Hootsuite Mobile App: 11 Typical Questions (Answered)

At this point, mobile apps are a staple feature for most productivity software, as they allow people to be productive no matter where they are.

The social media management platform Hootsuite has a mobile app, and it includes the essential features for running a social media campaign.

Here Is What You Need to Know about Hootsuite’s Mobile App:

Hootsuite’s mobile app helps you stay connected with your followers and your team while you’re on the go. While the mobile app has limited functions, it still has the essential services of the full desktop version. 

1. How Good Is the Hootsuite Mobile App?

The Hootsuite mobile app provides you with the essential features of the full desktop version to help you manage your social media platforms while away from your computer.

While only the essential features are on board, they perform on par with the desktop Dashboard.

2. What Features Do You Get on the Mobile App for Hootsuite?

When using the mobile app for Hootsuite, you get access to the following features:

  • You can create and publish posts.
  • You can access your content calendar and schedule posts.
  • You can also share content from other apps into Hootsuite. Just click the share option on the content and choose Hootsuite.
  • You can add social media accounts.
  • You can update your streams and boards.
  • A neat function of the Hootsuite app is the geotag function. If you are promoting an event, you can use the geotag function to tag the location so that your followers can easily see where the event is located.
  • The Hootsuite mobile app also features image quality control. Since mobile apps often rely on cellular data, you can set the quality control to upload images at lower file sizes so you consume less data.
  • If you are using an Enterprise Hootsuite subscription, you can also approve posts sent by your team.
  • The mobile app lets you share content with other apps. So if you want to send a particular social media post to other people through messaging apps like Whatsapp, you can do so on the mobile app.

3. Are There Any Hootsuite Features Missing in the Mobile App?

The Hootsuite app is only meant to provide you with the essential features, so some functions are not available in the mobile app.

Here are the features you cannot access in the mobile app:

  • You cannot view Analytics. If you want to view the statistics of your social media, you need to log on to the desktop version of Hootsuite.
  • If you have the Insights feature, it will not be available on the mobile app. However, if you have set up streams for your keyword or hashtag search, they will be available in the app.
  • You won’t be able to access your Hootsuite media library through the mobile app. But if you integrated Dropbox and Google Drive with Hootsuite, the mobile app allows you to upload media from these services.
  • You cannot install any new apps into the Dashboard on the mobile app.
  • You may notice that you have limited access to your app integrations, depending on what apps you have integrated.
  • The Hootsuite mobile app does not have a photo editing feature. But that should not be a dealbreaker, as most smartphones and tablets have built-in image editors. There are also many free photo-editing mobile apps, including Canva. Learn more about Canva in this article.
  • While you get to view your streams, not all of them will be available. A good example of this would be Mailchimp. You won’t be able to access your campaign or subscriber list when using the Hootsuite mobile app.

4. How Do You Use the Mobile App for Hootsuite?

The mobile app for Hootsuite is available on Google Play or the Apple App store. You will need to download it from there.

Once you have downloaded it, you need to log into your account.

Once you enter your credentials, the Hootsuite mobile app will synchronize all compatible settings and features from your dashboard.

After the mobile app synchronizes, you can navigate through the essential features, including posting, scheduling, and engaging your audience.

Note that Hootsuite only allows a certain number of devices to be logged into Hootsuite at once based on your plan. 

5. Which Social Platforms Can the Hootsuite Mobile App Share To?

The Hootsuite mobile app can post content to Twitter, Instagram (except IGTV), Facebook Pages, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

This selection will be based on what you have on your dashboard on the web app.

6. Can the Hootsuite Mobile App Manage WordPress?

The mobile app cannot post to or manage WordPress.

While WordPress sites can integrate with Hootsuite, the web management platform does not include app compatibility.

Should you want a mobile app for WordPress, it has its own mobile app that you can download.

See more about how Hootsuite works with WordPress in our article about Hootsuite’s website management abilities.

7. What Do People Typically Use the Mobile Hootsuite App for?

People typically use the Hootsuite mobile app to keep up with social media management while on the go. The mobile app keeps you connected with the essential features while you’re away from your desk.

If you find interesting stories or articles that are worth sharing with your followers while on your commute, for example, you can share it via Hootsuite’s mobile app to your social media platforms, or you can draft a post.

Or perhaps a team member is at an event—they can use the Hootsuite mobile app to upload photo updates into the drafts section with a short description. These write-ups can later be improved and shared with your followers.

8. Are There any Differences between the iPhone and Android App?

The iPhone and Android Hootsuite apps have the same features.

If there is any difference, it is slight and only slightly affects the app’s appearance.

9. Is the iPad App for Hootsuite any Good?

The iPad app of Hootsuite is just as good as it is on your phone, if not better, as it can take advantage of the screen real estate of the tablet.

The layout of the app has more semblance to the web version of Hootsuite than the mobile app, although it is still limited in features.

10. Can You Access Hootsuite through a Mobile Browser?

You can also access Hootsuite through a mobile browser.

Logging into the service through a mobile browser lets you access all of Hootsuite’s functions. 

Once you get to the home page of Hootsuite, click the menu in the top left corner and log in to your account.

Note that if you have the Hootsuite app installed on your device, you will be prompted to choose between proceeding with the browser or app.

Be aware that unless you are using a tablet, like an iPad, using the Hootsuite through your mobile browser is not exactly the best experience.

Your phone’s screen is not large enough to give you an optimal experience of the full Hootsuite site.

However, if you must access analytics or another feature not available on mobile and you do not have access to a desktop computer, it is your only option.

11. Do Other Social Media Management Tools Have Mobile Apps?

Hootsuite is not the only service available for social media management, and other providers also have mobile apps that you can use.

Buffer, Sprout Social, Crowdfire, among others, all have mobile apps available.

Final Thoughts

The mobile app of Hootsuite does not have the full capabilities of the website’s desktop version.

But the limited nature of Hootsuite’s mobile app is intended to provide users with the smoothest experience possible, without all the fluff, as a Hootsuite app with all the bells and whistles would undoubtedly result in a sluggish user experience.

The Hootsuite app is a must-have for social media managers who may want to check in on operations when they are on the go. 



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