Hootsuite & Facebook | 23 Answers You Should Know

For Social Media Managers, the tandem of Hootsuite and other social media platforms like Facebook created a strong partnership when it comes to efficiently manage digital assets.

Since it eliminates steps on the daily grind of social media management, Hootsuite has done the tedious job of overseeing different social media accounts easier, using a centralized system.

Its efficiency made it one of the most used applications of the top companies around the world.

Here are some things you need to know about Hootsuite and Facebook:

1. Does Facebook Like Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is an accepted application on Facebook.

Users can grant access to Hootsuite from their Facebook accounts to help them manage their businesses.

However, the recent privacy updates of Facebook have set restrictions for Hootsuite users, which has limited the use of Hootsuite for personal updates.

2. Does Hootsuite Post to Facebook?

Hootsuite allows posting on Facebook pages. Just like Buffer will post to Facebook groups.

However, it has implemented restrictions in posting on Facebook accounts, due to the latter’s updated privacy settings.

3 Does Using Hootsuite Kill your Edgerank?

Hootsuite does not kill your Edgerank.

However, Facebook puts more weight and priority to contents published directly on its native app or interface.

That means contents posted directly to the native app of Facebook get better chances at visibility over Hootsuite-posted content.

4. Does Hootsuite Support Facebook Groups?

You can add a group to your Hootsuite account, in case you want to update your audiences who are part of a Facebook group dedicated to your brand.

5. How Do you Add Facebook Groups to Hootsuite?

Before you can add a group, you must add a Facebook account that has administrator privileges in the Hootsuite panel.

You must allow Hootsuite as an app for the group:

  • To do this, you need to go to the group you want to add then click on “More” under the group cover photo.
  • Select “Edit Group Settings”, and go to the “Apps Section”.
  • Click on “Add Apps”.
  • Look for Hootsuite in the list, click on “Add”.

Before proceeding to the next step, it is highly recommended that you log out of your Facebook account to allow the smooth granting of permissions to Hootsuite:

  • Now, go back to the Hootsuite “dashboard”, and go to “My Profile”.
  • Select “Social Networks and Streams”, then click on “+Private Network”.
  • At the pop-up screen, select “Facebook”, then you will be prompted to log into your account.
  • Once logged in, click “Continue using Facebook”
  • A list of groups you are a member of will appear.
  • Look for the group you want to add to Hootsuite, then click “Add”.

Your group will now be available on Hootsuite!

6. How Many Facebook Groups Can you Add to Hootsuite?

You can add a group for every social media slot available to your Hootsuite subscription.

So if you have a Pro account, which gives you ten (10) social media profiles total, and you have on Hootsuite four (4) social media accounts linked, that means you can still up to six (6) Facebook groups.

7. Can you Boost Facebook Posts on Hootsuite?

You can boost or turn your Hootsuite-posted Facebook content into an ad to reach a wider audience.

To do this, you will need a Facebook Ad Manager account linked to Hootsuite. This account must also have a valid payment method linked to it.

Also, all members of your Hootsuite plan must have permission to manage ads before they can select a post to boost.

Once you meet the requirements, you can proceed to the next steps in creating an ad for Facebook.

  • To begin boosting your content, go to “Publisher”, and open “Promote”.
  • Look for the post you want to boost.
  • Note that newer posts may take a couple of hours to appear on the list.
  • Then choose the Facebook Page ad account that will boost the post.

After which, you select your target audience of the ad, which you select from the following options:

  • Build your Audience, which lets you choose a specific demographic and behavior you want to reach.
  • Recommended Audience, where you set a target location and reach your audience using Facebook’s Lookalike Audience algorithm, which looks for users who might find interest in your ad based on your customers.

After this, you can select “Instagram Placement” if you want the ad to be on both social media platforms.

Then select the budget and duration of the ad, then click “boost” on Facebook.

You can also set an automated boost, which you set through specific criteria you choose.

That lets you automatically boost a post within the last seven (7) days that meet the conditions you set.

That includes particular contents (e.g., photos, videos), keywords, number of likes reached, higher engagement, or simply set to all.

