Hootsuite & Trello | 7 Things You Should Know (Explained)

Behind every successful project are tools that help keep milestones on track.

That is why tools such as Trello feature integrations with other complementary software to help your team stay on task and on schedule.

One of the integrations that Trello offers is its linkage with the social media tool Hootsuite.

Here Are Some Things You Should Know about Hootsuite and Trello:

Trello is a project management system that helps teams collaborate and track the progress of tasks. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that helps businesses strengthen their social media presence. When integrated, they can increase productivity and streamline workflow.

1. Does Hootsuite Work with Trello?

Hootsuite and Trello can integrate and work together to help you create a tighter workflow within your team.

Through the Trello app in Hootsuite, you can send social media posts and annotate them for your team. You can also add members and labels for better organization in the Trello interface.

2. Does Hootsuite Have Project Management Built-in?

Hootsuite does not have a built-in project management system that is as in-depth as systems like Trello or ClickUp.

But Hootsuite offers users the ability to create campaigns, assign people to social media profiles and content, upload drafts for approval, and create a content calendar.

That is as close as Hootsuite can get to project management for your social media needs.

However, Hootsuite is able to integrate with multiple third-party project management systems, including Trello. 

3. Does Hootsuite Integrate Directly to Trello?

You can integrate Hootsuite and Trello by installing the Trello app on your Hootsuite account.

This integration lets you send social media posts to your Trello workspace.

You can assign people, tag, and categorize social media tasks for action by your team.

4. Do People Typically Use Trello and Hootsuite Together?

Trello and Hootsuite is a common integration used by many businesses.

Aside from sending social media posts from Trello to Hootsuite for your team to act on, you can use the two systems to help you plot out your social media content.

5. Are There any Known Bugs between Trello and Hootsuite?

There are no known bugs between Hootsuite and Trello.

Should there be any issues, Hootsuite will provide steps on how to resolve it in their help center.

6. Is Trello Free with Hootsuite?

The Trello integration for Hootsuite costs $4.99 a month to add to the Dashboard. You also need a paid subscription to Trello to integrate with Hootsuite. 

For Enterprise subscribers of Hootsuite, the Trello integration remains free.

7. What Project Management Software Do People Typically Use with Hootsuite?

There are a number of project management softwares that people can use with Hootsuite.

Here are a select few that have similar functionalities as Trello.


Asana features the same functions as Trello when it comes to project management. You get a workspace wherein you can track which projects are active, who is working on a particular task, and the status of a project, among other functions.

Asana’s integration with Hootsuite is a lot like the Trello integration. You can send social media content from Hootsuite to Trello and assign it to a particular team member or workspace for action.

Like Trello, this integration costs $4.99 a month for most Hootsuite users but is free for Enterprise users.


Another project management system that integrates with Hootsuite is Basecamp. It features similar functionalities as Trello, such as project updates and task tracking, among other features.

On Hootsuite, the Basecamp integration allows you to create tasks directly on the Dashboard and assign them to users in your workspace.

The Basecamp integration costs a bit more than Asana and Trello, at $5.99 a month for most users.


Wrike is another project management system that integrates with Hootsuite. It features the same functionalities as Trello, which puts it in the same league as the other management tools in this article.

Its integration is comparable to Basecamp, and you can add social media posts to existing tasks in your Wrike workspace.

The Wrike integration with Hootsuite is $5.99 monthly, but free for Hootsuite Enterprise users.


If your business primarily uses Microsoft systems, you’ll be pleased to know that its project management system, Yammer, works with Hootsuite.

The Yammer integration lets you send social media content to your workspace. From here, you can tag other team members so they can chime in with input on social media queries received and work on responses.

Unlike the project management tools listed above, the Yammer integration comes free with Hootsuite. The cost of Yammer is another matter, as this is dependent on your Microsoft subscription.


Zapier is different from the other project management tools listed above.

For one, it does not have a workspace of its own. Instead, it allows you to create triggers within Hootsuite and other project management tools. You can think of Zapier as a bridge between apps.

Zapier is a third-party service that helps users start custom actions or triggers between different software.

For example, you can create a trigger between Hootsuite and Trello that automatically creates a new Trello card when social media content is scheduled on Hootsuite.

This type of trigger means less time spent jumping between the two services and fewer mistakes in content posted.

The cost of Zapier depends on the actions you want to enable with Hootsuite.

Final Thoughts

The integration of Trello and other project management tools with Hootsuite is all about linking social media so that your team can collaborate and complete tasks with ease.

The integration of Trello and Hootsuite should help you improve your workflow and encourage people to be more productive.

Instead of getting stressed out with your social media, these integrations make the work process easier.



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