Hootsuite & Images | 12 Answers (For Beginners)

Images are crucial elements to make your social media posting more engaging.

They are larger and can grab the attention of your audience better than a string of texts for a tweet or status update.

Thankfully, Hootsuite offers users a full image management feature to help you with your social media posts.

Here are 12 things you need to know about using Images on Hootsuite:

1. What Kind of Image Files can you Upload on Hootsuite?

You can upload JPG/JPEG and PNG images on Hootsuite.

You can also upload GIFs, but these are not compatible with some social media platforms.

That applies to both web and mobile versions of Hootsuite.

2. What are the Image Dimensions that Hootsuite Supports?

For the aspect ratio, images for Facebook and Twitter can upload virtually any ratio.

For Instagram, the images you upload should be square or 1:1. It can also fall between an aspect ratio of 1:91:1 and 4:5.

For Pinterest, it is recommended to use images with an aspect ratio of 2:3, with dimensions of at least 600 x 735 pixels.

For file size, your images must be 5 MB at most for Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Meanwhile, Twitter prescribes a file size of 3 MB at most for images.

3. Can you Upload Multiple Images to Hootsuite?

You can upload several images simultaneously to Hootsuite.

But the limit per post depends on the Social Media platform.

You can upload as many photos you want on Facebook, while Instagram can only post one (1) photo via Hootsuite.

  • Pinterest also has a one (1) photo per pin limit.
  • Twitter has a limit of four (4) photos, while LinkedIn can take up to nine (9).

YouTube, while compatible with Hootsuite, cannot upload photos to the community section of your channel.

4. Can Hootsuite Edit Photos?

Hootsuite offers subscribers with a photo editor that lets you adjust the appearance of images you upload.

You can also crop your image to fit the aspect ratio of the social media platform where you will upload your photo.

You can also add filters, change focus, or add texts to your images.

5. Does Hootsuite Compress Images?

Hootsuite does not necessarily compress images.

But it will not upload images that are beyond the prescribed file sizes and dimensions.

More importantly, compression happens when the images are translated to become compatible with the social media platform concerned.

That is why it is best to upload using the best resolution possible, to reduce the effects of compression.

6. Does Hootsuite Resize and Crop Images

Hootsuite offers users a tool to resize and crop images to fit the dimensions needed for each social media platform.

7. Does Hootsuite Support GIFs?

You can upload GIFs to Hootsuite but will have limitations.

Hootsuite can post GIFs on Facebook and Twitter but has a file size limit of 10 MB and 5 MB, respectively.

Pinterest also accepts GIFs from Hootsuite but start as static images and need to be clicked to animate.

You can post GIFs on Instagram, but it will lose all animated properties.

LinkedIn accepts GIFs only on Business pages. They are not compatible with personal profiles.

Your GIF must also have the following properties when uploaded:

The resolution must be between 120 x 120 pixels and 1,280 x 1080 pixels;

The number of frames must be 350 or below.

The number of pixels must not go beyond 300 million. You can derive this number by multiplying the width by the height and number of frames.

8. Does Hootsuite offer Free Stock Images?

Hootsuite lets you access stock images from different service providers, such as Pixabay, Giphy, and Adobe Stock.

The use and editing of these images are subject to the terms of the service providers.

You can also add your Cloud subscription services to Hootsuite if you want to use your photos or stock image library.

9. Can you Integrate External Photo Libraries on Hootsuite?

Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive are three (3) of the cloud storage services you can integrate with Hootsuite.

You need to install them on Hootsuite before you can begin using them.

These services are free for you to use.

10. Can you Create a Stock Photo Library of your Own on Hootsuite?

You can upload your most used images on Hootsuite for easier access.

Called the Content Library, this feature lets you curate various content for use in your Hootsuite team. Aside from photos, you can also save default or template responses for use.

You can also divide the media inside the Content Library to different teams on Hootsuite.

You can assign an image library to the social responsibility unit of your company, and another set of images for your marketing group.

There is also a 10 MB file size limit to images uploaded in the Content Library.

The Content Library is only available for Business and Enterprise subscriptions on Hootsuite.

There are few things in our article that you should know about Hootsuite & GIFs

11. Does Hootsuite Have a Storage Limit for Images?

You can upload as many images you want in your image library.

Can Hootsuite schedule images to various social platforms?

Hootsuite can schedule images on all compatible platforms.

12. Why Are my Images Not Loading in Hootsuite?

The first thing you need to check is the file size of your images.

Each social media platform has a limit to file sizes for each social media platform.

The second thing you need to check is the file type.

Hootsuite only accepts JPEG, JPG, or PNG files for upload.

Convert your file first to an appropriate file format before uploading.


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