Can You Buffer Netflix To Watch Offline? (Explained)

Buffering means preloading data in your memory before playing, usually done in video streaming services like Netflix.

The amount of data depends on the platform and may sometimes be in tranches. Sometimes, videos online can buffer until the end, others buffer in tranches, and there are cases when videos have a low buffer allowance.

When a video fully buffers, you can watch without consuming bandwidth on your connection.

So, can you buffer Netflix to watch offline?

Here’s What you Need to Know About Buffering and Netflix:

When watching on internet connections slower than 1-4 Mbit, Netflix may buffer your video for a certain period so that you can watch it smoothly. However, Netflix can only buffer up to a certain point unless you adjust the buffer settings.

Will Netflix let you Watch a Buffered Video when Offline?

The playback buffer of Netflix gets filled whenever you pause a video.

You can do this to improve picture quality while reducing stress on your Internet connection.

However, there’s a chance that you may not be able to get the whole video when offline. 

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How Much of a Video Can you Buffer on Netflix? 

The amount of video that you can buffer will depend on a few things:

First, your Internet speed. If your Internet speed isn’t that good, you won’t get much from the playback buffer. 

Second, Netflix sometimes doesn’t fully buffer videos. You can only watch up to a certain point before you need to reconnect.

To get better results, you need to adjust the buffering rate of Netflix. 

Adjusting buffering rate is often done on a desktop since computers often need the most resources for Internet usage. Aside from that, the desktop version of Netflix is browser-based, and there is no app equivalent. 

To adjust the buffering rate, press Shift Alt and Left Click or Shift Option Left Click if using a Mac. 

Can You Make Netflix Load the Whole Movie/Episode?

You can make a whole movie or episode load for offline viewing by adjusting the bit rate. 

What is the Best Way to Watch Netflix Offline? 

The best way to watch Netflix offline is through the smartphone or tablet app. These apps allow you to download Netflix for offline viewing. 

Note that the Netflix app for smartphones and tablets is different from those on smart TVs. That’s why smart TVs don’t have the option for offline viewing. 

To get a better viewing experience, the bigger the display is, the better. 

Can Netflix Download Videos in 4k? 

By default, you cannot download videos in 4k resolution.

4k resolution is usually reserved for smart TVs certified by Netflix to be stable for 4k streaming. Even if your TV is certified for 4k streaming, smart TVs cannot download from Netflix. 

By default, you can only download up to 1080p resolution in the smartphone or tablet app. This, however, takes more space on your device.

Does it Cost Extra to Download Netflix Material for Offline Streaming?

The download feature on Netflix is free for all existing subscribers. 

How much Space Does a Netflix Download Take? 

The amount of space that a Netflix download consumes on your storage depends on the video quality and length of content. 

A standard definition download takes up 300 MB of space per hour of video to give you an idea. 

HD videos, meanwhile, consume at least three gigabytes of storage space per hour. 

Is There a Limit to the Number of Videos you can Download on Netflix? 

Netflix sets a download limit of up to a hundred titles for each device. Typically, there’s a 100 video limit set for each device. 

How Long are Netflix Videos Stored for Offline Viewing? 

Netflix usually sets a limit to storing videos for offline viewing.

Typically, it’s seven days.

If a video has a longer or shorter storage time, you will see a notice beside a video of how long there’s left, which usually appears in the last 48 hours. 

Is there a Limit to the Number of Times you can Download a Video on Netflix? 

You can download a video a certain number of times a year before Netflix restricts you from downloading it for offline viewing. 

The limit depends on the licensing and is a security measure to prevent piracy. 

Can you Watch Downloaded Netflix Videos Outside your Region? 

You can watch it as long as you’re disconnected from the Internet, but the moment you reconnect, these videos will be erased or inaccessible for watching. 

Are All Videos on Netflix Available for Download? 

Not all videos on Netflix are available for download.

You will see the download icon in the details of a title if it’s available for download. 

Are You Getting too many Downloads on Devices Errors on Netflix?

This issue means you have too many videos downloaded to your account and covers those not in your profile. 

The only way to fix this is to erase downloads from older devices to make new videos. 

What is Netflix’s Smart Download? 

The Smart Download of Netflix is a feature that allows your device to automatically erase old titles, particularly those you’ve already watched, to make room for newer downloads.

Aside from that, the Smart Download also downloads the next episode of a show you are watching if you want to watch offline after. 

When an episode is last in a series, Smart Download will stop downloading. 

For those using Android, this feature is also called the Download Next Episode. 

What are Downloads for You on Netflix? 

The Downloads for You feature on Netflix allows you to download suggested content based on your viewing preference automatically.

If you’re into sitcoms, then you’re likely to get suggestions for other comedies, and if you’re into science fiction, then you’ll get more recommendations from this genre. 

This feature is optional, and you can turn it off anytime you want. Should you decide to opt-in, Netflix will ask you how much storage space you want to dedicate for this feature, often ranging between 1 – 5 GB of space on your device. 

This feature is suitable for anyone with extra space on the phone or tablet to discover new content during lull times. 

Why Should you Download Videos on the Netflix App? 

In a nutshell, downloading videos on the Netflix app saves on resources:

  1. First, you get to unload activity from your Internet connection.
    • If your device is connected via Wi-Fi, downloading lets you watch continuously while making more bandwidth available on your network. 
  2. Second, you also get to save on data consumption.
    • If you’re going on a long trip and want to save on cellular data consumption, download all the videos you think will be enough for the ride so that you don’t tax your phone bill. 
  3. Third, you can easily rewind content without the extra data usage.
    • Rewinding means repeating the data used to stream. That’s why downloading the video will allow you to prevent excess data usage.

Aside from that, if you want to repeat another video, you can easily do so if you download the video. Note that you need to have Smart Download deactivated for this. 

Fourth, you also save on battery life. When you watch a video connected to the Internet, your power takes a toll since the Wi-Fi or cellular data and video player consume battery life when watching.

An offline video removes the Internet connection from the picture and reduces power consumption. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re watching Netflix offline, downloading it on the Netflix app on your phone or tablet provides the best viewing experience.

Aside from it being the only option to download offline, you can easily take these videos with you on your commute. 

And if you want to watch on a bigger screen, you can even mirror your screen. This option reduces the bandwidth you use when watching Netflix. You can binge-watch without hogging the Internet connection at your place. 


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