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8. Will Facebook Still Review Posts Boosted on Hootsuite?

Facebook still reviews posts set as advertisements as part of maintaining its standards for ads.

Note that while Facebook may approve your ad, it is not guaranteed it will perform well.

You need to make sure it is still pleasing and engaging for it to perform well.

9. What Are the Limitations of Hootsuite for Facebook?

When Facebook rolled out its new privacy policy, it resulted in more limitations.

The most notable is its restriction on personal accounts to post content.

You can only use it to view your feed, but not reply to any post.

You cannot view messages, although this limitation is for all social media accounts under the free plan of Hootsuite.

10. Can You Connect Hootsuite to a Personal Facebook Account?

You need to link Hootsuite to a personal Facebook account so you can also link Pages and Groups linked to it.

11. Can You Hide Facebook Comments in Hootsuite?

You can choose to hide spam or other offensive comments on Facebook using Hootsuite.

Although, these comments will still be visible to the poster and his friends.

12. Why is Hootsuite Not Posting to Facebook?

Assuming you have followed the instructions to connect Facebook to Hootsuite, here’s what you can do:

  • Log out from Facebook, and then remove Facebook from your Hootsuite dashboard.
  • Add Facebook once again, and make sure you permit Hootsuite to access Facebook.

To post on Facebook, Hootsuite needs full access to your account for it to work.

Do not worry about your data, as Hootsuite provides security and cannot directly access it.

13. Hootsuite Will Not Connect to Facebook?

One of the things you need to check is if you have used up your allotted slots for social media platforms on your plan.

If you still cannot connect, you need to reset access to Facebook from your Hootsuite account.

You might have missed granting access to it, which causes the inability to link them together.

14. Can You Add a Facebook Page Without a Personal Account?

Much as you want to add a Facebook Page to Hootsuite without adding a personal account, Hootsuite needs that account as a need to access Pages.

Without the personal account, Hootsuite will not have any basis to check which Pages it can post on.

15. Can Hootsuite Post to the Facebook Marketplace?

The Marketplace feature of Facebook is not available yet on Hootsuite.

It is a different service, which has its algorithms and is often attributed to the personal accounts of a user, and not a page.

16. Can Hootsuite Create Facebook Events?

Facebook Events is a service you need to access directly on the native Facebook site or mobile application.

You can comment on created events that Hootsuite posts on the timeline of your page.

You cannot comment on posts inside the page through Hootsuite.

17. Can Hootsuite Update my Profile Picture and Cover Photo?

While Hootsuite gains access to your photos, it is solely to put a thumbnail on your account and monitoring any activity, such as commenting on it.

You can use any photo posted on Hootsuite as your profile picture or cover photo when you access Facebook on your mobile or desktop.

18. Can Hootsuite Edit Comments on Facebook?

To edit a comment, go to stream with the timeline of your page, and look for the post with the comment you need to edit.

Select “More Actions” below the comment you wish to edit and click “edit”.

Make changes to the comment and press Enter to save your edited comment.

19. Can Hootsuite Edit Posts on Facebook?

Like comments, you can edit posts on Facebook through Hootsuite.

Look for the post you wish to edit, select “More Actions” below the post you want to change, and click “edit”.

Make changes to the post and press “Enter” to save your edited post.

20. Can You Add Friends on Facebook Through Hootsuite?

You can only use this function when using the native interface of Facebook.

The same can be said when following or liking a Page on Facebook.

21. Can You Tag People or Pages on Facebook Using Hootsuite?

The ability to tag or mention people or pages on Facebook using Hootsuite has not been made available to third-party services such as Hootsuite.

22. Can Hootsuite Replace the Whole Facebook Interface?

Even with all the things Hootsuite can do, it has its limitations, which can be done on Facebook itself.

That includes creating events, updating profile pictures, and cover photos, which are essential for business.

23. Can Hootsuite Improve my Page Reach?

Hootsuite can improve the reach of your Page by helping you put out content at a time your followers are most active.

However, the reach still depends on the quality of the material you put out and the value it brings to your audience.

At the end of the day, even if you have the right timing, having an unclear message will affect the reach of your Page.



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