Hootsuite & LinkedIn | 25 Answers You Should Know

Putting together Hootsuite and LinkedIn made a strong force in managing your brand on social media.

While there are some limitations when using this social media tool, the added features Hootsuite brings to LinkedIn help make your daily social media engagement more efficient.

Given the downsides, is using Hootsuite with LinkedIn worth it?

Here are some things you need to know about Hootsuite and LinkedIn:

1. Does LinkedIn like Hootsuite?

LinkedIn has less restrictive access to social media management tools like Hootsuite.

When you use LinkedIn on Hootsuite, you can schedule and share content for a specific audience, check activity on your business page, and engage your followers.

2. Does Hootsuite Post to LinkedIn?

You can use Hootsuite to schedule posts on your profile and your company page.

3. Are There Any limitations in Hootsuite for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn had removed support for groups in 2017.

That means you need to be logged into the official LinkedIn app or browser interface to interact with your groups.

LinkedIn revoked access the access of third-party services like Hootsuite to updates from your contacts or brands that you follow on the social media network.

You can only view these updates when you log into the site or app of LinkedIn.

When it comes to posting on LinkedIn, you are limited to photos and links and simple status updates.

That means, if you want to post other materials, such as polls or documents, you need to be logged into the website of LinkedIn, or use a Google Drive or Dropbox link for non-media files you wish to share with your network.

4. Can Hootsuite Post to LinkedIn Groups?

In 2017, LinkedIn removed support for posting directly on groups inside the platform using Hootsuite and other similar tools.

The social media platform required all users who wish to post on any LinkedIn group to use the native app or browser platform to access these groups.

5. Can You View your LinkedIn Updates Through Hootsuite?

LinkedIn terminated in May 2019 support to view updates and posts from your LinkedIn contacts.

This change in features meant that Hootsuite users could not view updates, like, or comment on LinkedIn posts.

That is a bit like the restriction that Facebook announced in 2018, except that Hootsuite users can still schedule and post content on their respective profiles.

They can also like or comment on their content.

6. How Do You Add a LinkedIn Company Page to Hootsuite?

Adding a LinkedIn company page to your Hootsuite account is like adding any other social media account.

Go to add network and select LinkedIn. Hootsuite will then ask you if you want to add a Company page.

Select the company page and click “Connect With”. Log into your account and allow access to Hootsuite through the prompts that appear.

7. How Do You Edit a LinkedIn post on Hootsuite?

You can edit a post scheduled for LinkedIn on Hootsuite.

But, you cannot edit any post while using Hootsuite.

If you need to make edits, you need to access the LinkedIn website or official app to make any changes.

8. What is the Character limit of LinkedIn on Hootsuite?

You can use up to 1,300 characters per post on LinkedIn via Hootsuite.

9. Can You Write on LinkedIn Using Hootsuite?

You cannot access the notes or blog-like features of LinkedIn on Hootsuite.

You need to use the LinkedIn site to use this feature.

10. Can Hootsuite Post Job Openings on LinkedIn?

You can post a job vacancy as an update that will appear on the feed of your followers and contacts.

However, Hootsuite cannot post job openings that will appear in the LinkedIn Jobs board.

11. Can you Apply for a Job Through LinkedIn Using Hootsuite?

Hootsuite works with LinkedIn as a way for brands to update their customers and other stakeholders in the industry.

For people or job seekers, Hootsuite works with LinkedIn like any other social media service: a platform to connect with old colleagues and stay updated in their profession.

12. How Do You Tag Someone in LinkedIn Using Hootsuite?

You can tag someone on LinkedIn using Hootsuite by typing “@” followed by their name as it appears on LinkedIn.

The text predictability feature of Hootsuite will suggest pages that are close to the text you type for tagging.

Note that tagging is only available for pages on LinkedIn.

13. Can You Change the Privacy Settings of LinkedIn When Using Hootsuite?

Hootsuite only uses the default privacy setting of your account. If you wish to change it, you must log on to LinkedIn itself to affect any privacy setting changes.

