Why Does Hootsuite Disconnect Me? (Easy Guide)

Hootsuite not connecting? Don’t worry, this problem can usually be diagnosed fairly quickly.

There are reasons why it happens, and usually, it is a security protocol to protect your account.

Here Is Why Hootsuite Disconnects:

There are usually two reasons why Hootsuite disconnects: network issues or security updates. In both cases, Hootsuite has fixes for addressing these issues to get you back up and running. 

How Do I Know if Hootsuite is Experiencing Problems?

There are two places you can go to check if Hootsuite is having issues: Hootsuite’s Status Page and DownDetector.

You can go to Hootsuite’s Status Page, which is listed in the Sources at the bottom of this article, to see if there is an issue reported by Hootsuite. This page shows whether the problem you are experiencing is a fault on Hootsuite’s end.

If Hootsuite says it has no problems at the moment, the issue might be on your end.

But if you think there really is an issue with Hootsuite, you can also check DownDetector, a third-party service that helps you scan if a particular website is having network issues.

You can find the link to DownDetector in the Sources section below.

With DownDetector, all you need to do is search for Hootsuite in the site’s search box, and DownDetector will look for any reported issues. DownDetector crowdsources for any issues experienced by users, so you can add your report if you experience any problems.

DownDetector also curates historical data of any reported issues on sites. That way, you can see any trends in issues reported about Hootsuite.

If the two pages mentioned above do not report any issues on Hootsuite’s end, then the problem is most likely with your network.

  • First, check your internet connection! This may seem like an obvious step, but make sure all systems are firing with your WiFi or ethernet connection.
  • Then clear the cache of your browser and try to connect to Hootsuite again.
  • If you work within a particular network, it is also possible that  IT security may have blacklisted some sites that affect Hootsuite connectivity. If that is the case, you may want to send them the domain names that need to be whitelisted, which can be found in the Sources section at the bottom of this article.

Is Hootsuite Known as a Reliable Provider?

Hootsuite is a reliable site that helps you meet your business’s social media needs.

In terms of data security, Hootsuite makes it explicit in its privacy statement that only a handful of personnel are allowed to handle your data, and with a specific purpose only.

Hootsuite has also reported that all data it stores is in servers managed independently by Amazon Web Services.

All this should give you peace of mind over the sanctity of the data you entrust with Hootsuite.

On the connectivity aspect, Hootsuite has developed a self-help system that provides reliable answers. 

Hootsuite’s self-help system is a searchable database that allows you to find fixes to frequently encountered problems and more esoteric possible issues you may encounter, including connectivity issues.

But if you encounter an issue that needs a human touch, you can rely on Hootsuite as well.

They have a 24/7 help desk on its website where you can file for a ticket for help, or you can tweet the Hootsuite Helpers (@Hootsuite_Help) account. Hootsuite’s technical and customer support team is trained to help customers solve their problems.

What Can I Do if I Cannot Get Hootsuite to Connect to a Platform?

Should you have any issues with connecting a social media platform to Hootsuite, here is what you can do:

  • First, log out of Hootsuite, and make sure you are also logged out of the social media platform you are having an issue with.
  • Log back into Hootsuite and try adding the social media platform again.
  • If you are still having issues, make sure you have the right privileges to connect the account to Hootsuite. The page’s administrator grants these privileges. Only someone granted access by one of the page’s administrator can connect the page to Hootsuite.

This connection issue is most associated with Facebook and Instagram.

What Do Facebook and Instagram Think of Hootsuite?

Facebook and Instagram allow the use of third-party systems like Hootsuite, so they have a good relationship.

While Facebook and Instagram have certain restrictions in place when it comes to integrating with Hootsuite, these are not directed at Hootsuite as a penalization; they are sweeping in nature and affect all platforms similar to Hootsuite.

So any limitation experienced on Hootsuite with regards to Facebook and Instagram, you will likely encounter with other services like Hootsuite, such as Buffer and Sproutsocial.

How Stable is the API to the Social Platforms?

For the most part, Hootsuite is stable when interacting with different social media platforms.

If there is any instability issue, it is usually rooted in posts not published as scheduled.

So what causes that?

This issue is often associated with the algorithms that detect spam-like behaviors on social media.

Posts get flagged as spam by algorithms for a couple of reasons, but the most common culprit is duplicated content or content that looks incredibly similar to content you’ve recently published. 

You have to be mindful of spacing out content in your calendar so that social media platforms won’t flag these posts as artificial in behavior.

What Can Cause Hootsuite to Disconnect from a Platform?

Here are three reasons why Hootsuite gets disconnected from a social media platform and how to fix them.

1. Change of Password

When you change the password of any of the social networks connected with Hootsuite, the account is disconnected immediately by default as a security measure.

To fix this issue, you just need to add the social network to Hootsuite again.

Before reconnecting, make sure you log out from the social network, even if you’re in incognito mode. This is to “refresh” the social platform so that Hootsuite can recognize it as a new account added.

2. Token Expiry

Whenever you add a social network account on Hootsuite, that platform issues a “token” that grants access to Hootsuite for a particular time.

Social media sites grant a token to third-party sites like Hootsuite that allows them to integrate. But these tokens expire, and after they expire, the associated social media account will disconnect from Hootsuite.

Each social media site’s tokens expire at different points. LinkedIn’s tokens are valid for a year, and Facebook and Instagram’s tokens are valid for 60 days.

Think of a token as a visa to another country. They have a particular validity, and access will be rejected once this period lapses.

The solution here is the same solution offered for the Change of Password issue above: Simply make sure you are logged out of the social network, and then add it once more to Hootsuite.

3. Spam or inauthentic behavior

When social networks detect unusual behavior with your account, it can be flagged as spam or inauthentic behavior.

More often than not, when that happens, the social network revokes Hootsuite access on your account.

If you think this is a mistake, you can get in touch with the concerned social network’s support desk to reverse this.

You will have to add the social network again when resolved.

Final Thoughts

Should you have other issues, you might find the answer in the Hootsuite Help Center. And if you can’t find the answer, you can contact their help desk.

You can also check out a few of our articles about issues you may encounter with Hootsuite: Why Is Hootsuite Not Working?, Hootsuite Keeps Logging Me Out, and 15 Typical Hootsuite Problems (And Solutions!).



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