Smart TV Prices Compared: 30 Examples You Should Know

Smart T.V. Price Range per Store
Store Minimum Maximum
Walmart $89.00 $4,300.00
Best Buy $99.00 $11,999.99
Costco $119.99 $4,999.99
Target $129.99 $2,099.99

Buying a smart T.V. may be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with the differences or nuances with this technology.

Listed below are the cheapest and most expensive smart T.V.s available in leading retail sites.

This should help you decide what to get if within a particular budget range.

How Much Are Smart T.V.s?

You can buy a smart T.V. for as low as $89, but don’t expect too many features or good screen real estate.

If the budget is not much of an issue for you, you can also spend as much as $12,000 for one of the top-tier models of smart T.V.s.

While it is not completely true that the quality of smart T.V.s is proportional to the amount you are willing to spend, lower-tier prices won’t get you the same performance as the higher-end models.

How Much is a Smart T.V. at Walmart?

Smart T.V. Prices at Walmart
Brand and Model Price
Vizio 32 inch Class D-Series $129.00
LG 24LM530S-PU $199.99
Sony KDL32W600D $298.00
Samsung UN43 TU8000 $419.99
Vizio 65 inch Class 4K $999.00
LG OLED77C9PUB $3,799
Sony XBR 85 X950G $4,298
Samsung QN85 Q90TA $4,399

You can get a smart T.V. at Walmart for as low as $129.

A good example of a smart T.V. within this price range is the Vizio D-series 32-inch smart T.V.

Meanwhile, smart T.V.s at Walmart can go as high as $4,399. The Samsung 85-inch Q90T series retails at this price.

How Much is a Smart T.V. at Best Buy?

Smart T.V. Prices at Best Buy
Brand and Model Price
L.G. 24LM520S-WU $119.99
Vizio D24H-G9 $119.99
Samsung UN32 M4500 $149.99
Sony XBR43X800H $549.99
Vizio OLED 65-H1 $1,999.99
LG OLED77GXPUA $4,999.99
Sony XBR85Z8H $8,999.99
Samsung QN85 Q950 $11,999.99

Smart T.V.s at Best Buy can go as low as $120.

At this price point, you can choose between the LG LM520S or the Vizio D24H-G9. Both retail at $119.99 and come with a screen size of 24 inches.

If you are feeling fancy, you can opt to buy the Samsung QN85 Q950T smart T.V. It has a screen size of 85 inches and costs $11,999.99.

How Much is a Smart T.V. at Costco?

Smart T.V. Prices at Costco
Brand and Model Price
Vizio 32 Class D-Series $169.99
Samsung UN43 TU700D $279.99
LG 43 inch Class – UN7300 $309.99
Sony 55 inch X75CH $569.99
Vizio 75inch PX-Series $1,499.99
Sony 85 inch Class X90CH $2,469.99
LG 75 inch 9 Series Nano $3,999.99
Samsung 82 inch  Q850T series $4,999.00

Smart T.V.s at Costco cost between 170 to $5,000.

On the entry-level or budget tier, you can get the Vizio D-series 32 inch smart T.V. It costs $169.99.

If you can afford to splurge, the 82 inch Q950 model of Samsung might fit the bill. It retails at $4,999 at Costco.

How Much is a Smart T.V. at Target?

Smart T.V. Prices at Target
Brand and Model Price
Vizio 32 Class D-Series $129.99
Samsung 32 M4500 $149.99
LG 32 inch class 720p HDR $169.99
Vizio 40 inch V-Series $229.99
Sony 55 inch X750H $569.99
Sony 65 inch X750H $749.99
Samsung 65 inch Q60T $949.99
LG 65-inch 4K OLED $2,099.00

You can get a smart T.V. at Target for as low as $129. At that price point, you can also get the Vizio 32 inch D-series smart T.V.

If you plan to splurge, you can get the 65 inches LG OLED smart T.V. for $2,099.99.

Note that if you plan on getting a Sony smart T.V. from Target, as of this writing, they only have models available for store pickup.

Where Do you Find the Best Deals on Smart T.V.s?

If you are looking to buy brand new, stores like Walmart have a section dedicated to items on sale in their inventory.

Always check their monthly sale page, or follow these stores on their social media accounts to get updated for any price drops or promotions.

How Much is the Cheapest Smart T.V.?

The cheapest smart T.V. based on the list is a tie between the L.G. 24 inch LM520S and the Vizio D24H-G9.

