Hootsuite & Adobe | 10 Things You Should Know (Explained)

Hootsuite and Adobe are two of the biggest names in digital media management, and they have both have millions of users worldwide.

But did you know they have partnered up with the goal of helping businesses with their workflow?

Here Are Some Things to Know about Hootsuite and Adobe:

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that specializes in publishing content across different social media platforms. Adobe is a company known for its multimedia solutions. There are six Adobe integrations available for Hootsuite users depending on your subscription level and needs. 

1. Does Hootsuite Work with Adobe?

Hootsuite and Adobe have partnered to bring their subscribers access to marketing tools that streamline the flow between Adobe services and Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a Premier Partner in the Adobe Exchange Program. In 2018, Adobe named Hootsuite the Exchange Partner of the Year for providing exceptional social media management solutions to clients using the integrations with the Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud.

2. What Adobe Services Integrate with Hootsuite?

Currently, Hootsuite integrates with six Adobe services to help you with different aspects of marketing and social media.

Adobe Analytics

You can connect Adobe Analytics with the Hootsuite Impact service to bring tools to your Hootsuite Dashboard that can help you gauge the impact of your work.

Adobe Analytics with Hootsuite lets you track your results and compare your efforts with previous endeavors.

Adobe Campaign

The Adobe Campaign integration with Hootsuite gives you social data that helps you gain insight into your audience.

With this integration, you can check the engagement of leads, track interaction history, and gather data to help you develop content that can reach and influence your audience more effectively.

Note that the Adobe Campaign service is different from the Hootsuite Campaign Manager. The latter is more focused on tracking your campaigns, while the former deals more with the analytical aspect of campaign management.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets

Hootsuite’s integration with the Adobe Experience Manager Assets (AEM Assets) lets you insert images from your Adobe account to your social media posts.

Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre

The integration between Hootsuite and the Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre lets you share content you curate from different sources with Hootsuite.

When you install Livefyre, you get a separate board on your Hootsuite Dashboard that displays your Adobe account content. You can set filters to show the various sources of content, such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can then click on these images and share them to your Adobe library or share them to your social media profiles, like any other post.

Marketo Engagement Platform

Marketo, the customer relationship management service that Adobe acquired in May 2016, integrates with Hootsuite to help users connect social interactions into a lead database.

With Marketo, you can search for possible leads and scan social media to find opportunities to engage your potential market.

Read more about Marketo in our article Hootsuite & Marketo: 7 Things You Should Know.

Adobe Stock Photos

Adobe Stock Photos is an integration that gives Hootsuite users access to pre-selected stock images from Adobe.

If you find yourself constantly searching for pictures for your posts, you can save time by going through the Adobe Stock Photos database instead.

This integration helps you save time by giving you the photos you need instead of searching the net for images with creative commons licensing.

Hootsuite has also announced that an integration with Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe’s customer relationship management system, is in the works as well.

3. What Are the Benefits of Using Hootsuite and Adobe Programs Together?

The benefits of the Hootsuite and Adobe integration is the streamlined workflow they can deliver. 

The integration of Adobe and Hootsuite is all about honing your business strategy and making your work life easier, so you can get more work done more efficiently.

4. How Do People Typically Use Adobe and Hootsuite Together?

Hootsuite and Adobe’s combination is intended to give users a seamless transition from concept to execution and execution to review.

Adobe Creative Cloud is an industry standard when it comes to producing multimedia content. With the integration, you can export your creations into the AEM Assets, which integrates with Hootsuite.

From here, you can publish these Adobe creations to your social media profiles.

Once your social media content gains traction, you can use Adobe Analytics or the Adobe Campaign service with Hootsuite to measure the success of these posts so you can make adjustments to your strategy.

In conjunction with these services, you can use Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre to crowdsource content from your audience and Marketo to dive deeper into conversations with the potential of turning them into leads.

While this integration is designed for bigger businesses or companies, small businesses can still benefit.

If you run a small business, you can use the Adobe Creative Cloud with Dropbox, which integrates with Hootsuite. From there, you can retrieve content you created and publish it directly to Hootsuite.

5. Does Hootsuite Do Image Retouching?

Hootsuite has a built-in photo editor that allows users some limited photo editing features.

You can crop images to size and add text or filters to images before publishing them.

However, if you are looking for something that matches the ability of Adobe Photoshop with all the bells and whistles, Hootsuite does not have that capability.

This photo editor is Hootsuite’s proprietary editor and is not related to Adobe.

6. Does Hootsuite Integrate with Adobe Analytics?

You can integrate Adobe Analytics into your Hootsuite system.

By using the Impact service of Hootsuite, you can harness the power of Adobe Analytics.

7. Does Hootsuite Integrate with other Adobe Programs?

The direct integration between Hootsuite and Adobe is limited to AEM Assets, LiveFyre, Analytics, Campaign Manager, Stock Photos, and the Marketo Engagement Platform.

If you want to integrate other Adobe products with Hootsuite, you will need to use one of the products listed above as a bridge to Hootsuite.

8. Do People Typically Use the Adobe Suite and Hootsuite Together?

Hootsuite and Adobe are frequently used together.

Many content creators use Adobe Suite and Hootsuite separately without installing the integration between the two services.

Adobe Suite is the preferred choice for many multimedia design professionals, and once they’ve created the images for social media, many creators use Hootsuite to schedule their social media posts.

That is how small businesses generally use the two together, as services like the Adobe Experience Manager and the higher-tiered Hootsuite plans are meant for larger corporations, as their costs can be prohibitive.

9. What Email Marketing Software Do People Typically Use with Hootsuite?

The most popular email marketing software used with Hootsuite is Mailchimp.

You can read more about email marketing with Hootsuite in our articles Hootsuite & Mailchimp | 9 Things You Should Know and Hootsuite & Email Marketing | 9 Things You Should Know.

10. Is the Hootsuite and Adobe Integration for Everybody?

The integration between Hootsuite and Adobe comes with tons of features that can help any business or content creator strengthen their social media presence.

However, these services come at a premium price that may not make sense for every business. 

While the integration of Adobe to Hootsuite works with free accounts, the cost of subscribing to the Adobe Experience Manager, which is necessary for the integration, can be prohibitive for many businesses.

Although Adobe has not published its pricing for Analytics and other marketing and business solutions, it has been reported that the Analytics starts at $30,000 a year.

The Adobe Integration with Hootsuite works best for big organizations with large budgets dedicated to marketing.

Final Thoughts:

Adobe’s integrations with Hootsuite are not as popular as many of the other integrations Hootsuite offers.

That might be because of the cost of the service of Adobe services.

But if your business can afford it, Hootsuite and Adobe together can create a smoother workflow that helps digital marketers and business owners improve productivity, strengthen engagement, and improve strategies for better returns.



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