What Does Hootsuite Amplify Do? (Solved & Explained)

You can make employees feel special in an organization by having them directly help and influence others to support the business through Hootsuite.

That is what Hootsuite Amplify aims to do: let your employees of different ranks feel empowered with their role and potential in the organization.

Here’s what Hootsuite Amplify Can Do:

Amplify is a feature on Hootsuite that lets you solidify messaging and content that your employees can publish as talking heads or “influencers” within their immediate networks. This gives you an estimate of how big the network of direct connections is, using their existing social media profiles.

What Exactly is Hootsuite Amplify?

One of the best practices in creating better engagement for your brand is to empower your team to become brand evangelists of your business.

Amplify lets you upload messages that employees can use for posting on their own social media profiles.

Employees enrolled in the Amplify Program can then access these contents through a mobile or desktop app, so they can share it immediately to their social media accounts.

Amplify also lets employees pitch content that colleagues may find interesting to share!

How Much Does Hootsuite Amplify Cost?

Hootsuite Amplify is an add-on available for the Business or Enterprise Plan of Hootsuite, but Hootsuite has never published an official price.

The cost of the service depends on your requirements.

However, you do need to purchase the Business Subscription in order to add Amplify to your profile.

For more information on their Business Subscription, check out our article, What Exactly Is Hootsuite Business And Enterprise? (Explained!)

How Effective is Hootsuite Amplify?

Amplify requires your employees to engage and become influencers for your brand.

While a lot of employees would be glad to do their part in going the extra mile for the business, it helps a lot if the team is headed by leaders who can motivate them to contribute.

Furthermore, if your employees don’t have good followings of their own, the use of Amplify will only go so far.

This product is great for influencers from companies like Buzzfeed with employees who area all widely active and popular on social media.

Does it Give More Reach than the Usual Sharing Options?

Hootsuite Amplify gives you more options when it comes to sharing.

Employees can use Amplify to post on their personal Facebook profiles, unlike the main Hootsuite dashboard, which allows you to post only on Pages and Groups where you are an administrator.

Amplify also gives you the same access on Instagram, which is only available for business profiles in the Hootsuite dashboard.

What Companies Benefit the Most From These Features?

All businesses and employees stand to benefit when they are empowered to promote their products and services on social media.

However, given the cost of Amplify, it might not be practical to include in your account, especially for small businesses.

Online media companies, big corporations, or sales-heavy companies are more likely to benefit from this service.

If you deploy many sales agents for popular or every day goods, Amplify can work for them by giving them ready to use talking points when they promote your business.

No need to worry about them finding the right words to post, nor misinterpret the message of your brand.

Furthermore, if all your employees are online personalities or celebrities, you are more likely to get reach with Amplify.

How Popular is the Amplify Feature?

Hootsuite launched Amplify sometime in late 2015, making it five (5) years old in 2020.

In those years, the Amplify app had been downloaded at least 10,000 times, compared to the Hootsuite app, which has been on five million mobile devices.

Therefore, it is not that popular, even with the benefits it gives.

One attribution to its low popularity is the cost of the service.

Your organization needs to have a Business plan on Hootsuite for the Amplify add-on, which can price at nearly $7,000 annually.

This can make it unpopular and difficult to justify unless your business is big enough to handle it.

How Do I Know if I Need Hootsuite Amplify?

Hootsuite Amplify is ideal when you are running a large-scale campaign to promote your products or services.

Here are possible scenarios on how you can use Amplify for your campaigns:

If you intend to unite the messaging among your sales agents, Amplify can help you distribute a template that your team can use and adjust as needed.

If you provide industry-specific services, using Amplify helps you mobilize your technical personnel as brand evangelists who can share updates with their peers.

When running an electoral campaign, Amplify can help you disseminate information to your local leaders, so they carry the same message from the close-in team of the candidate.

If you have a network of influencers in your industry, you can use Amplify to feed them news from your business so they can help promote your brand.

What Are my Alternatives to Amplify?

There are a lot of available alternatives to Amplify that your business may tap.

These include Sociabble, Bambu by Sprout Social, Smarp, Gaggle Amp, to name a few, but none of these are free.

If you are looking for a free alternative for these purposes, you can opt for the following:

Create a Viber Community or Telegram Channel:

These two options are okay if you only want a venue where you can post updates without people posting messages that may drown other crucial posts.

On mobile, these two apps have seamless integration with your social media profiles.

The desktop version may be an issue, as there is no direct link between these apps and social media networks.

The downside to this option is that members of the community may not suggest content worth sharing.


Sign-up for Slack and use the General Channel to feed information.

This option is free but limits content to up to 10,000 messages, but you can get more features for a little less than $7.00 a month.

While it may seem like a viable option, the disadvantage to this is there is no direct social media link with Slack.


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