Spotify & Chromecast: 7 Common Questions (Answered)

Chromecast is a device that allows you to cast content from your phone to your TV.

It’s a quick way to hear your favorite music on a big screen, particularly if you are wanting to share your listening experience with others.

This article answers 7 common questions about Spotify and Chromecast.


Is Chromecast Compatible with Spotify?

Among the plethora of features that Chromecast has to offer is its ability to cast Spotify to a TV using your phone or tablet.

Not only is Spotify compatible with Chromecast, but you can cast Spotify from any of your devices.

You can use the below devices as an audio remote control:

  • Desktop: By accessing the Spotify desktop app.
  • Browser or Chromebook: By accessing the Spotify web player.
  • Phone: By logging into the Spotify or Google Home apps.

All of these Spotify players have a ‘Devices’ icon that you can use to find the feature to cast your Spotify tracks to your TV via Chromecast.

Please also read our article with troubleshooting tips for Spotify problems on Chromecast.

How to Control Spotify on a Chromecast?

A few things need to be put in place when using Chromecast to cast Spotify.

Firstly, you need to make sure that you have successfully downloaded and set up the Google Home app on your device.

Set Up Chromecast

Ensure that your Chromecast device has been installed correctly.

  1. Make sure that the Chromecast device and the device you’re casting from are plugged into the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Change your TV to the HDMI channel that your Chromecast device is linked to.
  3. The Chromecast home screen should be visible

Once Chromecast is set up, you can begin casting your Spotify content.

Set up Your Phone

To cast from your phone, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Spotify for your Android or iPhone device.
  2. Choose the content that you want to cast.
  3. Once the selected content is playing, press the ‘Devices icon’ at the bottom left corner.
  4. A list of all the devices on your network that you are able to cast to will be visible. In this list, you will find the Chromecast device that is connected to the TV.
  5. The Chromecast device would have the same name that you inserted when you set up the Chromecast device on your Google Home app.

You can then select that Chromecast device from the list, and your Spotify music will be played from your TV.

Set up Desktop

Spotify has a desktop app for Windows or Mac OS.

If you haven’t done so yet, register for your Spotify account. Once that has been installed, start the desktop app, and log in with your Spotify credentials.

From the home page, you can look up all the music you’re interested in.

  1. Pick the playlist.
  2. Click on to the ‘Devices icon’ at the bottom right corner to call up all the devices you can control. You should find the Chromecast device listed.
  3. If the Chromecast device is not yet green, click on the device to launch it.

So now you can control the music that is cast to your Chromecast device.

Use Your Browser

Spotify’s Web Player can be used to cast Spotify without having to install and use the Spotify app on your phone, which makes things considerably easier.

  1. Simply launch the Spotify Web Player and log in. Browse through and select the song or playlist you are keen on and hit ‘Play’
  2. Once the track starts playing, click on the ‘Devices icon’ in the bottom right corner. Choose ‘Google Cast’ from the list.
  3. This should launch the Cast setting in Chrome. You will find all the Chromecast devices linked to your network.
  4. Pick the Chromecast device.

You will then get to enjoy your music from your Chromecast device.

Do People Generally have Trouble using Chromecast with Spotify?

Some users have been complaining on consumer forums about problems they have experienced using Chromecast with Spotify.

As with all modern technology, your Chromecast isn’t a failsafe. Google Chromecast issues can pop up.

Now and again, you could encounter connectivity problems, phone glitches, and other technical difficulties that could prevent Chromecast from functioning.

Make sure you follow the troubleshooting solutions we have provided below.

Does Spotify Work with Older Chromecast Devices?

If you’re someone who does not upgrade your devices often or maybe you cannot afford to, you will be happy to know that casting Spotify to the old Chromecast works perfectly.

In fact, you will have the same experience as using the latest Chromecast devices.

How Hard is it to use Chromecast with Spotify?

Listening to music is something a lot of us use to relax and unwind. The last thing anyone would want is for this relaxing experience to become frustrating.

You can rest easy knowing that Spotify can be used easily with Chromecast.

The engineers of the apps and the Chromecast device have been as user-friendly in their design as possible.

And so, in general, most users are able to navigate their way around Spotify and Chromecast quite intuitively.

However, if you are encountering difficulties, please look at our simple steps earlier in the article to ensure that you’ve set up your Spotify and Chromecast correctly. 

Can Spotify Be Down on Chromecast Equipment?

There are instances where Spotify might be down on Chromecast. Sometimes, Spotify’s servers go down, and this means that no users will be able to stream music. 

If you have checked and have determined that Spotify’s servers are not down, here are a few things you can try to get your tunes playing again:

  • Double-check that your TV is connected to the internet
  • Update the Spotify App
  • You might need to upgrade your TV software
  • Restart the Spotify app
  • Switch your TV on and off again
  • Refresh your Wi-Fi router
  • As the absolute last resort, you can delete the Spotify app, and then reinstall it.

Remember that sometimes your internet connection might be the issue, so you can do an internet speed test to make sure that everything is running as it should be.

Does Chromecast Play Spotify Lossless?

Lossless audio is audio of high quality. If a song is lossless, it means that no quality was lost after recording when it was compressed for listening. 

Although Spotify announced that it will release Spotify Hi-Fi (lossless audio) about two years ago, it has yet to do so. All we can do is wait in eager anticipation for the official release date. 

This means that Chromecast cannot play Spotify lossless, as this is not offered by Spotify. 

One of the major advantages of Chromecast is that it does support higher-resolution audio. You will be able to stream up to 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution lossless audio on the device.

So, the good news is that if you are an Apple Music subscriber, your playlists on Apple Music will play lossless on Chromecast.


Chromecast: Set up and Tips

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