How To Block Netflix On Smart TVs? (Easy Guide)

One way to shield children from age-inappropriate content on television is to restrict access to certain apps on your smart TV.

Luckily, smart TVs and Netflix offer different ways of restricting content and adding levels of security.

Here Is How to Block Netflix on Your Smart TV

All modern smart TVs have a Parental Control option that lets you set viewing restrictions. If you want to restrict particular ratings, you can set Parental Controls within the Netflix app. You can also restrict access to the Netflix app itself on your smart TV. 

Why Should You Block Netflix or Content from the App?

Most people restrict access to Netflix because of the possibility of children viewing harmful content while unattended.

Restricting Netflix access serves as a shield to protect minors from age-inappropriate content.

You can also choose to block devices from casting to your TV, rather than blocking Netflix for everyone.

How to Block Netflix on Samsung Smart TVs

Blocking access to Netflix on a Samsung smart TV entails restricting access to the app itself. You will need to set your smart TV to block the Netflix app from opening unless a PIN code is entered to unlock it.

Here are the steps:

  • From the Home Screen, go to Apps and open Settings (the gear icon).
  • Scroll to Netflix and choose Lock.
  • Enter your PIN code. (If you have not set your PIN code, the default code is 0000.)
  • You will then see a padlock icon by the Netflix app, indicating that it is now locked.

Once locked, anyone who wants to access Netflix on your smart TV will need the PIN code to open the app.

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How to Block Netflix on LG Smart TVs

If you want to block Netflix—or any app—on your LG smart TV, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Settings button on your remote for five seconds.
  • A menu will appear wherein you can find the Safety menu.
  • Open the Safety menu.
  • Go to Application Lock and select Netflix.

Netflix will now need a PIN code to access. (If you have not set your PIN code, the default code is 0000.)

How to Block Netflix on Vizio Smart TVs

To block Netflix—or any app—on a Vizio smart TV, you will need to access the Parental Controls.

The Parental Controls on Vizio smart TVs differ from each model, so you will have to consult your user manual.

However, most Parental Controls on Vizios can be found by finding the Settings in the Menu.

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After blocking an app, in some cases, you will be able to access the blocked app with a PIN code, while other models require you to unlock the app entirely if you would like to use it again.

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How to Block Netflix on Sony Smart TVs

To block Netflix on Sony smart TVs—or on any Android-powered TV—you will need to set up a separate User Profile that you can restrict access on.

To create this limited access profile, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings on your smart TV menu.
  • Go to Personal, and click on Security and Restrictions.
  • Create a Restricted Profile and set up a PIN code.
  • Select the apps you want to restrict access to (in this case, Netflix).

How to Set Up Parental Controls within the Netflix App

The first step in enabling Parental Controls inside the Netflix app is to create a profile that will contain all the restrictions.

It is best to set up these restrictions or controls on a desktop browser, as the app has limited functionality on your smart television.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Netflix account on a browser.
  • Go to Manage Profiles and click on Add Profile.
  • Give a name for this Profile and, if you want this profile to strictly be for children, enable For Kids. When you enable For Kids, all the content available for this profile will be child-friendly.
  • Click on save.

To fine-tune your parental controls, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Netflix account on a browser.
  • Go to Manage Profiles and click on Add Profile.
  • Give a name for this Profile.
  • Select Manage Profile, and click on Maturity Rating Level. You can then choose what levels this profile can gain access to.
  • Click on Save to keep these changes.

Can You Restrict Particular Programs on Netflix?

If you want to restrict a particular program or movie on Netflix, follow these steps.

  • Open the Parental Control Settings of the Profile you wish to manage.
  • Open the Viewing Restriction settings, and input your Netflix password.
  • Look for Title Restrictions, and type the name of the program or movie, and click on the title when it appears.
  • Click on Save, and these selected programs and movies will be inaccessible for that profile.

If you want to lift any content restriction for a profile, follow the steps above and click the X beside the title name.

How to Set Up Parental Control on Smart TVs

Here is how to set up parental control on a variety of smart TV brands.

Note that instructions may vary depending on the year and model of your smart TV, but the Parental Control option for smart TVs is generally found in the Settings menu. 


Samsung smart TV’s parental controls allow you to block content based on its age-rating. This feature requires users to input the PIN code to watch restricted content.

To access Parental Control on Samsung smart TVs:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu
  • Click Broadcasting
  • Go to Program Rating Lock Settings and input your PIN code
  • Turn on the Program Rating Lock and select the TV Rating or Movie Rating you wish to restrict.


The Parental Controls on your LG smart TV is called Safety Mode, which you can access following these steps:

  • From the Home screen, go to Settings and look for Safety Mode
  • Turn Safety Mode on
  • You can now change the settings of Safety Mode based on your preferences.


On a Sony smart TV, you can access Parental Control using these steps:

  • Click the Home button and look for Settings
  • Open Settings, and navigate to Parental Lock
  • Under this option, select the rating you wish to block.


The Parental Controls on Vizio smart TVs depend on the model of the TV.

However, generally, the Parental Controls of Vizio can be found by pressing the Menu, wherein the Parental Controls is a sub-menu. From there, you will be able to also set age-restrictions.

Check with the user manual on how to operate it.



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