Hootsuite & Slack | 9 Things You Should Know (Explained)

One great thing about Hootsuite is its ability to integrate with different apps, which can help create an efficient workflow.

With its ability to work with various popular workplace software, it’s no surprise that Hootsuite is one of the top choices for social media management.

While Hootsuite offers a wide selection of tools natively built into it, it lacks an effective communication system for teams.

Luckily, it has integrated with Slack, a popular workplace communication tool.

1. Does Hootsuite Work with Slack?

You can integrate Hootsuite with Slack and share social media content with your team.

Hootsuite offers two possible integrations with Slack.

The free version of the Slack app allows you to send social media posts directly from your Hootsuite streams to a Slack channel. You can send these posts with additional comments. This integration helps you collaborate with your team.

You can also get the Slack Pro app for Hootsuite, which costs $4.99 a month but is free when subscribed to the Hootsuite Enterprise plan.

Like the free Slack app, this integration lets you send social media posts to your Slack account with comments to a channel. But with Slack Pro, you also have the option to schedule a Slack message or send posts directly to a Slack user or group of users. Slack Pro allows you to send particular concerns to one or more people.

2. Can Hootsuite Post to Slack?

Hootsuite can post to Slack.

Instead of copying links and switching tabs or windows, you can add the Slack app to Hootsuite, which will allow you to share social media posts with your team’s Slack channel with the option to add a comment, if you choose.

3. How Does the Slack and Slack Pro App for Hootsuite Work?

Slack and Slack Pro work similarly when it comes to sharing content from Hootsuite, wherein you can send content from the Dashboard to your Slack workspace.

The Slack app for Hootsuite is free, while the Slack Pro app is not unless you have a Hootsuite Enterprise plan.

What sets the two versions apart beyond their price is Slack Pro’s ability to send a social media post from Hootsuite to a particular team member, group, or channel.

The regular Slack app only allows you to send a post from Hootsuite to a particular Slack channel, not to an individual or group of select team members.

With Slack Pro, there is also the option to schedule these messages so that your intended recipient will receive it at a specific time.

4. Does Hootsuite Have a Messaging Feature?

There is no dedicated messaging feature for Hootsuite.

Technically, you could say Hootsuite has a messaging feature in that you can send direct messages from your social media profiles that you’ve integrated into Hootsuite.

With the Slack app for Hootsuite, you can only send messages from Hootsuite to Slack in the form of social media posts with attached comments.

You cannot receive nor reply to any messages beyond that.

5. Does Hootsuite Integrate Directly with Slack?

Hootsuite integrates directly with Slack through the add-on you can find in the app store of Hootsuite.

6. Do People Typically Use Slack and Hootsuite Together?

Since Hootsuite has limited communication lines between team members, people use Slack as complementary software to help integrate team management with Hootsuite.

7. Does the Slack and Hootsuite Integration Work on Mobile?

The Slack integration does not work on Hootsuite’s mobile app. 

However, there is a workaround for this—but only if you have Slack’s mobile app.

To share content from the Hootsuite mobile app to the Slack mobile app:

  • Click More on the post you would like to share (there are three dots by it)
  • Click Share to Other Apps
  • Select Slack
  • Choose the Workspace you wish to share to, then the channel or person you want to send the content to

8. Are There Any Known Bugs between Slack and Hootsuite?

There are no known bugs between Hootsuite and Slack.

But Hootsuite has offered some troubleshooting tips in case you encounter any problems between the two.

If you encounter an issue, suggested tips include uninstalling Slack from the Hootsuite Dashboard, clearing your cache and browser data, and reinstalling Slack on Hootsuite using the incognito or private browsing on your desktop.

9. Are There Any Other Social Media Tools that Offer Integrations with Slack?

Several social media tools allow integrations with Slack. They include:


You can integrate Twitter with your Slack account and then share tweets with your Slack team, which they can act upon.


Mediatoolkit is a service that allows you to track mentions of your brand. This feature is very much like the Insights function of Hootsuite, which helps you track conversations about your business and industry.

With the Slack integration, you can import tracked mentions from Mediatoolkit into your team’s Slack Workspace.


PeakMetrics is a tracking system that lets you track your brand or industry, as mentioned on the web. The nice thing about this system is that you can do the tracking right in the Slack workspace of your choice.


Yala is a social networking tool that allows you to schedule content and track mentions of your business. By integrating Slack and Yala, you can share these mentions to the Slack Workspace of your choice.


Drumup is a monitoring tool that helps you track what’s going on in your industry. With the Slack integration, Drumup can curate content and send it automatically to a channel of your choice in the Workspace.


Trigly is another monitoring tool that helps you keep track of your industry and competitors. With the Slack integration, Trigly can send you snapshots of industry updates to your Slack Workspace.

Final Thoughts

The integration between Hootsuite and Slack is very complementary.

While both can stand alone, having the two systems linked to each other helps teams efficiently transfer social media content.



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