Are Element TVs Good For Gaming? (Explained)

Chances are, you’ve encountered Element TVs in the pursuit of the ultimate bang-for-the-buck TV. Start with our article on how long Element TVs normally last and then read below.

Their 4k TV costs less than $400, which will make you scrutinize it, considering the irresistible price point.

Element TVs might be are affordable, but can they handle the rigors of video games?

Element TVs and Video Games:

Element TVs don’t have a wide product line, and their best TVs for video games are on the higher end of the spectrum. For less than $400, you can get a decent TV for gaming, but for serious gamers, it’s more recommended to use a regular computer monitor for low lag time.

How Much Input Lag Do Element TVs Have?

Element TVs have an input lag of around 20ms, which is still within the threshold of 30ms.

Other TVs are within the same price range and perform much better than Element regarding input lag.

What Are The Refresh Rates On These Models?

Element TVs usually have a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

That means games with more intensive graphics may encounter issues due to the low refresh rates.

You can always set your games to lower settings for a smoother experience.

Do Element TVs Have a “Game Mode?”

Game Mode is a standard feature available in all Element TVs. 

Game Mode is a feature available on TVs and computer monitors that improve the gameplay experience. 

It lowers input lag by reducing video quality to free up resources that will reduce input lag. 

Can All Element TVs Be Used As Computer Monitors?

All Element TVs can be used as computer monitors since they come with HDMI and/or VGA inputs. 

While you can use your Element TV as a computer monitor, there are things to take note of:

Input Lag & Game Mode:

First is the input lag.

As mouse and keyboards also count as input devices, you will experience delays in cursor movement or text appearing as you type on a window that’s on the TV screen.

Turning on Game Mode will decrease the delay time when typing or hovering over your mouse. The second issue you will notice is how blocks of text do not render well in applications such as Word Processors and Spreadsheets.

These texts will look fuzzy, and images look a bit distorted.

Element TVs may not be able to perform as expected when used as a computer monitor.

What About Element TV PlayStation and Xbox Compatibility?

In general, you won’t have any issues using an Element TV with the Sony PlayStation or the Microsoft Xbox.

However, as Element TVs only have a 60 Hz refresh rate, you won’t be able to maximize the features of the PlayStation, such as 120 fps gaming.

Do People Generally Use Element TVs For Gaming?

Element TVs are not the most popular when it comes to gaming.

Its features are not on par with the budget gaming TVs in the market so that the experience won’t be as good.

That said, if you’re considering Element for your gaming, your mileage may vary, as the experience will depend on the user and the games being played.

How Good Is the Image Quality and Resolution?

Element TVs don’t exactly have the best image quality and resolution.

While some of their TVs support HDR10, unfortunately, it’s not compatible with gaming. There are tendencies for unusual glowing, and the blacks are not exactly as sharp.

A good strength, however, is the 4k resolution, at a sub-$400 price.

Are Element TVs Durable?

You won’t have any issues with Element TVs, as they have average performance, and their lifespan does not differ a lot from other TVs in the market.

And, like any other electronic device in the market, the durability of an Element TV also relies on its handling.

Thus, if you overwork your TV, it’s likely you’ll get a lower lifespan than a TV under moderate use.

What Features Should You Look for in a Gaming TV or Monitor?

If you are looking for a TV for gaming, there are two qualities you should look into for a smooth gaming experience:

Input Lag:

The first is the input lag.

Input lag is the measurement of the time an action is reflected on the screen when you press it on a controller or keyboard.

The lower the input lag, the better.

It would be best to look at input lags of 30ms and below for the best performance.

Factor as well that higher resolutions also mean higher input lags. It would help to look at what review sites say about the input lag when increased image quality.

Refresh Rate:

The second thing to consider is the refresh rate.

If you are not playing intensive games, like First-Person Shooters, you can get away with 60 Hz. If you plan to play graphic-intensive games, it’s recommended to have a Refresh Rate of 120 Hz.

What is the Best Element TV for Gaming?

If you’re looking for the best TV from the Element line-up for gaming, then take a look at the 500 Series Roku TV. 

At less than $400, you already get a decent 4k TV, and while there are plenty of other TVs in the market that are more powerful, they still can’t beat the price of this TV.

Out of the box, the Element Roku TV has a pretty simple design. The bezels and plastic feet are glossy black and generic looking, but it’s what you get from a TV that’s quite cheap. 

The Element Roku TV features a 60 Hz refresh rate, expected for the average entry-level TV. 

Aside from having a 4k resolution, this TV has basic HDR support. However, to keep costs low, the Element Roku TV does not have Dolby Vision or precision dimming, which shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, as videos were still of good quality.

A big Samsung TV is also great for more slow-paced games that don’t require low lag times.

Now, on the screen, while the Element Roku TV displays good images, you might encounter an unnatural glow that’s rooted on undifferentiated backlights. 

HDR support, as mentioned earlier, is pretty basic and limited to HDR10, which isn’t bad.

You may notice some highlights as well, although there are times that the brightness and dark shades aren’t as vivid and sharp.

The Element Roku does make up for color accuracy, which garners a Delta-E rating of 3.4. It’s not the best, but it’s not the worst.

Viewing angles is also an issue, although that won’t be a problem if you play games alone. 

The Element Roku Tv responded to the Xbox One X and enabled 4k resolution at a 60 Hz frame rate for the key gaming features. However, it wasn’t very reassuring that the TV could not handle HDR10 gaming. 

Input Lag:

Input lag is decent but could be improved.

It’s not exactly at par with the top TVs, but it’s decent enough for you to dodge your opponents. 

Sound Quality:

Sound quality can be mediocre.

It does not have a built-in subwoofer to bring life to explosive scenes, but it does have ARC support so that you can add HD speakers for a better dimension. 

Judging by the name of the TV, the Roku Streaming system is used for its platform.

The Interface:

The interface is clean and easy to navigate.

You get access to many apps on its app store, and you get the Roku remote that has hotkeys for Netflix and YouTube for easy access. 

That said, this TV is pretty decent for its price, especially if your old 1080p TV has decided to part-ways and wants a quick replacement to continue gaming. 

If you think the Element Roku TV won’t cut it, a good alternative would be the gaming monitors that the brand makes. 

Element offers 27-inch monitors that boast 165 Hz refresh rates and Quad HD. 

While you may not sit back and relax while playing, a gaming monitor still performs well. 

And if you want smart TV functionality, you can always plug a Roku Streaming Stick, Fire TV Stick, or the NVIDIA SHIELD into the monitor. 

Final Thoughts:

Element TVs aren’t the best choice for gaming TVs. 

The features aren’t exactly as powerful as other budget TVs, and there are instances that the image quality isn’t as expected, but if you want a TV for casual gaming, it can do the job. 

That said, if you need an extra or quick replacement for your TV, Element TVs are worth looking into.

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