8 Best Smart TVs With App Stores (Popular Models)

Aside from fabulous image quality, another feature of smart TVs is their ability to access different apps.

With your smart TV’s App store, you can choose from hundreds of apps that help turn your smart TV into the customized central entertainment station of your dreams.

Here Are Our Picks for Smart TVs with App Stores:

Our top pick for a smart TV with a great app store is the LG CX OLED 65-inch smart TV. Our budget pick is the VIZIO V405-G9 40-inch smart TV. Both of these televisions have great image quality with 4k resolution, come with app stores, are a great pick for gamers. 

Criteria for Selection

The smart TVs in the list below met the following criteria:

  • They are at least 40 inches wide. Televisions below 40 inches are slowly being discontinued in favor of bigger models. The largest screen size on this list is 65 inches.
  • They are at most two years old. A slightly older television means there is a good chance you can score a good deal without sacrificing technology.
  • The smart TVs in this article have at least 4K resolution. 4K resolution, which means stellar image quality, is a standard feature these days.

The Top Pick: LG CX OLED 65-inch smart TV

The LG CX OLED is a remarkable smart TV option.

Here are its best qualities:

  • The color quality is excellent, and the blacks are almost perfect. The HDR on the CX OLED features a wide color gamut.
  • Viewing angles are superb, and this TV can scale low-resolution content without a lot of issues.
  • If you are into gaming, the LG CX OLED features a Variable Refresh Rate, almost no-latency, and low input lag.
  • This smart TV has an OLED screen, which helps in delivering its excellent image quality.

Here are some drawbacks with the LG CX OLED:

  • Unfortunately, the OLED screen is also its weakness, as OLED screens can be prone to burn-in if the same content is displayed onscreen for long periods. But if you watch a variety of content, this won’t be much of a problem.
  • The CX OLED has an aggressive Automatic Brightness Limiter, which makes areas not as bright as you may want them to be.

Since this is an LG smart TV, it comes on-board with the webOS firmware. You get access to the LG Content Store and the smartphone remote control app.

Budget Pick: VIZIO V405-G9 40-inch smart TV

The 2019 Vizio V series is an excellent budget option for those looking for a 4K smart TV that doesn’t break the bank.

This 40-inch smart TV provides remarkable performance at a great price.

Here are its best features:

  • It’s an excellent option for video game players, as it has very low input lag and a fast response time.
  • The V series handles glare well.
  • Another nice thing about this Vizio smart TVs is its use of cloud storage. Since everything is online, it automatically updates the apps you use.

And its worst features:

  • Unfortunately, the V-Series lacks a local dimming feature. This inadequacy can be a deal-breaker if you like fine-tuning the brightness of your smart TV.
  • The V-series has mediocre viewing angles. This means that watch parties may not be as enjoyable, given the compromised image quality when watching from an angle.
  • The V-series features HDR, but it does not do much. If you are expecting out-of-this-world image quality, you may be disappointed.

The onboard V-Series App Store gives you apps like WatchFree, which gives you access to hundreds of channels and exclusive content. The app aims to give you a cable TV experience, sans the installation.

VIZIO P Series Quantum X 2019

For Vizio’s P Series, which is one of Vizio’s higher-end model series, we are looking at the 65-inch version.

  • It has excellent peak brightness in SDR or HDR mode.
  • You also get a remarkable, deep black from the P Series.
  • For gamers, expect fast response and low lag with the P-Series. This TV can handle fast motions and graphics-intensive games.

But the Achilles’ heel of this smart TV series is its viewing angles. That can be a deal-breaker if you’re the go-to host for watch parties.

Like other Vizio smart TVs, the apps you get from the Vizio store are stored in the cloud. You also get access to the WatchFree app that lets you watch hundreds of channels.

LG UN7300 43 inch smart TV

The LG UN7300 smart TV is one of the better budget smart TVs you can get from this brand.

Here’s what you can expect from this well-priced TV:

  • It has average brightness levels, and the UN7300 handles reflections and glare well.
  • When watching content in low resolution, the UN7300 does a great job of scaling these videos.
  • If you are a gamer, you are in luck, you’ll appreciate that this TV has low lag and a decent response time.
  • LG uses the webOS operating system for its smart TV, which gives you access to the LG Content Store.
  • As a bonus, the LG also features a smartphone app that lets you control your smart TV through your phone or tablet.

