Hootsuite & Brandwatch | 9 Things You Should Know

Hootsuite and Brandwatch are two of the pillars of the social media marketing industry.

These third-party services help you manage and study your social networks more efficiently, so you can address any issues that may arise and improve your efforts.

The two work well in tandem and can provide you with powerful insights about your brand.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Hootsuite and Brandwatch:

Hootsuite is a social media management system, and Brandwatch is a social listening tool. Hootsuite’s partnership with Brandwatch, Insights, helps you collate data from conversations about your brand or business from around the web to better understand your industry, trends, and your audience. 

1. Does Hootsuite Work with Brandwatch?

Hootsuite and Brandwatch are partners.

In March 2020, Hootsuite introduced an all-new Insights service that featured Brandwatch.

Before this integration, Hootsuite offered a Brandwatch app that you could install into the Dashboard.

2. How Does Hootsuite Integrate with Brandwatch?

The Brandwatch integration with Hootsuite scours online conversations and gathers data about consumers, your brand, and your industry.

These conversations come from over 95 million platforms, including blogs, forums, social media networks, videos, review sites, and the news.

The Brandwatch integration also allows you to track the tone of mentions of your brand and cull out key messages and keywords.

Using this data, you can analyze how your marketing campaigns are received and understand the public’s general sentiment about a product, brand, or industry.

The Hootsuite-Brandwatch integration also gives you access to the latter’s advanced segmentation, so you can sift through streams using different parameters, such as authorship, categories, and tags.

3. Does Hootsuite Do Brand Monitoring and Social Listening?

Hootsuite has its own monitoring and social listening system.

In its most basic form, Hootsuite allows you to set streams that scan Twitter or Instagram for set keywords.

This tracking is pretty simple; it can only pull out conversations and mentions from the two social networks Instagram and Twitter. It did not have any analysis of the sentiment of those users.

A more in-depth listening and brand tracking system is available at higher-tier plans, such as Business and Enterprise. Called Insights, this service uses the Brandwatch system for powerful reporting.

4. Do People Use Hootsuite and Brandwatch Together?

Hootsuite and Brandwatch are used together through Insights, a Hootsuite brand monitoring and social listening service that uses the Brandwatch system.

So, if you sign up for the Insights service, you will be using Brandwatch to track conversations or mentions of your brand—you’ll just be using it through the Hootsuite interface.

5. How Does Hootsuite Insights Use Brandwatch?

Hootsuite utilizes Brandwatch as the backbone of its social listening and brand monitoring feature, Insights.

6. Does Hootsuite Do Keyword Monitoring?

Hootsuite allows you to create streams that keep track of how people use a particular keyword in online conversations.

This keyword tracking feature also extends to Hootsuite’s Insights service as part of its social listening function.

Hootsuite’s keyword tracking differs from Google’s keyword search. The latter gives you a ranking of a keyword’s usage. You can check the Google keyword search to scout for “hot” words that you can integrate into your content.

With Insights, you can then check what the online community is saying about your brand and what their sentiments are.

7. Is the Hootsuite and Brandwatch Integration a Free Service?

Before Hootsuite partnered with Brandwatch, you could install the Brandwatch app for free if you had a Business or Enterprise subscription on Hootsuite.

However, the Brandwatch integration is now part of the Insights package, and users must subscribe to the service, which is an add-on available to Business or Enterprise accounts.

The cost of the Insights service depends on the needs of the business.

8. What is the Difference between the Old Hootsuite Insights and Insights with Brandwatch?

The introduction of Brandwatch as the native system for Hootsuite Insights means more and better features that were not found on the previous iteration of Hootsuite’s social listening feature.

While the original Insights already monitored audience sentiments, Brandwatch is more finely tuned and can pick up on nuanced conversations happening surrounding your brand.

  • Insights with Brandwatch can create a word cloud to help you identify the top words associated with your brand and related searches.
  • You can view the top links and frequently used hashtags associated with your brand to help you stay on top of trends.
  • You can set email alerts for certain keywords or shifts in sentiments, so you can always be on top of your brand and can respond quickly to any issues or trends that may arise.
  • You can more easily gain detailed insight into your audience’s sentiments and your competitors’ actions.

9. Are There any Other Social Media Management Systems that Offer Brandwatch Integrations?

Aside from Hootsuite, Brandwatch also integrates with the following services:


Twitter integrates directly with Brandwatch.

Brandwatch is a Twitter-certified product. If your brand’s primary platform is Twitter, then you might want to check this integration out.


The Khoros integration with Brandwatch is a lot like Brandwatch’s integration with Hootsuite.

Both Khoros and Hootsuite are social media management tools that have integrated Brandwatch as part of their social listening tools.


Percolate is a content management tool that helps you oversee the distribution of your marketing content.

The Brandwatch integration allows you to gather data that can help you back up your marketing recommendations or predictions.


Conversocial focuses on providing customer support to businesses. It was designed to help brands reach out to and respond to customers.

Since Brandwatch can monitor conversations that occur all over the web, you can get reports on those conversations in the Conversocial system. Your team can then reach out to these people and address any concerns they may have.


Converseon is an analytics-oriented service and is different from the social media management services listed above.

As a service that focuses on the data side of marketing, Converseon and Brandwatch used together can help you put all your data in a single system for reporting purposes.

Final Thoughts

The partnership between Hootsuite and Brandwatch is more than an integration; it’s a partnership, and together, they provide excellent social listening reportage.

However, unfortunately, the costs are prohibitive for many small businesses or individual proprietors since Insights needs at least a Hootsuite Business plan to access.



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