Hootsuite & Facebook Business Manager | 6 Quick Answers

Hootsuite and Facebook are probably two of the best tools to use together if you want to up your digital marketing game. Their integration can help you retain better control of your assets on Facebook.

The Facebook Business Manager, meanwhile, can help you manage your Business Facebook pages better.

But does it work with Hootsuite, and should they be used together?

Here is the Scoop on Hootsuite and Facebook Business Manager:

Facebook Business Manager helps you manage your Facebook and Instagram business accounts and ads through a single interface. Hootsuite offers a similar service. Facebook Business Manager does not integrate with Hootsuite. 

1. Does Hootsuite Work with Facebook Business Manager?

Both Hootsuite and Facebook Business Manager can be used to manage your ads and business pages on Facebook and Instagram. But the two services do not work together.

2. Can Hootsuite Manage Facebook Ads Directly?

One of Hootsuite’s key features is its ability to manage advertisements on social media, including Facebook.

Hootsuite can even make ads for you. You can set conditions, and Hootsuite will automatically create ads based on the conditions you set.

This feature makes ad management on Hootsuite easy.

You can also collate data on your ad spending and compare results across the different social networks you advertise on.

Since you have your ad data in one place with Hootsuite, reporting and tracking becomes easier.

3. Does Hootsuite Integrate with the Facebook Business Manager?

Unfortunately, while Hootsuite and Facebook integrate, there is no integration between Hootsuite and  Facebook Business Manager.

This lack of integration can probably be attributed to the fact that Hootsuite offers a similar service as the Facebook Business Manager, and it has its own ad manager with similar capacities as the Facebook Business Manager.

4. Do People Use Facebook Business Manager and Hootsuite Together?

Facebook Business Manager and Hootsuite have almost the same features, which make them fairly redundant when used together.

Both services include content management, message response, ad management, Instagram integration, and a few other features.

However, there are some circumstances when it makes sense to use Hootsuite and Facebook Business Manager together:


Facebook Business Manager has an edge over Hootsuite, as it can publish events on your Facebook page.

Creator Studio

Facebook Business Manager also gives you access to the Creator Studio feature, which you can use to set up monetization from your ads.

Note that Ad monetization functions differently than the usual ads you create on social media.

Ad monetization refers to the income you generate when your content appears in someone else’s ad. This concept is the same as the monetization on YouTube.

Advertising Cap

Speaking of advertising, Hootsuite has a budget cap on the amount you can spend on ads for your business. This cap refreshes every month.

One workaround for this situation is that if you reach your monthly spending cap on Hootsuite, you can shift to Facebook’s Business Manager to continue your ad spending.

5. Does the Facebook Business Manager Function like Google My Business?

Facebook Business Manager and Google My Business are two very different services.

As mentioned above, Facebook Business Manager helps you control your Facebook or Instagram business accounts through a single interface and share tasks with other members of your team.

Meanwhile, Google My Business focuses on how your business shows up in Google Search and Maps.

It lets you add your business name and location, reply to customer feedback, and add photos to help customers know what to expect.

My Business also lets you know how people look for your business.

While the two services share functions in engaging your customers, they have different purposes.

6. What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Hootsuite for Facebook?

There are plenty of advantages to using Hootsuite to manage your Facebook pages.

  • On the content side, you get a bulk uploader, which lets you upload up to 350 posts in one CSV file.
  • You also get a calendar view of your scheduled content, which makes planning and mapping your campaigns much easier.
  • Hootsuite also offers cross-posting to different integrated social networks, such as Twitter. This feature gives Hootsuite an edge over the Facebook Business Manager, as the latter can only cross-post to Instagram.
  • And since your social networks are consolidated on a single Dashboard, you can easily compare how Facebook performs versus your other social media assets.

For Business and Enterprise users, you get access to Insights. This feature lets you scan different social networks and online platforms for sentiments about your brand or industry. This helps you do brand research and find conversations you can engage with to help you strengthen your brand.

The disadvantages of using Hootsuite to manage Facebook are the following:

  • There is an advertising spending cap that varies depending on your Hootsuite subscription.
  • You cannot create or manage Facebook events directly on Hootsuite.
  • You cannot access the monetization features of Facebook when using Hootsuite.
  • The free Hootsuite subscription does not offer Analytics.
  • You need a Team plan to invite others to collaborate with you on Hootsuite.

To know more about what you can do with Facebook within Hootsuite, check out our article Hootsuite and Facebook: 23 Answers You should Know.

Final Thoughts

The Facebook Business Manager is a great service for businesses whose key social platforms are Facebook and Instagram.

It is also a good option if you do not want to spend on a Team plan for Hootsuite, which can be pricey for some smaller businesses.

But if you need a tool that covers social networks beyond Facebook and Instagram, then Hootsuite is an excellent option.



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