Hootsuite & Reddit | 9 Answers You Should Know

The website Reddit is a great place to scour for information, and with millions of users, it’s also an excellent place to look for general consensus and thoughts about products, services, events—or just life in general.

Perusers of Reddit can get feedback on just about anything, which can help you understand people’s opinions and behavior so you can improve your services or business.

Here Is how Reddit Works with Hootsuite:

You cannot use Hootsuite to post on Reddit. However, the Reddit plug-in for Hootsuite allows you to share Reddit posts to your social media platforms that are connected to your Hootsuite account. You can also read Reddit from your Hootsuite account.

Does Reddit like Hootsuite?

Reddit remains neutral toward Hootsuite.

While there are both negative and positive mentions of Hootsuite on Reddit, these are generated by users on the site, and they do not reflect the views of Reddit as a company.

Can Hootsuite Post to Reddit?

You cannot use Hootsuite to post to Reddit.

The Reddit plug-in on Hootsuite only lets you share Reddit posts to your social media profiles via Hootsuite and view Reddit from your Hootsuite dashboard.

Can Hootsuite Post Reddit Content to Social Media Platforms?

You can post Reddit content to your social media platforms via Hootsuite.

If a Reddit user creates a post you would like to share or posts about your brand, you can use the Reddit plug-in to share the post on your other linked social media platforms.

Is Reddit for Hootsuite Free?

Reddit for Hootsuite is only free for accounts with an Enterprise plan.

Those who use the Free, Professional, Team, and Business plan need to pay $5.99 a month for the Reddit plug-in.

What Else Can Hootsuite Do with Reddit Content?

Hootsuite has a few useful functions that come with the Reddit plug-in.

  • Hootsuite works as a social listening tool when used with the Reddit plug-in. You can set up keyword searches on your industry, brand, products, and services so you can keep tabs on what people on Reddit are saying.
  • When you see a Reddit comment that you think requires attention, you can flag it and have your team engage and help the user—and help your team understand your brand better.
  • You can use information about demographics and sentiments gleaned from Reddit to inform your team.

How Do you Use Reddit with Hootsuite?

Setting up Reddit on Hootsuite is simple. 

Once you install the Reddit plug-in on Hootsuite, you will need to create your first Feed. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Open the Create Feeds menu. The Feed Manager will be displayed here.
  • Enter up to three keywords you would like to monitor into the Search bar. The most recent results on Reddit for the keywords will be pulled up.
  • Click “Save Feed” to keep tabs on these keywords.
  • The Search Feed you saved can now be managed in the Feeds tab.

You will notice the Play icon next to your chosen feeds in the Feeds tab. This button allows you to display Feeds on your main Hootsuite dashboard.

When active, the Play icon becomes a Pause button, which you can click if you want to stop updating that Feed on your main Hootsuite dashboard.

If you don’t need the Feed anymore, you can delete it by clicking the Trash icon.

Navigating through your new Reddit Feeds is also straightforward. Follow these steps:

  • Once your Feeds are set up, you will see the Reddit stream on your Hootsuite dashboard. You can click on articles in the Feed to read the entire article.
  • Below the article title, you can see the sub-Reddit the content was posted in and when it was posted. If you want to view the sub-Reddit itself, click on the sub-Reddit. You can view the article on Reddit by clicking on the date.
  • Like every post you collate through the Hootsuite Dashboard, clicking the three dots or the Option menu gives you more actions: You have the option to view on Reddit, add to your favorites, share with your social networks, add a note, mark as read, or save as a PDF or save to other compatible note apps.

You can change your Reddit plug-in settings by clicking on the gear icon.

  • Under the Settings option, you can choose how images from Reddit will be displayed. You can select none, small, or large images. If you have a slow Internet connection, or just prefer an uncluttered Feed, small or no images is suggested.
  • You can also set the Post options to pop-out automatically when you hover over content in your Reddit stream.
  • You have the option to filter search results. You can choose to display All Posts, Unread posts, Favorite Posts, or Posts with notes.
  • You can shorten your Reddit links using ow.ly. Select this option if you want your Reddits links to be shortened automatically.
  • You can also opt to have read items hidden. (This option works best when you’ve set your preferences to view only unread posts in your stream.)

Do People Typically Integrate Reddit with Hootsuite?

People do not typically integrate Reddit with Hootsuite. The integration of Reddit with Hootsuite is not that popular.

But it is something brand managers ought to know is available.

Reddit is a goldmine for insights, and missing out on these means possibly missing out on improvement.

Reddit users generate thousands of posts every day that discuss a variety of topics, including those related to your industry.

Being able to dig into these comments can help you understand your customers’ behaviors and preferences.

Once you get these details, you will be able to upgrade your product and services.

Is Reddit the Only Social Listening Tool on Hootsuite?

Reddit is not the only social listening tool on Hootsuite.

There are other tools for social listening that can help you understand the sentiments of your customers.

  • You can try Synapview, which sifts through websites for insights based on keywords you choose. This service goes through content and hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, and Reddit.
  • There is also the search streams of Hootsuite, which lets you go through Twitter and Instagram for keyword mentions. This service is available on free accounts.
  • Hootsuite Insights is a paid service that does a deeper search than the free search service. Insights combs the web and social media for mentions of your business or industry and organizes the information by demographics like gender and location. Hootsuite Insights helps you grasp the public opinion of your brand—you get an idea of how people feel about your product or service.

What Are the Most Popular Networks People Use with Hootsuite?

The most common use of Hootsuite is for posting and scheduling content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Business Profiles, and LinkedIn.

It is also used for other platforms like YouTube and Pinterest, but it is most often used for the four networks listed above.



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