posting and scheduling of new pins can only be done through the desktop version of Hootsuite.

  • You cannot follow other Pinterest users when using Hootsuite.
  • The ability to move pins in batches can only be done with the native Pinterest interface.
  • You cannot use the visual search function of Pinterest with Hootsuite.
  • Your promoted content on Pinterest can only be managed in the default interface.
  • Rearranging boards are only available on the Pinterest interface.

Hootsuite has yet to integrate the newer features of Pinterest.

These features include Native Video, Cinematic Pins, and Promoted Video for registered brands on Pinterest.

12. Do People Typically use Hootsuite with Pinterest?

People who use Pinterest with Hootsuite are those who use their pins for business purposes.

Aside from them, users of Pinterest with Hootsuite are also the same who synchronize their Instagram accounts for scheduling.

This was done when Hootsuite required users to install Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram.

13. How Reliable is the Connection to Pinterest?

The reliability of the connection between Hootsuite and Pinterest is good.

Although synchronizing can be a problem for some, it can be resolved by granting permission through the Pinterest settings, then logging out after.

Once you logout, you can add Pinterest to your Hootsuite account.

14. Can I Get Penalized in Pinterest from Using Hootsuite?

But, the so-called penalization is an across-the-board algorithm.

That means, whether you use Hootsuite or not with Pinterest, your follows will still stagnate after a certain number.

15. Can Hootsuite Replace the Default Pinterest Interface?

Hootsuite for Pinterest works best as a publisher. There are other things it cannot do, a lot of which are rooted in data privacy.

Remember that Hootsuite is a publisher, with the analytics and insights as added features.

The other features on Pinterest are done best on its mobile or web app.

16. Are there other Social Media Management Tools that can use Pinterest?

There are other social media management tools available that can link with Pinterest.

These include Buffer, Salesforce, Sproutsocial, among others. These platforms are also certified by Pinterest as marketing partners of the network.


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