Hootsuite & Twitter | 29 Answers You Should Know

Using Hootsuite in managing social media accounts like Twitter helps you make your workflow more efficient.

Although Twitter has integrated a key feature of Hootsuite in its native interface, the Hootsuite remains a reliable tool in managing the digital presence of your business.

So is using Twitter on Hootsuite worth it?

Here are some things you need to know about Twitter and Hootsuite:

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1. Does Twitter Like Hootsuite?

Twitter is more open to third-party Application Programming Interfaces (API), such as Hootsuite.

That is why Hootsuite has lesser restrictions when it comes to cross-compatibility with Twitter.

2. Can Hootsuite Post to Twitter?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows Hootsuite users to post directly on their accounts without any issues.

3. Can You Add Many Twitter Accounts in Hootsuite?

You can add as many Twitter accounts as you want if it is in the limits set by your Hootsuite subscription plan.

If you are subscribed to the Team plan, you can have up to 20 Twitter accounts linked to your Hootsuite account.

4. Can You Schedule a Twitter Poll with Hootsuite?

Unfortunately, the ability to create Twitter polls is restricted to the native Twitter app.

5. Can You Schedule a Retweet?

Hootsuite can schedule retweets, but only when you click the edit button in the dropdown menu beside the retweet option.

That feature will allow you to use the old way of retweeting with a string of text, and not the actual tweet on your timeline.

6. Can You Retweet with Comments Using Hootsuite?

You can retweet and add comments when you post them on your timeline.

A link to the Twitter post will appear in the textbox when you add a comment to a post you are retweeting. Note that the link in the text box also counts to the 280 character count set by Twitter.

Aside from adding a comment to a retweet, you can also schedule these tweets.

7. Can You Schedule a Twitter Thread?

While you can consecutively schedule tweets, those tweets will NOT be compiled into a single thread for a more organized viewing.

8. Can You View Twitter Threads?

A tweet is threaded when it has a “Show conversation” link below it.

Make sure to click on it so you can see the whole exchange.

This must be done through Twitter, NOT Hootsuite.

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9. Can You Create Direct Messages on Twitter Through Hootsuite?

Replying to direct messages on Twitter can only be done using a paid subscription through Hootsuite.

Otherwise, you will only be able to do this through Twitter.

10. How Do you Tag Someone on Twitter via Hootsuite?

You can tag other users on Twitter, like how you would do on the native Twitter app.

That means having to type the “@” sign before the Twitter user name.

Note that you need to be familiar with the Twitter handle of the person you want to mention or tag in your tweet, as Hootsuite does not suggest users based on the text you type.

11. How Hard is it to Integrate the Two Systems?

Adding Twitter on Hootsuite is more convenient than adding Facebook, so it isn’t difficult at all!

You only need to grant Hootsuite access to your account to be able to integrate the two platforms.

12. Why is my Hootsuite Setup not Connecting to Twitter?

You must make sure that Hootsuite must have full access to your Twitter account.

To be sure, log out of your Twitter profile, then add your account once again.

That should fix your issues you may have between Hootsuite and Twitter.

13. How Do You See your Twitter Followers on Hootsuite?

To view your followers on Twitter, click on the thumbnail of your profile picture on any of your tweets.

A pop-up box will appear with your Twitter Profile. Under your bio, click on “followers”, and you will find the people following you on Twitter.

Unfortunately, you cannot check who you are following on Twitter using Hootsuite.

But this should not be a deal-breaker, since you get to see posts from them on your news feed.

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14. Can I See Statistics for Twitter Inside Hootsuite?

You can see your statistics through Hootsuite, but not in the free version.

Analytics or the statistical data of the performance of your social media content is a paid feature.

You can access this feature with a Pro account, which is the lowest available paid subscription on Hootsuite.

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15. Can You Follow other Twitter Accounts While Using Hootsuite?

You can follow other twitter accounts using Hootsuite!

If you want to follow a particular account, click on the thumbnail of their profile picture, which leads you to a pop-up box that shows the profile.

