Why Is Hootsuite So Expensive? (Explained)

When Hootsuite came out, it was a game-changer.

As years passed, Hootsuite had to put in place price increases, with their current rates now far from when it first started.

At some point, it does not look as affordable as before.

So, why is Hootsuite so expensive?

The prices of Hootsuite subscriptions are not as affordable as before. When Hootsuite was new in the market, you could synchronize up to five (5) social media accounts for free. Price adjustments have to be put in place price adjustments to cover overhead expenses.

At some point, your prices will be far from when you started, but as Hootsuite continues to deliver quality services, their premiums will be much more worth the cost:

Is Hootsuite Expensive Compared to the Competition?

Let’s compare Hootsuite at its cheapest paid plan, and see how it fairs to others.

The cheapest paid plan on Hootsuite costs $19, but you pay for it annually. That will set you back by $228 a year.

At that rate, you get to add ten (10) social media profiles, unlimited scheduling, and a unified inbox.

The downside to it is a $500 cap for boosting posts, and you can’t add people to your team.

You can opt for monthly billing, but that will cost you $29 per month, which is more than 50% of what you can save when billed annually.

Sprout Social:

Compare it to Sprout Social, which costs $99 a month.

Sprout gives you the same features, except that you can only have five (5) social media accounts added.

But, the Sprout Social is a team account by default but requires you to pay the same amount every time you add.

That amount you’ll pay is already good enough for a Team plan on Hootsuite.


Now, if you compare Hootsuite with Buffer, which costs $15 monthly, you still get value for your money.

As it is, Buffer gives only eight (8) social media accounts to add, and up 100 scheduled posts.

Also, Buffer does not have support for YouTube.

Given the subscription cost of Buffer, you are better off with subscribing to Hootsuite, although the cost upfront is expensive when done annually, or almost twice the amount every month.

How Much Does Hootsuite Cost at the Moment?

The cheapest paid subscription of Hootsuite costs $19 monthly without taxes, but you get charged on an annual basis.

Meanwhile, the most expensive plan is the Enterprise plan, which gives you the flexibility to choose the features you need but can cost around $2,000 a month.

How Much was Hootsuite when it First Came Out?

When it first started, Hootsuite Pro cost $5.99 a month.

At that price, you can add an unlimited number of social media accounts, and had two (2) users who could collaborate.

If you want to add more users, that would cost you an extra $15 per head.

Has Hootsuite Raised their Prices Recently?

Hootsuite prices remain the same since they implemented the new subscription plans in late 2016.

This includes their premium plans, but Enterprise changes in price depending on your corporation’s needs.

What Are You Paying for When you Subscribe to Hootsuite?

When you pay for your subscription to Hootsuite, you unlock various features usually not available in the free plan.

If you pay more, you get to unlock more features.

More than that, every subscription payment means supporting the developers of the service so they can create more innovations in the future.

Without these developers, you will not be able to access better features in the future.

You also get continuous technical support, although the highest tiers are guaranteed priority.

Is Hootsuite Worth the Money?

If you run a small business, you should look at Hootsuite as a near-future investment, and not a necessity upfront.

If you are starting, you will need to gather enough resources to ensure you can cover the monthly costs.

Eventually, you will need to invest in your marketing efforts, so you can expand, and a Hootsuite subscription is one of those investments worth making.

However, if you are running a more established business and need social media management tools, Hootsuite should be first on your list.

Is There a Way to Get a Better Price?

If your business is non-profit in nature, Hootsuite gives discounts of up to 50% for your subscription.

Aside from the subscription markdown, Hootsuite also offers training to these organizations so they can harness the power of social media in your advocacy.

Is There a Free Alternative to Hootsuite?

There are a lot of available alternatives to Hootsuite that are free.

Here are some alternative services you may consider and their corresponding features:

1. Viralpep

Viralpep is a free alternative to Hootsuite that lets you link your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Like the free Hootsuite subscription, you can add up to three (3) profiles.

You can also schedule up to 20 posts, with an option to set the time zone of these posts.

Also, you get access to URL shorteners, video support, and link previews.

Like other services, Viralpep also comes has paid subscriptions if you want to do more.

2. Proofer

Proofer is another free social media management system.

It works with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and can use some Instagram functions under the free subscription.

Proofer features an editorial calendar that helps you prove your materials. You get no schedule limitations, and you can tag up to 50 posts for reposting later.

The downside of the free service is that it can only let you post to two (2) social media profiles at a time.

But for a free plan, this is already remarkable.

Proofer also comes with a paid subscription that starts at $12 a month and offers a 14-day trial period.

3. Metigy

Metigy is another single-user, social media management tool that is free.

Like Hootsuite, you can link up to three (3) social media profiles.

While you can only have 20 scheduled posts, as compared to the 30 of Hootsuite, Metigy beats Hootsuite with its free access to insights and reporting.

Metigy also gives you learning resources under the free plan, which is remarkable if you are new to integrating social media with your business.

Like other social media services, Metigy also comes with paid subscriptions, and with added features.


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