Hootsuite & Hashtags | 16 Things You Should Know

One of the ways to check the success of your advertising, marketing, or public relations campaign is to track hashtags.

Hootsuite gives you the ability to track hashtags.

By tracking hashtags, you can check what people are saying, so you can respond to any issues your audience may raise.

Not only can you check your campaigns, but also those of your competitors.

Here are some of the things you need to know about Hootsuite and its hashtag tracking:

Can Hootsuite use Hashtags?

All posts you make on Hootsuite can include hashtags that are recognized in the different social media platforms.

Hootsuite uses these to help you better understand your audience base and to allow it to improve its algorithm in your favor.

Can you Save Hashtags on Hootsuite?

You can add streams to your Hootsuite boards to update you on the hashtags you use for your business.

Saving hashtags is crucial to keep enough information in your profile for Hootsuite to use and track.

Can I Use Hootsuite to Track a Hashtag?

That is one of the most popular features of Hootsuite.

You can set up a Keyword or Search stream to track how your hashtag is used by your target market.

How Does Hootsuite Track a Hashtag?

Hootsuite tracks hashtag through the Keyword or Search stream using the phrase or word you input.

It will then search Twitter for all mentions of the hashtag, and update the stream.

You can also adjust how often will Hootsuite retrieves new mentions of your hashtag or other key terms you use for your campaign.

Note that these posts must be public, and not limited to your network, for Hootsuite to detect.

What is the Difference Between a Search and Keyword Stream?

The Keyword Stream lets you search up to three (3) terms, including hashtags.

All results that the Keyword Stream will show contain at least one (1) of the terms you input.

The Keyword stream is nice when you are monitoring several hashtags for a campaign.

If you are monitoring more than three (3) terms in a campaign, consider using the Search stream instead.

The Search stream is a more focused and powerful version of the Keyword stream.

You can use this to check how a particular term is used, with set parameters.

Parameters you can put on your Search stream include the location of the tweet, those who might have a question, among others.

You can filter your results to get a clearer picture of what people are saying.

Which is Better Between the Two for Hashtag Tracking?

They both have their respective strengths.

The Keyword search is a solution that’s straight to the point for tracking terms.

If you do not want to deal with the whole concept of filters or are new to Hootsuite, the Keyword stream will help you get started.

Meanwhile, the Search stream is recommended for those who want to filter results based on various parameters.

If you also want to track at more than three (3) terms or hashtags in a campaign, the Search stream is recommended.

Can you Track Instagram Hashtags with Hootsuite?

Hootsuite lets Instagram managers track up to 30 hashtags for 7 days.

Can you Track Facebook Hashtags with Hootsuite?

Hootsuite only lets you track the activity of any page you follow on Facebook.

While you may click on a Hashtag on your Facebook streams, it will only show you results from Twitter.

Can you Track LinkedIn Hashtags with Hootsuite?

Clicking on a hashtag found on LinkedIn will only link you to Twitter results.

This can be frustrating for some, but it still gives you the information you need to know what people are saying about you and your business.

Can you Track Trending Hashtags on Hootsuite?

The quick Twitter search function shows you the current trending topics.

But it is not the best trending search tool.

You are better off using the native Twitter interface to check for trending hashtags, as you can tailor-fit them by setting your default location.

Can you Create a Stream to Track Trending Hashtags?

You need to input the hashtag you want to track to make it a stream.

Organizing and choosing the right hashtags is an important part of using Hootsuite to your advantage.

Is Hootsuite the Best Tool to Track a Hashtag?

Hootsuite is not perfect as a hashtag tracker, but it is powerful as it is to help you keep track of what people are saying about your brand on social media.

Given the limitations, you may need to get another monitoring service that can help you keep track of hashtags not covered by Facebook.

Which Social Networks can I Publish Hashtags to via Hootsuite?

All content you publish with hashtags will be clickable on all supported social media accounts on Hootsuite.

This is such a great feature and very helpful!

Do People Typically use Hashtags with Hootsuite?

Hootsuite was designed initially with Twitter users in mind.

And one of Twitter’s popular features is the hashtag to help you keep track of your campaigns.

As a response, Hootsuite integrated the hashtag tracking function in the Dashboard to help you track them, so you do not have to keep on creating searches.

Can Hootsuite Show you Trending Hashtags Based on your Location?

But, Twitter can show you what people are saying about a hashtag in your location.

Click on the arrow on the right side of the Quick Twitter Search Box, and Hootsuite will get an estimate of your location.

From there, it will gather all tweets based on your hashtag sent from your area.

Can Hootsuite Show you What Hashtag to Use?

At the end of the day, you need to check and analyze what hashtags people are using, and how it can make or break your campaign.

Using a trending hashtag with the right context and timing can yield you more leads, or even sales.

If used in the wrong way, the hashtag will become a public relations nightmare, and cause more harm than good to your brand.


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