From there, you can click on “follow”.

16. How Do People Typically use Twitter with Hootsuite?

Before, social media managers and content creators used Twitter with Hootsuite to schedule content at a particular time.

It has now evolved into a wider social media management tool for Twitter users.

While Twitter also features scheduled posts, Hootsuite still enhances the experience because of its ability to cross-post content among different social media accounts.

Furthermore, all business tools that you need to manage different social media profiles are in one place on Hootsuite!

17. Can You Use Hootsuite to Advertise on Twitter?

You can manage Twitter advertisements using Hootsuite.

However, you can only access this feature using a paid subscription.

18. Can You Select Who Can View a Tweet Using Hootsuite?

The feature of Twitter that lets you control who can see your Tweet has yet to be integrated onto Hootsuite.

For now, Hootsuite posts Tweets on your behalf using the default privacy setting on your Twitter account.

19. Can You Update Your Twitter Profile Picture Using Hootsuite?

If you want to change your Twitter profile photo, you need to log into the official Twitter mobile or web app.

You cannot do this through Hootsuite.

20. Can you Update Your Twitter Cover Photo Using Hootsuite?

As it is, you do not get to see your Twitter cover photo on Hootsuite.

If you plan to change your Twitter cover photo, you need to access the web or mobile Twitter app.

21. How Do I Check the Current Trending Topics on Twitter?

If you want to see the current trend on Twitter, click on the arrow beside the Hootsuite logo on the upper left corner.

Once you click the arrow, the “streams menu” will appear, and under the “add new board” option, you will find the “Quick Twitter Search” option.

Open this option, wherein a search bar will appear, and under it will be the current trending topics on Twitter around the world.

22. Can You Personalize Twitter Trends on Hootsuite Based on Your Interests?

You can set up individual streams that contain keywords that matter to you, but you cannot personalize Twitter Trends based on interests through Hootsuite.

These streams update in real-time unless you set your stream to update manually, clicking on the refresh button when needed.

23. Can You View Your Twitter List on Hootsuite?

On the Twitter board, click on add stream, wherein a pop-up window will appear with your Twitter account options highlighted.

Select “List” and Hootsuite will ask if you want to “make a new list” or “view an existing one”.

You can view an existing list from here, or create a new custom list that you may want to check.

24. What is the Difference Between a Search Stream and a Keyword Search Stream on Twitter?

A Keyword Stream lets you search up to three (3) different keywords that you may want to look for on Twitter.

You can use this to track interests related to your business so you can create better engagement.

A Search Stream is more specific and includes other qualifiers, such as geo-tagging, hashtags, emojis, and other filters, to help you refine the searches you want to make.

25. Can You Access Your Bookmarks on Hootsuite?

At this time, you cannot access your bookmarks on Hootsuite.

The Bookmarks feature is only available on Twitter.

26. How Can You Access the Interactions Features on Hootsuite?

The Interactions feature lists down all interactions made with a particular Twitter account.

To access it, click on the Twitter user and go to the “Interactions” tab.

Note that this feature is only available for Business plan subscribers of Hootsuite.

27. Can You See if a Twitter Account is Verified using Hootsuite?

To check if the account is verified, click on the profile of the Twitter user.

You should see the same blue check beside the name of the person or business.

28. Can you Pin a Tweet Using Hootsuite?

Pinning a tweet is crucial to many users because it helps sustain conversation or bring attention to your audience when they visit your page.

Unfortunately, that feature has yet to be rolled-out on Hootsuite.

You also will not be able to see pinned tweets when you view a Twitter account via Hootsuite.

29. Can Hootsuite Fully Replace the Twitter Interface?

As of now, Hootsuite cannot fully replace the Twitter interface.

Hootsuite has yet to integrate into its system other features found on the native Twitter app.

These features include creating threads of tweets, pinning posts, and even creating polls.

Like other companies in the technology and digital marketing solutions industry, Hootsuite is most likely to develop or integrate these features in the future.


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