Hootsuite & TikTok | 6 Answers You Should Know

If you are on social media, chances are, you have probably watched a few TikTok videos, even if you don’t have an account there.

As TikTok grows in popularity, a lot of people have jumped on the TikTok bandwagon, and businesses are also using the platform to promote their brands.

As a business tool, does it work well with other staple systems such as Hootsuite?

Here Is Some Information You Should Know about TikTok and Hootsuite:

TikTok is a popular video-sharing app that lets users create and publish 60-second videos. It can cross-share content on other platforms, such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, among others. Hootsuite is a social media management platform. Hootsuite cannot integrate with TikTok.

1. Does TikTok Like Hootsuite?

TikTok remains neutral towards services like Hootsuite.

The two cannot integrate, and the possibility of an integration has not been addressed nor opposed.

2. Can Hootsuite Post to TikTok?

Hootsuite cannot post to Tiktok.

There is no integration between the two services.

3. Can You Do Anything on TikTok via Hootsuite?

There is no integration between Tiktok and Hootsuite.

It is possible that in the future, an integration could happen, but as of now, there is no app integration.

4. What Do People Typically Use Hootsuite for?

People use Hootsuite for managing social media platforms, data analytics, and keeping tabs on audience engagement.

There are other services available on Hootsuite that are offered to higher-tier subscriptions including ads management, social listening, and employee empowerment, among others.

You must note that not all social media platforms are available for management on Hootsuite, including Snapchat and TikTok.

5. Is TikTok a Popular Platform?

TikTok is a very popular platform, especially for young people. 

In one article on the statistics of TikTok, it was pointed out that as of July 2020, TikTok was the seventh most-used social media platform in the world, with 800 million users. It ranks below Instagram but beats out Twitter in popularity.

TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps of the decade and the most downloaded app of 2020.

The app is most popular among users ages 24 and below.

6. Why Does Hootsuite Not Integrate with TikTok?

Without any official statements from Hootsuite or TikTok, one can only speculate about why TikTok, despite its popularity, does not work with Hootsuite.

Here are two possible reasons to consider:

Security Risks

The United States penalized TikTok to the tune of $5.7 million after the video app collected data on minors, a clear violation of the Data Privacy Act for Children.

And then there’s the impending and much-disputed ban on Tiktok in the United States.

The U.S. Commerce Department set a ban on TikTok starting on November 12, 2020, as part of proposed restrictions on the app.

Lawyers of the U.S. government raised matters of U.S. national security, as, according to them, TikTok and its data collection schemes leak personal and proprietary information. These lawyers posited that the data collected could be used for espionage and blackmail.

But TikTok claims otherwise and has sued the Trump administration and Commerce Department to keep its app from being banned in the U.S.

The video-giant from China said that the ban violates the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA).

According to the TikTok team, the IEEPA does not cover regulating personal communication. They added that the ban also violates the company’s right to due process.

A number of federal judges have sided with TikTok, and the ban continues to be blocked in various lawsuits.

TikTok’s fate in the U.S. is still up in the air, but it’s worth noting that this ban was pushed forward by the Trump administration, and it may be dismissed during President-Elect Biden’s upcoming administration.

Possible Decline in Popularity

If a TikTok ban pushes through in the U.S., this will affect its popularity as a social media platform.

If TikTok gets banned in the U.S., having a Hootsuite integration might seem pointless, as the majority of Hootsuite’s users are in the U.S., and they wouldn’t be able to use it.

There is also the chance that TikTok might only be a passing fad.

An integration between platforms is a large financial investment, whether Hootsuite or a third-party developer creates it.

If TikTok is simply another fad that rose during the lockdown and will dwindle after a while, it might not be worth the investment.

How well Tiktok sustains its popularity could be a deciding factor in any future integration plans. The sudden surge in the popularity of TikTok is possibly a wait-and-see moment for Hootsuite.

Final Thoughts

It remains to be seen if TikTok will fully embrace its side as a potentially powerful business tool and if it will provide users with features to help strengthen their brands, such as a Hootsuite integration.

As it is, Tiktok still lacks features to integrate branding into its system. TikTok is currently focused on individual user experience, which might be a reason why there is no integration with Hootsuite.

And there is also the legal issues it’s facing, which could make or break its popularity.

If the brand can hurdle the legal obstacles they face, they have the potential to become a powerful tool for businesses, should they choose to go down that route.



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