What Exactly Is Hootsuite Business & Enterprise? (Explained)

Hootsuite does not just offer solutions for small to medium scale social media management, as it caters to large businesses, as well.

As it is, Hootsuite offers 2 kinds of subscription plans for large organizations: the Business and Enterprise plan.

What Exactly Is Hootsuite Business And Enterprise?

You need to contact Hootsuite personally to subscribe to Business and Enterprise accounts. Business is for up to 35 social media accounts and lets you work with 5 – 10 members using one subscription. The Enterprise plan offers custom packages tailor-fit to the requirements of the clients.

Enterprise is for major companies, while business is for small businesses with a lot of social media accounts.

Here are some things you need to know about Hootsuite Business and Enterprise:

What is Hootsuite Business?

The Business plan is one of the top-tier Hootsuite plans meant for medium-sized businesses.

This plan features up to 35 social media accounts and lets you work with 5 – 10 members using one subscription.

Subscribers of the Business also gain access to the premium apps within Hootsuite.

The Business plan costs $7,188 annually.

What is Hootsuite Enterprise?

Hootsuite Enterprise is a social media management plan for large businesses and organizations.

The Enterprise plan offers custom solutions and packages tailor-fit to the requirements of the clients.

It contains all the features of lower-tier plans, customized training, unlimited number of team members on-board, among other features.

Enterprise subscribers also get top priority when it comes to customer support.

It is impossible to price because users are signing up with their tailor-made requirements and, therefore, will have different pricing.

How Much Does Hootsuite Enterprise Typically Cost?

Hootsuite enterprise plans are custom packages priced based on the requirements of an organization or business.

It has been said that Enterprise plans can cost around $25,000 annually for ten users, with the top companies having annual contacts ranging from $100 thousand to $1 million.

When Should you Choose Either?

Business Plan:

You should choose a Business plan on Hootsuite if you are a medium to large business with a relatively small in-house social media team, but plans to hold a few brands for management.

With up to 35 social media accounts, you can have one central admin account for Facebook, a Page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to promote your company as a whole.

If you set up a Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram for each brand your company owns, that gives you nine (9) brands you can put on Hootsuite under a business plan.

If your social media advertising budget is not that big, the Business plan is ideal, as it imposes a $5,000 cap on boosting on social media.

Enterprise Plan:

Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan is excellent for large-scale digital marketing and advertising agencies.

As businesses that serve other companies who outsource their digital marketing needs, the Enterprise plan is perfect for those who regularly need to add many people and social media accounts on their Hootsuite plan.

The flexibility of this plan is perfect as you gain more clients and brands to manage moving forward.

Aside from advertising companies, the Enterprise plan is also ideal for conglomerates and nonprofit organizations, who may want to have a more centralized approach to managing social media presence in different localities.

If you regularly spend more than $5,000 on social media advertising, the Enterprise is ideal, as it has no cap for ad spending.

Is the Enterprise Plan Only for Large Companies?

Here are some examples of how an enterprise plan can help other entities:

If you work in a political party or a nonprofit organization, you can use the Enterprise plan to harmonize your messaging across different localities.

That way, your constituents or stakeholders will receive a singular message from your organization.

An Enterprise plan is also the perfect tool to manage different personalities in your organization, which is ideal for the political arena.

Also, government agencies use Hootsuite to manage their presence and engagement.

As a powerful tool for engagement, Hootsuite can respond to queries and shift public opinion when reaching out to stakeholders who might air displeasure over policies.

Another way of using Hootsuite Enterprise is for academic institutions.

Georgia State University used Hootsuite and set the bar for social media adaption among universities in the United States.

With Hootsuite, they were able to use 2.4 million impressions on social media.

Is the Enterprise Plan Paid Individually or as a Whole?

The Enterprise plan is paid as a whole.

The good thing about using the Enterprise plan is the unlimited number of personnel you can add to your dashboard.

This plan is done depending on your needs as a company or business.

How Do You Apply for the Hootsuite Business or Enterprise Plan?

At the Plans section of the Hootsuite website, look for the Business Plan, and click”Request for a Demo.”

  1. If you are logged onto your Hootsuite account, click “Request for an Upgrade.”
  2. Fill up with your contact info, including industry and company name.
  3. You will be asked about your biggest challenges when using social media for your business.
  4. A representative from Hootsuite will get in touch with you about your request.

You can then decide if you need the Business or Enterprise plan.

Does the Business or Enterprise Plan have a Trial Period?

Hootsuite plans have a trial period of 30 days, wherein you can cancel before the end of the period.

You will be notified in advance before the end of the trial period, which gives you time to downgrade or keep the subscription.

How Much will you Spend on Hootsuite Business or Enterprise for Nonprofit Organizations?

Hootsuite commits to helping nonprofit organizations as part of its social responsibility commitment.

That is why it gives a 50 percent discount to all nonprofit organizations that sign up for Hootsuite.

So if you get the Business plan, you will only have to pay around $3,594 every year. And around $12,500 annually for an Enterprise subscription.


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