Smart TVs With Built-In Cameras (4 Popular Choices)

Several manufacturers of smart TVs discontinued their TVs that came with built-in cameras, but that does not mean they are obsolete.

You can still find used and “like new” TVs that have built-in cameras.

Now, given the world adapting more to working from home, it would be beneficial to have a smart TV that operates both as a leisure item and a professional one that you can use during video conferences.

If you are looking for a smart TV with a built-in camera, we’ve got a list for you!

Here are some smart TVs you can consider.

Criteria for Selecting a Smart TV with Camera

Since the purpose of this TV is to help you during teleconferencing, you will need the best resolution, as there are limited models available.

On this list, all smart TVs featured here have retractable cameras, which is a must-have feature to protect your privacy.

These TVs also measure 55 inches, which is around the average screen size of smart TVs on the market today.

The estimated price for reselling is based on a one-year depreciation and slashed to 40% of the original price.

The Budget Pick: LG LA9600 55-inch Smart TV

The LG LA9600 has everything you need out of the box for your next video call: a full HD resolution screen, a retractable camera, both wired and wireless Internet connectivity, and Miracast and Mobile HD Link (MHL) to screen your mobile or laptop in case your preferred video calling app is not available on the LA9600.

You can transition from work to leisure with the LA9600, as it can also play movies in 3D.

You also get a Motion Sense remote control, which lets you use hand movement in conjunction with the remote control to help you navigate through the interface of the smart TV.

The LA9600 also features a design that contributes to the sleek premium look of the smart TV.

Its center stand may look a little awkward, but the look you get when facing the screen gives an illusion of the TV being balanced.

Since the purpose of this review is to talk about recommended smart TVs with cameras, the LA9600 has a webcam that you can retract after use.

The retracting feature is very much welcome, as you can hide the camera from use, to prevent other people from snooping.

On the downside, the LA9600 does not have the best blacks. That means colors are not as accurate as you thought it would be, given how much this smart TV costs when it was introduced in the market.

The 55-inch smart TV cost $2399 brand-new back then.

Since you are most likely to get this in the used market, you may have to shell out around 900 dollars for a one-year-old, previously-owned unit in good condition.

The Overall Winner: Samsung F7500 55-inch Smart TV

The F7500 is a camera-included smart TV by Samsung worth considering.

This smart TV is a winner when it comes to graphics: works well with games, can process standard definition signals to near-HD quality, and has a remarkable 3D performance.

The volume and sound quality are excellent, so you can hold off that soundbar upgrade for better audio during meetings.

The F7500 also has an excellent interface, so navigating should not be a problem.

The camera built into the F7500 is also retractable, but the voice-control option for browsing the web is not stellar.

Furthermore, browsing on a smart TV browser is not exactly the easiest thing to do, since there is no physical keyboard to type on.

Hence, the need to use voice control more often.

The 55 inches F7500 retailed back then at around $2,500, which means you can get this at around $1,000 dollars used, and in near-mint condition.

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LG LA8600 55-inch Smart TV

This LG smart TV is not that too far from the LA9600.

It has the same features as the LA9600, except that it lacks Miracast.

While it lacks wireless mirroring, the LA8600 compensates by having a 2.1 sound system built into it.

While the built-in 2.1 system might be a welcome addition, the performance lacks luster, so don’t expect Dolby Atmos levels.

Although, it is worth noting that this smart TV has a superb bass response, thanks to the subwoofer installed.

If you are very picky with TV audio, you might want to upgrade to a soundbar for a better audio experience when paired with the 3D functions.

Like the LA9600, the LA8600 camera is retractable, so you can cover it after use, to prevent spying.

The 55-inch LA8600 had a retail price of around $3,339, so you can expect this to go for $1,335 in the used market for a near-mint second-hand unit, that is around a year old.

Samsung F8000 55-inch Smart TV

The Samsung F8000 is another smart TV with thin bezels.

If aesthetics matter to you, the thin bezels on a smart TV give it a sleeker look.

There are two (2) notable things about the F8000: the remote control, and the camera:

Remote Control:

The remote control features a trackpad, which helps you navigate through the interface of the F8000.

No need to wave around the remote control, which the remote control of the LG does with its Motion Sense remote control.


The camera of the F8000 is retractable, like the other LG smart TVs in the article.

That means you can push it down when not in use.

Other Features:

This TV also has MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) built-in so you can mirror your mobile device through the F8000.

The F8000 also comes preinstalled with the usual apps that consumers download frequently. That includes YouTube, Netflix, and Skype, which is the purpose of the built-in camera.

Now that the great stuff for the F8000 has been listed, let’s go to the downside of things.

Final Thoughts:

The F8000 is not very good at playing external media.

While it can handle the usual file formats and codecs, it has a hard time playing high-resolution files.

It was observed that some 1080p AVI files did not open, and MKV video files with 1080p resolution and H.264 also did not work with the F8000.

So if you are bent on making this your smart TV for leisure between lull times at work, look elsewhere, or go for streaming services like Netflix.

The F8000 retailed at $3298, so a decent second-hand unit should be around $1319.

Note also, that cameras may be built into your Cable Box.

How Much Should Spend on a Smart TV with a Built-in Camera?

Considering the fast depreciation of smart TVs and smart TVs with cameras are discontinued products, you should not spend more than 20 percent for a unit that is more than one year old.

Remember that as these smart TVs age, so do the lifespan of the LEDs behind these screens. These LEDs usually give up at around 4 – 6 years with regular daily use.

So if you are considering, you may have to factor in the cost of future repairs, assuming you want to buy this as your teleconferencing workhorse.

Aside from that, there are other options available in the market as well.

There are third-party cameras you can buy, like the Facebook Portal camera.

As it is, the Portal price starts at $149, and buying a decent smart TV to run this setup costs $700 on the average, and can be cheaper if you choose other models.

Aside from that, if you own a Vizio smart TV, they have their proprietary camera that you can attach when needed.

Ditto with Sony, who also has a slew of compatible, third-party, and proprietary cameras.


Buying a smart TV with a camera can be tricky, given the limited number of models available.

Since a lot of TV manufacturers discontinued these units, it might be a challenge to get one that is near mint.

If you insist on buying one, you can take a look at the recommendations above.

But if you are open to other options, consider going instead for a third-party attachment like Portal.

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