Does Hootsuite Support Email? (Explained & Solved)

Even with the emergence of social media, which creates more personalized engagements, email remains a powerful tool for digital marketing.

But a marketing strategy in which email and social media work together is your best bet.

That said, is it possible to integrate your email marketing efforts with powerful tools for digital marketing like Hootsuite?

Here Is How Hootsuite Works with Email:

Hootsuite works with email—with limitations. Hootsuite supports Mailchimp and Constant Contact—two email services normally used for marketing campaigns. You can also share content from your Dashboard to your email service through the Action menu.

Can I Use Hootsuite to Send Out Emails?

Formerly, Hootsuite allowed the integration of your Gmail account into its Dashboard. However, this integration has ended.

Now, you can send content to your email through the Actions menu in the Hootsuite Dashboard.

Does Hootsuite Do Email Automation?

Hootsuite cannot do email automation on its own.

But by working with the Mailchimp and Constant Contact plug-ins, Hootsuite can share and track your email marketing campaigns.

What Email Platforms Does Hootsuite Integrate with?

Hootsuite can integrate with two email platforms: Mailchimp and Constant Connect.

What Is the Most Popular Email Provider to Use with Hootsuite?

These days, the reigning email provider that works with Hootsuite is Mailchimp. (The most popular used to be Gmail, but that integration did not last and is no longer available.)

So why is Mailchimp the most popular email provider integrated with Hootsuite?

  • First, Mailchimp uses a freemium format for subscriptions. Like Hootsuite, you can use it even with a free account, although paid accounts have more features.
  • The features of Mailchimp are user-friendly. Mailchimp’s interface is easy to use and navigate within.
  • Mailchimp has a higher user rating compared the Constant Contact, the other email provider available for Hootsuite integration.

What Does Mailchimp Think of Hootsuite?

Mailchimp presumably likes Hootsuite, given that the two can integrate.

It still has limitations, but for those who are primarily interested in the results of your email campaigns, Hootsuite and Mailchimp work well together.

Are There Any Limitations I Should Be Aware of?

Mailchimp and Constant Contact’s functions within Hootsuite are limited. For example, you cannot create a newsletter or schedule a mailing fully within Hootsuite. 

The functions of your email integration with Hootsuite will be limited mostly to the analytics of email campaigns, like open rates, click rates, and subscriber actions within the email.

Should Email and Hootsuite Be Integrated?

When considering integrating your email marketing provider with Hootsuite, you should consider the risk of data privacy breaches.

While Hootsuite has resolved a previous glitch that resulted in the leakage of thousands of email addresses, the risk remains.

Given the number of email addresses stored in your email marketing databases for your subscriptions, you may want to limit the number of integrations. You may choose to keep email and Hootsuite separate as a security measure.

By reducing the integrations of programs with sensitive information, you’re reducing the impact of potential security breaches.

As the saying goes, don’t put all your highly sensitive eggs in one basket!

Are There Other Services Like Hootsuite That Offer Email Integration?

There are services similar to Hootsuite that are more email-integration friendly. One of the strong contenders when it comes to email integration and social media is Salesforce.

Salesforce is a customer management system that cultivates customer relationships and helps businesses grow and convert leads to sales. It has a premium feature called Social Cloud that includes email marketing.

However, Salesforce’s Social Cloud with email marketing comes with a hefty price tag. 

What Is Hootsuite Used for Typically?

Hootsuite is typically used as a social media management tool.

It was originally designed to help users manage different Twitter accounts, and has grown to include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

It has since expanded to become a marketing powerhouse that offers lots of marketing tools as well as training sessions, analytic tools, employee advocacy, and other integrations that can enhance your digital marketing experience.

While it has integrations with other marketing services, such as customer relations and website management, Hootsuite is still primarily used as a social media management tool.



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