How Durable Are JBL Headphones? (With Examples)

JBL has been around for a while and is one of the most popular brands for headphones.

They produce headphones that cover many budgets and purposes, making them a favorite for many, but does their popularity equate to durability?

Need to Know About the Durability of JBL Headphones:

JBL headphones are durable and rigid. They need proper maintenance for them to last long and when taken good care of they can last for 5-8 years. It’s important to use the protection case and not store them in pockets and bags among other objects.

How Long do JBL Headphones Typically Last?

JBL headphones are relatively durable and can last you for years with proper care, but your mileage may vary, particularly with wireless or Bluetooth headphones.

Not all batteries used in headphones are equal. Some have higher capacities, while others have a better charging cycle.

Do They Last as Long as Other Headphones?

JBL headphones can last as long as other brands in the market.

Their quality can take other big-name brands head-on, including those made by Sony and Sennheiser.

What Typically Breaks First on JBL Headphones?

The weak points of JBL headphones include:

  • The cable and plugs.
  • Wired headphones.
  • The headband since there are plastic components that may break.

Notably, the entry-level headphones of JBL have more plastic parts and cables on each speaker, which puts them at higher risk for damage.

Please also read our article for troubleshooting tips when one side of your JBL headphones is not working.

How Long is the Warranty on JBL Headphones?

JBL headphones come with 12-month warranty coverage for all headphones bought at a US retailer.

The warranty covers all manufacturing defects that may arise during the coverage period.

As long as there is no sign of intentional damage or regular wearing, JBL shall honor the warranty.

Do JBL Headphones Need Maintenance from the Owner?

JBL headphones need maintenance from the owner.

There are many reasons to implement proper maintenance with your headphones, but these points can summarize as:

  • It keeps them in good condition and prevents any damage or deterioration in sound.
  • If you are an audiophile, headphone maintenance keeps the value of your cans high.
  • Well-maintained headphones also ensure that there’s no wearing or deliberate damage that may affect any warranty claims.

Coil Your Cables Properly

The cables are critical for those who use wired headphones.


While swapping out cables is an option, not all headphones have removable cables.

Some headphones use a Y-cable, which can be more sensitive when connecting to a phone or other device.

On top of that, even if you can replace the cables, you also lose part of the value if you break the original cable, and for those using wired in-ears, breaking cables can be problematic since it can render the headphones useless. Sometimes, those damages can be hard to repair.

Get Storage for your Headphones

For people who are always on the go, it’s highly recommended to buy a dedicated case for your headphones.

While it’s tempting to put it in the pockets of your bag, the thing is, these weren’t designed for headphone storage.

Having a case for your headphones prevents them from getting crushed during transit.

A case gives your headphones a cushion when tossed around while moving.

Avoid Moisture and Humid Environments

One reason why metal components of headphones corrode is due to their exposure to moisture and humid environments.

Staying in relatively humid environments speed up corrosion, and sweating can also add to decline.

If you frequent humid environments, consider putting silica gel desiccant in your headphone’s case to absorb any moisture.

Set the Volume and EQ levels Properly

The speakers of your headphones vibrate as it produces sound.

It also tends to vibrate more when the volume is louder, making it prone to damage.

The worst thing that can happen here is the sound warping with the potential to damage your sense of hearing.

That’s why smartphones have a warning indicator when you adjust volume levels. Not only does it warn you that you’re going beyond the threshold for volume, but it’s also to protect your hearing.

What are the best JBL Headphones?

If you’re interested in buying JBL headphones, here are some suggested models:

1. JBL Tune600 BTNC

For those wanting excellent noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, the JBL Tune600 BTNC is a viable option for the criteria.

These in-ear headphones provide powerful bass and add a dimension that you won’t find among headphones of similar price. The noise-canceling feature is quite good, as it shuts outside noise well.

While these headphones are a head-turner, JBL could improve the design, but if you believe in function over fashion, function wins as the build of these headphones improves the sound quality.

The battery life on Bluetooth and noise-canceling on might be disappointing for some since it can go up to 12 hours, but with noise canceling off, you can get up to 22 hours on Bluetooth and 30 hours of noise-canceling while using a wired connection.

2. JBL Club 700BT

The JBL Club 700BT takes that dance hall experience to your ears for those into bass-heavy music, such as EDM.

With 50 hours of battery life, you can keep the bass pumping all day before you need to give it a charge. They charge quickly within two hours, and they are built to last abuse.

The controls are easy to navigate, so you’ll get accustomed to these headphones quickly. There’s also a TalkThru mode that lowers the volume so you can talk to people without removing the headphones.

The Club 700BT also features support for Alexa and Google Assistant.

The sound quality leans towards the bass side of things, as these headphones were designed to emphasize the low ends. It might be too much for some, but if your music leans towards dance-oriented music, then you won’t have a problem with it.

The downside to these headphones is the lack of noise-canceling and support for aptX codecs.

3. JBL Tune 750BTNC

If you’re on a budget, the JBL Tune 750BTNC makes an impressive mark for this category.

These headphones are pretty compact and can fit in your coat or bag. While it’s not recommended to store them in such a manner, this form factor should give you an idea of what kind of case will work with the Tune 750.

The battery life stands at 15 hours with Bluetooth and noise-canceling turned on. You can get more power with only Bluetooth active at 22 hours and 30 hours when using the wired connection and noise canceling.

These headphones also charge under two hours.

But, even with the noise canceling off, the design of these headphones eliminates a lot of noise by itself.

The sound quality leans towards rich bass, which can cause a slight imbalance with other frequencies. But, if you prefer EDM or hip-hop, then these headphones are good.

4. JBL Club 950NC

Another bass-oriented set of cans, the JBL Club 950NC, is a premium pair of headphones for those looking for a rich low end.

These headphones feature a bass boost feature that lets you increase the low end for more thump, but these headphones already provide a lot of bass frequencies even without the boost. If you’re a DJ, these headphones are a good choice for helping you review your setlist.

To provide a little diversity in the sound, the Club 950Nc has EQ presets that you can use.

You can use them to enhance the overall sound experience during leisure or travel, and speaking of travel, these headphones also feature noise-canceling to block engine or airplane sounds.

The battery life on these headphones is quite impressive.

You get up to 22 hours with Bluetooth and noise-canceling on, 55 hours without noise-canceling, and 30 hours using a wired connection with the noise canceling on.

Final Thoughts

JBL Headphones are pretty durable, but proper maintenance helps them last longer.

Especially for the cheaper models, due diligence in caring for these headphones allows you to prolong their lifespan.

That said, with the tips here for maintaining these headphones, you can make any JBL headphones last you years before they give up.


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