Is Hootsuite Free Or Cost Money? (Solved)

Hootsuite is one of the best social media management tools that brands rely on for high-impact and efficient management of digital assets.

It comes with different plans with corresponding features per tier.

Given all the limitations and your needs, you need to check each offer before jumping in.

Is Hootsuite Free Or Does It Cost Money?

Hootsuite offers a free plan for an individual to use to manage their social media accounts. However, if a team of professionals or an entire company need to use the app, it will require a paid plan. Hootsuite offers four different paid plans to subscribe to.

Here are some things you need to know about Hootsuite’s plans:

Is Hootsuite Free, or Does it Cost Money?

Hootsuite is free, but it also offers subscribers paid options for a smoother workflow.

Paid options can include professional plans for companies with many different employees, as well as plans for small teams.

The free option is limited but can be useful for a small team of professionals to use.

Is There still a Free Plan of Hootsuite?

Hootsuite still offers a Free plan that is perfect for personal users.

The Free plan lets you schedule up to 30 posts on Hootsuite, and synchronize up to three (3) social media profiles.

When did Hootsuite Cancel the Free Plan?

Hootsuite has not canceled its free plan; however, Hootsuite downgraded their Free plan.

Before, Hootsuite allowed users on the Free plan to connect up to five (5) social media accounts.

Also, you could access your direct message from the Hootsuite control panel.

The company has since downgraded to make way for their new plans.

Is There a Way to Get a Free Plan with Hootsuite?

You can sign up for a free plan on the Hootsuite website without subscribing.

How Much Does Hootsuite Cost Today?

Hootsuite has five (5) plans that subscribers may choose from.

  1. The Free Plan, which costs nothing, but lets you connect up to three (3) social media accounts, 30 scheduled posts at a time.
  2. The Pro Plan is the next tier, which gives you access to connect up to 10 social media accounts, and an unlimited number of scheduled posts.
    • This package costs you $19 monthly when you pay for an annual subscription.
  3. The Team Plan is perfect for when you need to start collaborating with other people for your social media campaigns.
    • At this tier, aside from getting the standard unlimited scheduling on paid accounts, you get to add up to 20 social media accounts, and have three (3) people in a team working together.
    • The Team plan costs $99 monthly and billed on an annual basis.
  4. The Business Plan is perfect for those who are running multiple advertising campaigns for different brands.
    • At $599 a month with annual billing, you get to have 35 social media accounts with at least five (5) and at most ten people working under this plan.
  5. The Enterprise Plan of Hootsuite is a made-to-order plan for larger companies and organizations.
    • Aside from having the standard unlimited scheduling and collaborative features, the Enterprise plan also includes exclusive tools made available to subscribers.

The cost of an Enterprise subscription varies from one group to another, with the cost hedging on the features needed.

Is Hootsuite Free for Charities?

Hootsuite has discounted pricing for non-profit organizations and offers lower rates on training.

As part of Hootsuite’s program on giving back, it offers non-profit groups a discount of up to 50% when they sign up.

How Much Can You Do with the Cheapest Plan?

The Pro plan, priced at $19 monthly, gives you access to synchronize up to 10 different social media accounts for simultaneous cross-posting.

You also get more engagement tools, as all paid plans let you access your direct messages on the Hootsuite platform.

Note that all paid plans give you access to analytics and RSS feed integration.

What Could You do in the Free Plan?

Under the free plan, you can schedule up to 30 social media posts in advance and three (3) social media accounts.

That would be perfect if you only need to synchronize your personal Facebook profile, Twitter, and Instagram or LinkedIn profile.

For those who don’t use too many social media platforms, the free plan is perfect, whether for personal or business purposes.

It still has limitations, such as accessing and replying to direct messages and accessing analytics of your social media posts.

You also get a $500 cap on ad spending.

Can You do Everything with the Trial Period?

The trial period gives you access to all of Hootsuite’s available features so that you can decide what features will fit your needs.

If you decide that you need premium features that you liked during the trial, you can choose to upgrade to that plan once the trial has expired.

If you decide that you and your team are able to work without pro features, the team plan is perfect for you.

How Many People Can Work With You Using the Cheapest Paid Plan?

Under the Pro plan, you can only work by yourself in managing your social media content.

If you want to have people working with you on Hootsuite, you need to subscribe at least to the Team plan.

Do People Collaborating with you Need a Paid Plan?

Teammates that work with you on Hootsuite will not need a paid plan to access the account.

However, they will need to be able to log on using an email address that they connect to the account.

Are the Paid Hootsuite Plans Worth it?

The worth of these plans depends on the needs of the account and team utilizing the app.

For one, if you aim to subscribe to a paid service, you need to gauge how your social media behavior or dynamics is:

  1. How many accounts do you need to access?
  2. Do you post everything simultaneously?

If you are a social media influencer or content creator who needs to connect all their social media accounts, then you should go for the Pro plan so you can post on your account, your fan page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even YouTube.

If you are running a small digital agency with clients who have an average of two (2) social media profiles, you can consider the Team account.

Based on these requirements, this plan lets you manage an average of 6 or 7 brands simultaneously.

That way, you can delegate tasks to two other people in your team.

However, if you are running an emerging digital agency that handles a lot of big clients, then its time to switch to the Business plans.


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