Sony X750H 55-inch smart TV

The Sony X750H is a budget 4K smart TV that delivers a good product for a good price.

Here’s what to expect from this Sony TV:

  • Brightness levels are above average on this television, and it can cope with glare well.
  • This TV has good response times and low input lag, which is great for gaming. But the X750H does not come with Variable Refresh Rate, which means screen tearing when used for gaming may occur.
  • The X750H also has limited viewing angles, which may not work if you have people watching the television from side angles.
  • Some screen uniformity issues may distract you, as well.

Since this is a Sony smart TV, the X750H comes with the Android TV operating system. You get access to the Google Play Store, which offers a lot of third-party apps worth installing.

Sony A8H 65-inch smart TV

The Sony A8H series is an entry-level OLED smart TV.

But for such a well-priced OLED, it performs almost at par with higher-priced counterparts. Here’s what you can expect:

  • It comes with near-perfect black quality, thanks to the infinite contrast ratio.
  • Reflections are not much of an issue with the A8H, and it has remarkable peak brightness to mitigate glare in any environment.
  • The viewing angles of the A8H are remarkable, as it produces accurate images when watching from any side.
  • If you are a gamer, you will love the lack of latency response from the A8H, as well as the low lag for inputs.

While this is a remarkable smart TV, the weakness of this TV is the OLED panels, which—like all OLED panels—are prone to permanent burn-in if the same image is repeatedly on the screen for long periods of time.

When it comes to the app store, like most other Sony smart TVs, this series uses Android TV firmware and comes with the Google Play Store. That means you’ll be able to access media on Google Play.

Samsung TU8000 55 inch smart TV

The Samsung TU8000 is a decent smart TV for those on a budget. 

Here is what you can expect from the Samsung TU8000:

  • You get decent image quality, especially in dark rooms, thanks to the remarkable contrast ratio and black uniformity.
  • Unfortunately, it does not have local dimming, which helps enhance shades of blacks on screen.
  • The TU8000 handles reflections quite well and has good peak brightness. But this smart TV may be challenged in rooms with direct, high light.
  • There is not much of a color gamut in the TU8000, which can be a disappointment for HDR content.
  • The viewing angles are also disappointing, so you may want to choose your positioning well when placing this television.
  • With its low input lag and black frame insertion that mitigates motion blur, this TV is good for gaming. But this smart TV lacks support for Variable Refresh Rate.

This smart TV comes with the Tizen OS for its firmware, which gives you access to the Smart Hub App store. This app store lets you download must-have apps like Disney Plus and Netflix.

Samsung Q90T 65 inch smart TV

The Samsung Q90T is a powerful QLED smart TV that comes with a  lot of features in a sleek package.

The Q90T is a rare breed, in that it performs well in both dark and well-lit environments.

The Q90T also has a very fast response time. If you are a gamer, you will love that this smart TV has low input lag and support for FreeSync.

The Q90T’s HDR stands out with lively colors and highlights. You may experience some uniformity issues if you are watching sports matches, but they will only be an issue for the pickiest of smart TV connoisseurs.

The Q90T also comes with the Tizen OS and Smart Hub, which gives you access to all the standard apps, as well as the Samsung-exclusive apps.

How Much Should You Spend on a Smart TV with an App Store?

If you want the best performance and are looking for a large screen size, you may have to spend around $2,000.

But if the screen size is of little concern and you are happy with a smaller screen size, a budget of $1,500 should be more than enough.

Final Thoughts

It is not hard to find a smart TV with app stores, as almost all modern smart TVs now have them as a stock feature.

What sets these smart TVs apart is the App store they have pre-loaded.

Some smart TVs have certain apps that are not available, which can be a problem.

But for the most part, the most popular apps—such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify—can be found across most brands on the market today.

Should you want access to a particular app that is not available on your smart TVs app store, you can try mirroring the screen from another device onto your smart TV.

Good luck and happy hunting for your new smart TV!

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