Can Hootsuite Do Email Marketing? (Quick Guide)

Email marketing is a powerful tool, and it can be even more so when combined with social media.

To create a strong email marketing campaign with the most impact, you need to synchronize your campaign with the rest of your online accounts and social media accounts.

Luckily, there are tools like Hootsuite that let you integrate other marketing-related services to help you keep your email marketing running smoothly.

Here’s how using Hootsuite for Email Marketing Works:

Hootsuite can do email marketing—with limitations. While Hootsuite was designed for social media management, it gives users options to integrate apps or plug-ins that let them do other marketing-related tasks, including email marketing from two providers: Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

Can Hootsuite Handle Email Campaigns?

Hootsuite is equipped to handle email campaigns from Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

The email tools that you can integrate with Hootsuite lets you review your email campaigns right from the Dashboard.

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What Email Marketing Platforms Does Hootsuite Integrate with?

Hootsuite can integrate with two email marketing platforms.

  • Hootsuite can integrate with Mailchimp. Integration with the email marketing tool Mailchimp allows you to track the open rate, delivery, re-engagement rate, number of unique opens, number of unopened emails, number of clicks, and those who unsubscribed.
  • You can also integrate Hootsuite with the email marketing platform Constant Contact. The plug-in allows you to view the analytics from your email campaigns and share your campaigns with your social media profiles.

Both of these plug-ins are free to add on Hootsuite, but may incur costs based on your subscription to these services.

What’s the Best Email Marketing Platform to Use with Hootsuite?

Between the two email marketing services able to integrate with Hootsuite—Constant Contact and Mailchimp—Mailchimp is the better option for Hootsuite integration, as it has the best features and is more user-friendly.

What Are the Benefits of Linking Email Platforms to Hootsuite?

The advantage of linking email platforms to Hootsuite is the very essence of why Hootsuite offers so many integrations: to provide marketers with a single interface that hosts most of the tools they need.

Instead of switching through different tabs or windows, Hootsuite allows you to have your marketing tools in a single place. It saves time and makes your job easier.

If you are able to add a plug-in of your email marketing tool to your Hootsuite account, you can more easily align and manage your marketing campaigns.

Hootsuite with email integration can help you better manage your brand’s messaging.

Do Companies Typically Integrate Email Marketing Platforms to Hootsuite?

Not all companies integrate their email marketing platforms to Hootsuite, as only Mailchimp and Constant Contact are currently available as plug-ins.

Should I Integrate My Email Marketing with Hootsuite?

It depends on your preferences. Although having an all-in-one platform to handle your online marketing may sound like a good idea, there are issues you may run into. 

  • Your chosen email marketing tool must be Mailchimp or Constant Contact to be able to integrate with Hootsuite.
  • The volume of data involved in email marketing can be difficult for Hootsuite to load and process. If you are running huge campaigns, it may slow down your Hootsuite experience.
  • By running your email campaigns through Hootsuite, there is the added risk that emails and contact lists may leak if a security breach occurs within Hootsuite. Some businesses prefer to keep their email campaigns in one place in order to protect privacy.

But others find the Hootsuite and email marketing service integration a much welcome feature, as having a centralized place to conduct marketing is very convenient.

Hootsuite has established itself as a reliable service with reasonable prices. If you’re comfortable with Hootsuite and the possible drawbacks of integration, you can always try it out and uninstall the plug-in if you’re not satisfied.

What Services Other than Hootsuite Offer Similar Features?

A service that offers similar services is Salesforce and its Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce is an all-in-one tool that helps businesses manage and cultivate customer relationships. It has an optional feature called Marketing Cloud with Email Studio that helps you manage every aspect of your email marketing campaigns.

Salesforce’s Email Studio offers email marketing tools to help you keep track of the newsletters you send out to your clients. You can create content, send campaigns, track clicks and responses, and engage with recipients.

Salesforce and its Marketing Cloud carries a hefty price tag. The Basic plan for its Email Studio is $400 a month.

This is a larger price tag than the combination of, for example, a basic Mailchimp email marketing plan in combination with a basic Hootsuite account plan.

To learn more about Salesforce, check out our article about Hootsuite’s compatibility and comparison to Salesforce here.

What Features Should I Look for when Looking for an Email Marketing Tool to Integrate?

The idea of integrating your email marketing with a tool like Hootsuite is to be able to synchronize your digital assets.

There are a few key things to look for when integrating an email marketing tool.

  • Scheduling: You want to be able to schedule your emails in advance just as you schedule your social media posts on Hootsuite.
  • Open Rates: You need to know how many people opened your email and how they responded. Like knowing your social media reach, being able to measure how people responded to your email lets you understand what’s working and why.
  • Analytics: You need to know how many people clicked through the email and onto your website. If they open the link to your page from the email, it means your content is good enough to spark curiosity.
  • Pricing: Make sure the price of the emailing marketing service you are integrating makes sense for your business.



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