They both retail at $119.99 and measure 24 inches.

What’s the Best Smart T.V. for the Money?

Consider buying the UN7300 43 inch T.V. and the OLED GXP 77 inch smart T.V. from L.G.

L.G. produces a lot of good electronic products at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

At the price of their T.V.s, you get more features compared to its counterparts, and a close examination of their flagship models costs as much as the mid-tier units of competitors.

If you are on a strict budget and don’t want to splurge, while getting good features, you can check out Vizio.

Vizio is known for its affordable line of smart T.V.s. Their flagship, which features an OLED display, costs below $2,000, or a fraction of what you would pay for a smart T.V. of similar caliber from the bigger brands.

What Are the Most-Sold Models in the U.S.?

According to the LCD TV Buying Guide, the most purchased smart T.V. is the 65 inch Samsung NU8000.

This model is the second cheapest in the product line of the NU8000 series.

So What Makes it Popular?

First, the NU8000 series produces remarkable contrast, color, and black level.

You get clarity and depth from the Ultra Clear panel.

As a gaming display, the NU8000 has minimal latency with its game mode. It also uses a Quad-Core processor, which gives a smooth feel to the Smart Hub.

And particularly for the 65-inch model, it retailed below $1,600, which is not bad given the size and features.

What Are the Most Popular Brands in Smart T.V.s?

According to Statista, the most purchased smart T.V. comes from Samsung.

In 2018, Samsung held around 33 percent of the total market share in smart T.V.s.

Vizio and L.G. came in at second and third with 24 and 12 percent of the market share.

Sony meanwhile enjoys six (6) percent of the market share in the U.S.

When is a Good Time to Buy a Smart T.V.?

There are three (3) ideal times to buy a smart T.V. during the year:

1. Buy During Super Bowl Season:

Super Bowl season falls between January and February.

As one of the biggest sporting events, expect family and friends to bond over food and drinks while watching the game.

What better way to enjoy the game with one of the top-of-the-line smart T.V.s that gives you the most realistic view?

Smart T.V.s on the shelf during the Super Bowl season has been around for almost a year, which merits a price decrease.

If you are on the lookout for a smart T.V., you can expect good deals for T.V.s with screen sizes of 49 to 65 inches.

2. Buy During Spring:

A lot of new models of smart T.V.s arrive in stores between March and April.

You can expect unsold smart T.V.s from the previous year to be priced with decent, if not huge, savings.

Sometimes, the sale of these older but brand-new models is still sold towards the summer.

So, if you plan to buy a smart T.V., but don’t mind not having the latest features, buying in spring is a good idea.

3. Buy During Holiday Sales:

If you missed Super Bowl and Spring, you can still make a mad dash for good deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, right after Thanksgiving Day.

A lot of retailers offer great deals during these days, and customers can usually expect sales with hundreds of dollars off the retail price.

Furthermore, this results in adjustments or new deals throughout the day, as retailers compete with each other to offer the best deals.

As part of offering deals, some smart T.V. manufacturers create specific smart T.V. meant for Black Friday, called derivatives.

These are often smart T.V.s that may lack some features compared to their counterparts, which lets manufacturers drive the price lower.

When is the Least Ideal Time to Buy a Smart T.V.?

Don’t Buy at Christmas:

The least ideal time to buy a smart T.V. is during the Christmas season.

Stores know that shoppers usually save their money to purchase gifts this time of the year.

Thus, companies take advantage of consumers having more liquid assets to spare because they will try to charge you at the regular price.

Dont’ Buy Right After Halloween:

Another time of the year that is not ideal for buying a smart T.V. is between October and early November.

Given the proximity with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t expect big discounts during this period.

Since Black Friday is the main event, it is best to keep your hard-earned cash for a few more weeks and wait for D-day.

Given how stores like adjusting prices when competing during this day, you have a better chance of getting a good deal during this time.

Is it Better to Buy a Smart T.V. Online or In-Store?

Buying online offers a lot of conveniences, but going to a physical store has its advantages, as well.

Customers often point out that buying online can be cheaper since there is no physical storefront to maintain. Instead, you just pay for your product and shipping.

Buying online gives you access to an almost infinite inventory as well, as stocks of these products are centralized and updated in real-time.

Going to a physical store may disappoint you because the model you want may not be available.

However, you do get to test the item before purchasing, which gives you peace of mind after the sale.

The warranty is the same for the most part, with some credit cards offering extended coverage.


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