14. Can Hootsuite Handle Multiple LinkedIn Accounts?

You can add as many LinkedIn accounts or pages as you like on Hootsuite if it still falls within the limit set for your subscription.

If you signed up for a Team Subscription, and you have five (5) social media accounts already enrolled, that means you can still add up to 15 LinkedIn accounts or pages.

15. Why Will Not Hootsuite Connect to LinkedIn?

The first thing you need to do is reconnect and allow Hootsuite on LinkedIn.

Delete the existing LinkedIn connection concerned and log in once more.

If you changed passwords, LinkedIn needs authorization again.

That means you will need to redo the reconnection step listed above.

If you had Hootsuite and LinkedIn for more than a year, the latter cancels all third-party connections as part of the security protocol.

That might be the case for you, so you will need to renew the connection between Hootsuite and LinkedIn after a year.

You should also check for updates from LinkedIn, or any social media network for that matter, if they canceled support for Hootsuite or other similar services.

These social media networks can also cancel Hootsuite authorization if they detect spamming activities or different users accessing the same profile in different locations.

16. Can You Update Your Profile on LinkedIn using Hootsuite?

You can update your profile on Hootsuite on the website or official app of LinkedIn.

17. Can You Change Your Profile Photo on LinkedIn with Hootsuite?

Changing your profile picture requires you to be logged into the LinkedIn website or app.

18. Can You Change Your Cover Photo on LinkedIn with Hootsuite?

If you want to change your cover photo on LinkedIn, access their official website or app.

19. Can You See who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile When Using Hootsuite?

To see how many people have viewed your profile, please log into the web app of LinkedIn.

20. Can You See How Many People Viewed Your Post Using Hootsuite?

Yes, but you can only access that feature when using a paid Hootsuite subscription.

The number of people who have viewed your posts is part of the analytics data that Hootsuite shows to subscribers.

21. Can You Search for People or Businesses on LinkedIn Using Hootsuite?

If you are looking for a particular person or business to connect with, go to the LinkedIn website or use the official app.

22. Can You Monitor LinkedIn Hashtags on Hootsuite?

Hootsuite does not have a feature to conduct a keyword search on LinkedIn, unlike Twitter, which can help you search for different words.

23. What is a Comment Stream?

A Comment Stream is a feature on Hootsuite for LinkedIn that lets you check the performance of your posts on LinkedIn.

You choose a post, usually one that is getting a lot of traction, and create a stream so you can watch the engagements.

You can have as many Comment Streams, but there are a limit of ten (10) streams in every board.

You can opt to create another board for Comment Streams, in case you need more for monitoring:

  1. To create a Comment Stream, using Hootsuite, go to the post for monitoring and click on “More Actions”, or the three (3) dots on the lower right corner of the LinkedIn post.
  2. A small pop-up menu will appear, wherein you will find the “Create Comment Stream” Option.
  3. Clicking it will automatically create a stream on the same board.

Note that Comment Streams do not support video posts yet.

24. Does a Paid Subscription in Hootsuite Give you the Same Features as LinkedIn Premium?

Hootsuite Pro and LinkedIn Premium have their respective features that are far from each other.

A paid Hootsuite subscription expands your tools in managing social media.

LinkedIn Premium focuses on making your LinkedIn Profile more visible in the job market.

25. Can Hootsuite Replace the LinkedIn Interface?

Hootsuite cannot replace the LinkedIn interface.

Considering all the limitations that Hootsuite has, you stand to miss out on a lot of useful features if you opt to use the Hootsuite to manage LinkedIn.

The meat of the features of LinkedIn is in its native or default interfaces, which is why it is hard for Hootsuite to replace the web or mobile app of LinkedIn.

If its anything, the updating of privacy policies by LinkedIn caused the stripping down of features of Hootsuite.

Hootsuite commits to providing as many features, but it is up to the partner social media sites to decide what it will allow Hootsuite to access.


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