Do All Smart TVs Have Google Play Store? (Explained)

If you want vast access to apps, then the Google Play Store is one of the best places to look.

It has thousands of apps available for its compatible devices, which includes some smart TVs. On top of that, many of these apps are Google-verified, which makes them safe for use.

But do all smart TVs have the Google Play Store?

About Smart TVs and the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store is one of the largest repositories of apps available for smart devices, including TVs. You can find the Google Play Store on all smart TVs that run Android TV.

Do SONY Smart TVs Have Google Play Store?

All Sony smart TVs running Android TV for its operating system have access to the Google Play Store.

Do LG Smart TVs Have Google Play Store?

LG smart TVs do not have access to the Google Play Store.

LG uses the webOS platform for its smart TVs, and its app store is called the LG Content Store.

Do Samsung Smart TVs Have Google Play Store?

Samsung smart TVs do not use the Google Play Store for their apps.

Samsung smart TVs use the Tizen OS, and the apps for download are available in the Smart Hub.

Do Vizio TVs Have Google Play Store?

Vizio TVs do not have the Google Play Store.

Vizio uses SmartCast, a cloud-based app drawer, for all apps on Vizio smart TVs.

Since it is cloud-based, it does not install apps directly on the TV, and you gain access automatically to any app. Likewise, you don’t need to update the apps, as the SmartCast system does it for you.

Where is the Google Play Store on My Smart TV?

If you have tried searching for the app on the Google Play Store, and it is not there, it’s most likely that the app does not have a smart TV counterpart or isn’t available in the Google Play Store.

You can try searching for it using an Android smartphone to be sure. However, note that even if you find it on your smartphone, that doesn’t mean it is available on your smart TV.

It means that the app is only for mobiles and does not have a compatible smart TV app.

It is also possible that the app simply isn’t available on the Google Play Store.

Can You Install an App Not Offered in the App Store?

Just because an app is not offered in your smart TV app store doesn’t mean you can’t download it.

Some smart TVs allow for the sideloading of apps, which let you install apps that are not available in the app store.

  • Note that sideloading, while not considered illegal, may void the warranty of your smart TV.
  • Also, not all apps work with sideloading.
  • In some cases, some apps may need you to install other apps to complete the process.
  • Do your research: Make sure the app you’re downloading is safe and secure.

Can All Smart TVs Install Apps Not Offered in the App Store?

Not all smart TVs can sideload apps, which is when you download an app somewhere other than the app store.

A notable example of smart TVs that cannot sideload apps are those made by Vizio.

Since Vizio uses SmartCast, a cloud-based app drawer, all apps are loaded from the web and not through internal storage. You can’t download any apps on a Vizio.

Do All Smart TVs Have App Stores?

Not all smart TVs have app stores.

Older smart TVs have pre-installed apps. These smart TVs have limitations and will not let you install any other apps.

Which Smart TV Has the Most Apps?

Android TVs are known for having a great app collection.

  • This excellent app availability is due to their access to the Google Play Store.
  • While not all apps are available, Android is still the most widely used platform for smart TVs.

A close second are the TVs from Samsung.

  • As one of the leading manufacturers of smart TVs, Samsung has a good app selection that is almost at par with the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, Vizio smart TVs have the least apps available on their platform.

What Are the Highly Recommended Smart TV Apps on the Google Play Store?

The most recommended apps on smart TVs often include Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, Hulu, among many other streaming services.

But other apps are worth looking into for your smart TV. Here are some recommendations.


Virtual Private Networks, or VPN, are great security tools for smart TV users.

While many people use VPNs to bypass regional restrictions of content, you can also use them to mask your location to keep hackers away.

When it comes to VPN, NordVPN is one of the more popular choices. It’s available across different platforms, making it a practical choice.


If your goal is to turn your smart TV into the hub of your home entertainment system, you should add the music app Spotify.

Especially if your smart TV is hooked to a soundbar or other powerful sound system, you can turn your smart TV into a jukebox like no other.

Installing Spotify takes your sound system up a notch with its extensive library of tracks. You can take advantage of this vast archive of songs and create the ultimate boom box for your next gathering at home.

Steam Link

If you are a gamer and most of your video game library is on Steam, the Steam Link app is something you should have.

Steam Link lets you stream your game from your PC to an Android TV. And with a fast connection, you will be able to play games at 4k resolutions and 60 fps.

Note that you can get better results when your computer and Android TV are connected via Ethernet or LAN on the same network.

Haystack TV

For those who want to stay updated with the news, especially in a particular industry, Haystack TV should be helpful.

Haystack TV curates news from over a hundred local and international news networks based on a list of interests you input. The app then analyzes your preferences to deliver you personalized information based on the filters you set.


If you own an iOS device and want to use Chromecast on your Android TV, Airscreen helps bridge the two so that you can stream content from your phone to the TV.

Google made this app as a solution for iOS users who own a Chromecast-enabled TV but do not own an Android smartphone or tablet.

On its own, Chromecast and iOS devices are not directly compatible, hence the need to use Airscreen.

How Can I Use Apps that Are Not Available on my Smart TV?

If an app is not available on your smart TV, and it’s not available in the TV’s app store, the best solution you can use would be to cast it to your TV from a compatible device.

Unfortunately, not all apps are smart-TV compatible.

However, the app you want to use may be available on your smartphone or tablet, and you can cast from there using Chromecast or Airplay. 

If you only have Chromecast and an iOS device available, you can install the Airscreen app to send content to your TV.

Please also check out our article about Spotify and Chromecast for more information.

How Will I Know if an App is Safe to Use with My Smart TV?

The best way to know that an app is safe to use with your smart TV is to install only apps found in the app store of your TV.

You can also check reviews on sites like Reddit, which is most likely to have an answer on the safety or compatibility of an app, especially when sideloaded.

If you’re looking for the perfect TV to use with Google Play Store, check out our article 6 Best Smart TVs With The Google Play Store.



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