HBO & Buffering – Here’s How You Fix It (For Beginners)

Do you experience buffering from HBO Max?

Buffering is a common issue on streaming services, such as HBO Max.

This issue can be annoying for some, wherein people sometimes consider frequency when choosing a streaming platform.

So, how do you fix buffering on HBO Max?

What you Need to Know About HBO Max and Buffering:

HBO Max is a video-on-demand service that relies 100% on your internet connection. When the internet cuts out you will experience lag or buffering with HBO shows. Make sure to use an Ethernet cable with high bandwidth for the most stable connection to avoid buffering.

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Why is HBO Buffering?

HBO Max buffers because of the quality of the Internet connection.

Just because your Internet plan meets the speed that HBO Max needs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a smooth connection by default.

Some factors affect the quality of your connection when watching HBO Max, including other devices connected to the network and the distance between your device and the modem.

How Can I Stop HBO from Buffering?

The best way to fix buffering issues with HBO is making sure that your Internet connection can provide the minimum speed needed, especially if other devices connect to the same network.

If you have two TVs that are watching in 4k and a gaming console that is also connected, you need to ensure that you have at least an Internet speed of at least 70 Mbps, with 100 Mbps as the recommended speed.

How Fast Internet Does HBO Require?

HBO Max needs at least 5 Mbps to stream at 1080p, with 10 Mbps as the recommended speed.

If you want to stream at 4K, which HBO introduced recently, you need at least 25 Mbps, with a recommended speed of 50 Mbps for a more stable connection.

Why is HBO Max Buffering so Much?

Many factors contribute to buffering of HBO Max. 

Internet Connection:

One, your Internet connection may have a problem on its end—severe congestion due to many subscribers connecting to the Internet. 

If you remember, back in 2020, YouTube had reduced its default resolution for videos, and it’s precisely because of this congestion. 

Buffering can happen as a result of this congestion on your Internet service provider. It even becomes more common when you watch HBO Max through a cellular data service.

Next, the network at your location may be congested. 

Network Connection:

For this factor, the Wi-Fi network you’re connecting to might be having too many activities. 

Particularly for Internet connections in residential areas, the routers issues to subscribers were not designed to accommodate a massive volume of devices. 

Update Your App:

Third, your app might be out-to-date, causing HBO Max not to perform at its best. That’s why it’s recommended to update your app to ensure smooth operation.

In relation, one thing that many subscribers noticed with the app is that HBO Max started having buffering issues when the company launched its ad-tier plan. 

Since introducing these ads into the HBO Max system, the developers had to modify the existing platform to add some codes to embed ads to subscribers who opt for ads. 

The possible modification could have contributed to the slower performance of HBO Max. 

That is why you should consider checking for any app updates to improve the performance of the HBO Max app. 

Fourth, there may be other Internet-heavy apps that are running in the background. In this case, you need to close all other idle apps to help free up bandwidth. 

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Can You Lower the Resolution to Get Rid of Buffering? 

You can lower the resolution of HBO Max to remove buffering. 

The good news is, HBO Max does this for you automatically. 

Why Does HBO Max Buffer so Much on PS4?

Assuming your Internet connection is doing okay and other streaming apps work fine, HBO Max buffers a lot on the PS4 due to a software bug. 

Many users solved this problem by deleting and reinstalling the app. 

Why Does HBO Max Buffer so Much Xbox?

Like the HBO Max app on the PS4, the buffering issues on the Xbox are often rooted in the app. 

You can fix this by reinstalling the app. 

Does HBO Buffer More than Netflix? 

Many users in Reddit have noticed that HBO Max buffers more than Netflix.

This might be a coincidence – it’s really hard (if not impossible) to test.

Many cord-cutters observed that Netflix did a better job in keeping buffering issues at a minimum.  

How Many Devices Can Use an HBO Max Account at the Same Time? 

Up to three devices can use HBO Max at the same time. 

Does the Number of Devices Using HBO Max Affect Buffering? 

In a way, the number of devices running HBO Max affects buffering, but not all the time. 

If the three devices using an HBO Max account are connected to the same Internet connection, it will affect the network’s speed

If the three devices using the same HBO Max account are connected to different Internet service providers, there will be no problems. 

If any of the devices encounter buffering issues, it’s not because of the number of users using the account but because of other factors. 

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Can you Download Shows and Movies on HBO Max to Avoid Buffering?

You can download shows and movies on HBO Max to ease your Internet connection, but certain conditions must be met:

  • First, you must be using the ad-free plan for HBO Max, which costs $14.95 a month. 
  • Next, you may only download HBO Max content through the smartphone or tablet app. 
  • Lastly, it would be best if you were connected to a Wi-Fi network to download. 

Those on smart TVs, streaming sticks, gaming consoles, and web browsers cannot download HBO Max content. 

You must meet all three conditions to proceed with downloading. 

What Devices Can you use to Watch HBO Max? 

There are different ways to watch HBO Max, and each has its advantage.

You can watch with a subscription to a cable or satellite TV company that has HBO in its plan.

With this subscription, you get access to HBO Max for free. You can then watch on your smart TV and have the option for HBO or HBO Max through the app.

The HBO Max app is available with the following smart TVs: 

  • Samsung 
  • Android TV 
  • Apple TV 
  • Amazon Fire TV 
  • Roku TV 

The disadvantage, of course, is that you can’t take your TV around, and not all smart TVs are compatible with HBO Max (e.g., LG, Vizio).

But HBO Max is compatible with many other devices, which is where this service shines.

If you’re on the go, you can take advantage of the HBO Max app and watch content anytime you want on your smartphone or tablet.

You can also take HBO Max to your web browser on your Windows or Mac computer.

HBO Max is also compatible with the Microsoft Xbox, so that’s another way of watching it if you prefer consolidating your entertainment system into one device.

If your TV isn’t compatible with HBO Max, you can still use the Roku Stick, Fire TV Stick, or Chromecast to watch HBO Max.

If you’re looking for a consolidated system, you can also get HBO Max on Hulu, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime, which costs the same as the ad-free subscription, but with some limitations.

Is HBO Max More Stable on Mobile? 

HBO Max may not be as stable, but smartphones have a better chance of streaming videos decently since they do not need many resources like computers or smart TVs that drive more oversized hardware. 

Does HBO on Cable or Satellite TV Buffer? 

You can expect HBO to buffer on satellite TV when the signal is not clear.

For cable TV, if there are any signal issues, the screen is likely to stay blank.

Does HBO on Amazon Prime Buffer?

You can expect HBO on Amazon Primer to buffer, even when other content on Amazon Primer streams without a problem.

To fix this, you can clear the cache of the Amazon Prime app.

Final Thoughts

Buffering on HBO Max isn’t new, as these happen to other platforms.

Neither should you worry about it, as there are fixes available to resolve buffering issues.

That said, buffering issues should not discourage you from subscribing to the service.


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