Smart TVs With Google Play Store (6 Popular Choices)

If you love your Android products, then you should consider getting an Android smart TV, because only Android smart TVs give you access to the Google Play Store.

While other smart TV operating systems offer you the same apps on a different app store, some prefer the interface and ease of the Google Play Store.

If you are plan to buy a smart TV with the Google Play Store, read further for our top six picks.

Here Are Our Picks for the Best Smart TV with the Google Play Store

Our Top Pick for a smart TV with the Google Play Store as its default app store is the Sony Bravia A8H 55-inch smart TV. Our Budget Pick is the TCL 40-inch Class 3 Series smart TV. Both have Google Assistant and are equipped with the Google Play Store. 

Criteria for Selecting the Picks

We only selected smart TVs that come with the Android OS. The default app store for this operating system is the Google Play Store.

As a result, you won’t see brands like Samsung, LG, and Vizio on this list, since they do not run Android.

The smart TVs in this article all have screens of at least 40 inches.

As smart TVs have become more affordable, the price difference between the 32-inch and the 40-inch models has become narrower.

It would be more practical to go for a 40-inch model, as the price difference is small, and you don’t get as many features with 32-inch smart TVs.

You can check here what TVs use what operating system.

Our Top Pick: Sony Bravia A8H 55-inch smart TV

The 55-inch Sony Bravia A8H takes the crown for the best smart TV with Google Play. While only 55-inches in size, you get a slew of features that make this smart TV a great pick.

Here are some of its best features:

  • Superb screen imaging with an OLED 4K resolution screen with support for HDR and an X1 Ultimate processor. This means intense contrasts, peak brightness, and natural color display.
  • If you are into gaming with a Playstation, the dedicated Game Mode of this smart TV works perfectly with the Playstation. Game Mode gives you a smoother and more responsive experience.
  • You also get a Triluminos Display, which gives you state-of-the-art colors and gradation.
  • In the sound department, the Bravia A8H uses the Acoustic Surface Audio, a 2.1 channel sound system that gives you a multidimensional experience.
  • The A8H has a Netflix Calibrated Mode, Dolby Vision, and Imax Enhanced sound profiles.
  • The Bravia A8H also works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple Homekit for your smart home system.

The weakness of the Bravia A8H series is its risks of burn-in.

Burn-in is a common problem with OLED screens. But if you take good care of your unit and use it with the right settings and environment, the Bravia A8H is an excellent choice.

Our Budget Pick: TCL 40-inch Class 3 Series

The 40-inch Class 3 Series smart TV from TCL is our top budget pick, and is usually priced below $225, depending on the seller.

Here’s what you get with this 40-inch smart TV loaded with Android features:

  • Up to 1080p screen resolutions.
  • You also get Google Assistant, which means you can also integrate this TV with your smart home system.
  • If you are into video games, this smart TV performs well, although there is sometimes a bit of a lag.
  • This unit also comes with Chromecast built-in.

The downside of this smart TV is the video quality.

Unfortunately, you won’t get any HDR quality from the Class 3 series. The resolution is also limited to 1080p, but at such an excellent price, it’s hard to begrudge the lack of HDR quality.

This TV also lacks dimming features, which can affect your viewing experience in a dark room.

Should you decide to buy, note that this smart TV also comes with a Roku version. You may need to be specific when you place an order.

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Sony Bravia X950H 55-inch smart TV

The Sony Bravia X950H 55-inch smart TV is an excellent alternative to the Bravia A8H series listed as the Top Pick above.

Cheaper than the Bravia A8H series, this smart TV uses an LED screen instead of an OLED.

The Bravia X950H contains most of the good things that you can find with the A8H series above, with the lack of OLED as the main difference.

However, because of OLED’s risk of permanent burn-in, the X950H’s LED screen may actually be a plus for some buyers!

The downside to this smart TV is the viewing angle. When viewing from an angle, the image quality is less-than-ideal.

Hisense H9G Plus 65-inch smart TV

The H9G series from Hisense is a strong contender for one of the top smart TV models on the market.

Released in early 2020, the H9G features some great features for its price:

  • Priced below $1,000 by most sellers, the H9G uses ULED technology, Dolby Atmos, voice control, and a bezel-less design that contributes to its premium look.
  • You also get support for HDR, full-array local dimming, and quantum dot color for a superb viewing experience.

For a 65-inch smart TV generally priced below $1,000, that’s an impressive range of features.

Let’s look at its weaknesses:

  • The viewing angles of the H9G are narrow. That means you only get good images within a limited range if not viewing upfront.
  • The H9G also does not support Variable Refresh Rates. This won’t be much of an issue if you are not into video games. But if you play intensive, high-graphic games, this can be an issue.

Sony XBR A9G 65-inch smart TV

Usually priced at around $2,500, the 65-inch Sony XBR A9G smart TV might seem ludicrously expensive. But the quality and features are proportional to its price, and it offers premium quality.

The features of the XBR-A9G is not unlike the Bravia A8H, our top pick, and it has many of the same features.

The main difference between the Bravia A8H and this model is the XBR A9G’s larger screen size, at 65-inches, and its price. (The XBR A9G actually has a 55-inch model, but the Bravia A8H still beats it out in pricing.)

Let’s look at the cons of this smart TV.

  • One reason why this smart TV is not the top pick is precisely because of its price. It’s quite the price tag.
  • Second is the risk of burn-in. Since it is equipped with OLED, the XBR A9G has the same issues as the A8H and all OLED screens in that it risks permanent burn-in.
  • Third, the brightness is limited. This may be a let-down, considering the price.

Hisense H6570 43-inch smart TV

The 43-inch Hisense H6570 is a decent entry-level 4K smart TV that is generally priced at around $250.

At such a low price, this TV has some great features: 

  • It features a remarkable contrast ratio and can scale 720p and 1080p decently.
  • You get deep blacks from this smart TV
  • It handles reflections and glare well.
  • When it comes to games, the H6570 has quite a low lag rate.

Now the downsides of this TV:

  • It lacks a local dimming feature.
  • The viewing angles are narrow, which means wide-seating can be an issue, as those watching at an angle don’t get the same image when compared to upfront.
  • HDR does not pop as much as one would hope, due to limited color gamut and lack of fine-tuned brightness control.

But despite its weaknesses, the disadvantages of the H6570 should be a non-issue when you’re getting such a great deal.

How Much Should You Pay for a Smart TV with the Google Play Store?

If you are very particular about the quality of your smart TV, $2,000 should be more than enough to get a top-notch smart TV with the Google Play Store. But if you are a little less picky, you can probably lower your budget to as low as $300. 

A smart TV should be seen as an investment, and the smart TV you buy should last around five years on average.

It’s around the five-year mark when the LEDs of your smart TV start showing signs of degrading.

So, regardless of how much you spend, most shoppers are looking at a five-year commitment, at least.

Final Thoughts

Finding a smart TV that comes with the Google Play Store can be a bit of a challenge. That can be attributed to the fact that many manufacturers have created their own operating systems.

If none of the televisions in this list are the right fit, another option to consider is Amazon’s Fire TV, which is also an Android, but customized by Amazon.

Be aware that for the most part, the apps you may want to download are available on most smart TVs, regardless of the operating system.



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