Why Does Hootsuite Keeps Logging Me Out? (Easy Guide)

One of the biggest annoyances when using a site is having to log in every time you use a service, such as Hootsuite. It can be a hassle to remember all those passwords and a time suck to enter them every time you use a site.

While there are means to keep you logged in, you may encounter times when Hootsuite will eject you from your session and ask you to re-enter your credentials. This can happen for a few reasons.

This Is Why Hootsuite Keeps Logging You Out:

These logouts are part of the security protocols set in place by Hootsuite to prevent unauthorized usage of your account. While you can set your device to keep you logged in, some of Hootsuite’s security features will override this preference.

Three Typical Reasons Hootsuite Logs You Out:

1. Password Change

If you change your password on Hootsuite, all other sessions under your account will automatically log out.

This log out is a standard security measure for any online service and is a deterrent against unauthorized use of your accounts.

If you use social sign-in or single sign-on, you will be logged out if you change your passwords on the linked account.

2. Multiple Sessions Logged In

Hootsuite only allows two devices to be logged into the platform at a time as a security measure.

If you log in with a third device, Hootsuite will automatically log you out from the first device you logged in with.

So, if you log into Hootsuite on your computer first, then added a smartphone and tablet after, you will be automatically logged out on your computer.

3. Security Policy Changes

Security policy changes and updates may result in Hootsuite asking you to log in again to verify your identity.

Usually, you will receive an email on this matter that will advise you of these changes.

That is a standard procedure done to ensure that only authorized users have access to the account.

What Are the Different Ways You Can Sign in and out of Hootsuite?

There are three ways to log into Hootsuite.

1. Via Email

You can create a Hootsuite account using your email address, and it is generally the best option.

Hootsuite will send you all the necessary information about your account via email, including billing, security notices, policy updates, and other important notices Hootsuite may need to send.

The downside to this is that you will have yet another email address and password to memorize, but it’s worth it for the added layer of security.

2. Social Sign-In

Social sign-in lets you create and log into Hootsuite using any of the following accounts you may have:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google, usually associated with Gmail or Google Drive
  • Apple ID, or the account you use for your Apple devices

That is the easiest way to create an account, as you only need to log in using your existing credentials and authorize Hootsuite to create a profile for you.

It will also use the email associated with whatever social account you log in with to send you any notices from Hootsuite.

The downside to this option is the risk of your accounts getting compromised.

For example, if someone managed to change your Facebook password, it would also change your Hootsuite password, and you would be locked out of both accounts.

3. Single Sign-On

Hootsuite also offers single sign-on for Enterprise subscribers, which lets you incorporate access to the Dashboard using one set of credentials associated with other business tools that you have.

This option is like social sign-in, except that you use company-issued credentials to access Hootsuite.

The single sign-on feature comes free for Enterprise plan subscribers.

Can You Set Hootsuite to Remember You, So You Stay Logged In?

You can set your browser to remember Hootsuite to keep you logged in.

Depending on your browser, when you log into Hootsuite, you will be asked if you want to save your password. Doing so will automatically log you into Hootsuite whenever you open Hootsuite in that browser.

If you skipped this step during the login, you can access your browser’s privacy settings and enable the storing of local data from websites into the cookies.

If you use social sign-in, you can use these steps to keep your credentials in your browser so that you can log into Hootsuite faster.

Note that this fix can be overridden by Hootsuite’s limit on devices that are signed in to your account.

Does Hootsuite work with all browsers?

Hootsuite works with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Note that Hootsuite does not work on beta versions of the browsers listed.

There are also apps on Hootsuite that only work with certain browsers, so it’s best to check where they perform best.

Have There Been any Known Problems with Hootsuite Sign Out?

There have been no reported issues related to getting logged out of Hootsuite.

Why Does Hootsuite Keep Disconnecting?

If Hootsuite keeps on disconnecting your accounts on your social networks, this might be due to the expiry of tokens issued to platforms like Hootsuite.

Some social networks give tokens to third-party sites to access their site. These are valid for a specific time and will disconnect the concerned account after the period lapses.

For example, LinkedIn has a token validity of one year. LinkedIn will log out from Hootsuite after a year passes, and you need to re-enter your password again.

This type of disconnection is not Hootsuite’s fault and is dependent on the current policy of the social network.

Social networks also get disconnected from Hootsuite when you change the passwords of these accounts.

So if you changed your Twitter password while linked to Hootsuite, you need to re-enter the new password on Hootsuite to access Twitter on Hootsuite again.

Your social media accounts also get disconnected from Hootsuite if any suspicious activities, such as potential spamming, are detected from the Dashboard.

If this happens to you, you need to check your post schedules and distribute them so that they do not repeat often.

Final Thoughts

Hootsuite logging you out should not be viewed as a bug but rather as a security feature meant to protect you if any of your devices are compromised.

To avoid any potential logouts, or even getting locked from your account, keep in mind all security-related actions you do on your social network profiles and Hootsuite accounts, like changing passwords.

If you’re having any issues with Hootsuite, check out our article 15 Typical Hootsuite Problems (And Solutions!).



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