Hootsuite & Mailchimp | 9 Things You Should Know (Explained)

Email and social media are a match made in heaven. Both email and social media can reach potential customers, and when they work together, you can reach different audiences and boost your reach.

When it comes to keeping track of your social media and email marketing campaigns, Hootsuite can be an excellent tool.

Hootsuite also offers an integration with the email service Mailchimp, which can help you keep track of your social media and email marketing reach.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Hootsuite and Mailchimp:

Hootsuite helps businesses manage their social media accounts, while Mailchimp is an email marketing service that helps businesses send out email newsletters and keep track of subscribers. Hootsuite’s integration with Mailchimp allows you to keep track of email data on Hootsuite’s dashboard.

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1. Does Hootsuite Work with Mailchimp?

Hootsuite offers Mailchimp users with an integration that allows you to view the statistics of your email campaign on the Hootsuite dashboard.

2. Does Hootsuite Do Email Marketing?

Hootsuite does not do email marketing directly.

While it can integrate a few email marketing services, Mailchimp being one of them, Hootsuite cannot send emails, and it is limited to viewing data on the performance of the emails you send out.

But it is possible to use services such as Zapier to help you create triggers between Hootsuite and Mailchimp that can enable the sending of messages.

3. Does Hootsuite Integrate Directly with Mailchimp?

The integration between Hootsuite and Mailchimp is done through an app in the directory of the former, which allows direct integration.

This app creates streams on your Hootsuite Dashboard which contain your Mailchimp campaigns and subscriber list.

4. Do People Typically Use Mailchimp and Hootsuite Together?

Businesses that use both Mailchimp and Hootsuite often take advantage of the integration to help them keep track of their Mailchimp email campaigns.

This way, they can easily get an idea of their cumulative reach by looking at their Hootsuite dashboard, and all that data is in one place.

5. Are There any Known Bugs between Mailchimp and Hootsuite?

There are no known bugs with the Mailchimp and Hootsuite integration.

Hootsuite usually shares troubleshooting tips should there be issues with any integrations.

6. What Email Marketing Programs Do People Typically Use with Hootsuite?

There are only two email marketing programs that integrate directly with Hootsuite: Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

Between the two, Mailchimp is the more popular choice, given its smooth interface and stability.

7. Is the Mailchimp and Hootsuite Integration Free?

You can get the Mailchimp-Hootsuite integration for free on Hootsuite.

Any other restrictions on the functionality will depend on your subscription to Mailchimp.

8. What Other Social Media Publishing Services Integrate with Mailchimp?

Hootsuite is the only social media manager that offers an integration with Mailchimp.

However, while Hootsuite may be the only social media manager that works with Mailchimp, there are other integrations possible with Mailchimp that you might be interested in.

  • You can integrate Mailchimp with Metrics Watch, an Analytics service that gathers data from Google and social media. Metrics Watch gives you reports on your email campaigns, such as subscriptions and click-rates.
  • You can also integrate Mailchimp with Power BI to help you understand your data. Power BI helps you visualize the trends in your Mailchimp campaigns so that you can easily report these to your colleagues or clients. It simplifies the analytics side, which makes explaining and making recommendations a piece of cake.
  • Reportei is another analytical tool for social media and Google that allows users to report their Mailchimp data with their social media data for faster consolidation. Instead of exporting various data to summarize into a single format, later on, this integration lessens the steps you need to take to create a consolidated report.
  • Carro is a service that helps you track mentions of your brand. With the Mailchimp integration, you can easily add your email campaign analytics reports into the data that Carro generates. This integration is more for those who want to have Mailchimp data in one place for easy access and download.

If you are looking for integrations that can link your social media content, here are services you can try:

  • Playable is a video embedding service you can use to integrate videos into your email campaigns. You can embed videos from YouTube or other sites that will play in your email. You also have the option to upload directly from your computer.
  • Zapier and Tray.io are two integrations that deserve mention. Unlike other integrations, these services help you create custom actions between Hootsuite and Mailchimp, or other compatible services. These linkages open the door to more possibilities for your integrations.

9. Is the Mailchimp and Hootsuite Integration for Everybody?

While the integration of Hootsuite and Mailchimp is available for free, it is not for everybody.

Some choose to stay away from integrations with email because of possible data breaches, which are a possibility with any software. Because of the possibility that your email list may leak due to a security issue, you may decide you are better off keeping Hootsuite and Mailchimp separate from each other.

Hootsuite is no stranger to data breaches, as it previously experienced a glitch that left a few thousand emails exposed during the transition with Seesmic.

Data privacy is a serious matter, and you never know what can happen.

But if you are confident with Hootsuite’s robust security system, then you can consider this integration.

As mentioned earlier, the integration of Hootsuite and Mailchimp allows you to have a single platform to view the analytical side of your Mailchimp campaigns.

It provides users with a good overview of how email campaigns compare with other parts of your marketing efforts.

You get a more harmonized system, and you don’t need to worry about the preservation of data.

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Final Thoughts

The Hootsuite integration with Mailchimp is geared toward analytics reporting.

For the digital marketing analysts, this integration is a welcome feature, as you do not need to move too much between different systems to gather data for your performance reports.

However, if you are a content creator, you may want to adjust your expectations, as this integration does not provide for the sending of emails for your campaign.

For more information on email and Hootsuite, check out our article about Hootsuite’s ability to support email.



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