Hootsuite & Salesforce | 10 Answers You Should Know

Hootsuite and Salesforce are two of the biggest names when it comes to online marketing and branding.

They offer you tools to help automate and organize the operations of your business’ online assets.

Here Is How Hootsuite and Salesforce Work Together:

Salesforce has a plug-in that works with Hootsuite. While Hootsuite cannot post to your Salesforce account or vice versa, you can import data from Hootsuite into Salesforce. From here, you can update customer leads and streamline any customer communication that has been generated on social media.

What Is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that lets you oversee and manage your business’ social media presence.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts on your different social media profiles, review engagement analytics, and understand your customers better through keyword tracking and social listening.

Hootsuite also lets you add paid services to your subscription. These include Amplify, which can boost your reach. Hootsuite also offers training that can help your team understand social network operations.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service. It helps businesses manage and cultivate customer relationships, which helps businesses grow and convert leads to sales.

Aside from collating and monitoring sales leads and customer relationships, Salesforce also lets you post content on your social media profiles, conduct social listening, and track your performance on social media with its paid Marketing Suite feature.

What Are the Main Differences Between Hootsuite and Salesforce?

Hootsuite is primarily designed as a social media management tool to help you in every aspect of operating the social media profiles of your business.

Hootsuite does offer features and plug-ins for monitoring lead conversions, but its CRM functions pale in comparison to Salesforce.

Salesforce is a whole CRM suite, with tons of features. It has its own Marketing Cloud, which contains the Social Studio, which has functions comparable to Hootsuite.

The Marketing Cloud was designed with medium to large-scale businesses in mind, and its high price reflects that. (A basic plan for the Marketing Cloud starts at $1,000.)

On the surface, Hootsuite and Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud look similar. But they have some key differences.

Is Hootsuite Better than Salesforce’s “Social Studio”?

It depends on how you look at it. Hootsuite has excellent pricing, but Salesforce’s Social Studio has great features and allows for seamless management.

Hootsuite has some great perks. 

  • Hootsuite reigns when it comes to pricing. Hootsuite gives flexible payment terms that allow monthly, annual, or quotation-based plans. You can select a plan based on the cash-flow of your business and your social media needs.
  • While Hootsuite has a limited customer relationship management (CRM) system, you can integrate it with other services, including Salesforce, with plug-ins.
  • Hootsuite also has a wider integration with other tools compared to Salesforce’s Social Studio.

But the Social Studio service is of high quality.

  • Salesforce and its Marketing Cloud with Social Studio is an all-in-one package that works seamlessly within a single interface.
  • There’s no need to worry about partnerships ending or system maintenance that may affect the linked accounts between Salesforce and your social media.
  • While Social Studio has a shorter list of services it can integrate with, it offers linkage to Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform used by millions of businesses around the world.

The downside of Social Studio is its pricing. It’s a custom plan you add to your existing Salesforce subscription, and the pricing depends on the needs of your organization. But the starting price is $1,000, which is a hefty fee for many businesses.

Hootsuite wins by a mile if you’re looking for a great option for a low fee, but if you want seamless integration with your existing Salesforce customer relationship management system and aren’t dissuaded by the price, Salesforce’s Social Studio is a great choice.

What Are the Cost Differences Between Hootsuite and Salesforce?

Hootsuite has features and pricing scalable to the size of the business. Hootsuite with three linked social accounts and a single user is free, or you can choose a plan for as low as $29 dollars a month, making it perfect for small or single-proprietorship businesses.

The Basic plan for Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud starts at $1,000 a month.

Can Hootsuite Data be Pulled into Salesforce?

You can import data you gather from Hootsuite into Salesforce to update leads and streamline customer communication generated on social media using the Salesforce plug-in.

The Salesforce plug-in gives you the option to add social media posts from the Hootsuite dashboard into the Salesforce system. You can then contact the poster, flag a concern, or add the poster to your database for follow-up in the future.

While the Hootsuite plug-in itself is free, this integrated plug-in is only available for those with an Enterprise Salesforce plan or above.

Can Hootsuite Post to Salesforce?

Hootsuite cannot post to Salesforce, and you cannot add Hootsuite into the existing Salesforce dashboard.

But with the Salesforce plug-in on Hootsuite, you have the option to respond to social media queries through Hootsuite or the Salesforce system.

How Do People Typically Use the Two Systems Together?

With the Salesforce plug-in on Hootsuite, you can import social media comments from the Hootsuite dashboard onto your Salesforce account so you can follow through to make the sale or interact with customers.

Note that while the Salesforce plug-in for Hootsuite is free, it only works with Salesforce plans of the $150 monthly Enterprise plan or above.

What Is the Cost of the Salesforce plug-in for Hootesuite?

If you do not want the added costs of signing up for Salesforce’s Social Studio, you can opt for Hootsuite instead and integrate your Salesforce account through the plug-in. The combination of the two works well, especially if you run a small business.

The Salesforce plug-in for Hootsuite is free. However, a Salesforce Enterprise plan is necessary for it to work. The Enterprise plan runs at  $150 a month. 

Are They Competitors or Partners?

Hootsuite and Salesforce are partners, as you can integrate your Salesforce account with your Hootsuite account via a plug-in.

The integration of the two allows you to import data gleaned from your social media accounts linked to Hootsuite into your Salesforce account. This allows you to streamline the process of responding to customers, tracking followups, and managing leads.

Does Salesforce like Hootsuite?

Salesforce has a good relationship with Hootsuite, considering the fact that Hootsuite allows you to add a Salesforce plug-in onto its dashboard.

Are Hootsuite and Salesforce Good for Non-profits?

Hootsuite and Salesforce are good for non-profit organizations. Both offer discounts for non-profits.

Hootsuite offers a discount of up to 50 percent for non-profit organizations.

Salesforce offers discount packages for non-profit organizations.



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