How Durable Are AKG Headphones? (With Examples)

AKG is known for its budget offerings when it comes to consumer-grade audio. We’ve looked at problems with AKG headphones, now let’s dig deeper.

So, how durable are AKG Headphones? 

Here’s How Durable AKG Headphones Are:

When properly cared for, AKG headphones can last 7-10 years. Particularly with their headphones, AKG provides very durable options that last long. While durable, they need to be carried in a bag or case and not be placed in pockets and bags among other items. 

How Long Do AKG Headphones Usually Last?

AKG headphones are one of the more durable headphones you can get in the market today.

If you maintain them well, these headphones will last five years and would be in good condition. 

But the lifespan of AKG headphones also varies, particularly with their Bluetooth headphones.

The batteries of these headphones can last from 2 – 3 years, depending on the number of charge cycles it undergoes. These batteries, which are often lithium-ion, have charge cycles that go as high as 500.

Fortunately, many of the headphones you can get from AKG have high power capacities, which reduces the need to charge almost every day. 

Some of these headphones have power capacities that last more than 24 hours on a single charge.

Likewise, the average consumer won’t be running headphones for more than 24 hours or enough to drain them.

Do They Last as Long as Other Headphones?

AKG headphones are relatively durable and can last as long as other headphones on the market, but, like other headphones, their lifespan depends a lot on how much you care for them. 

If you abuse them, they might not last long enough, compared to other brands.

What typically breaks first on AKG headphones?

For AKG headphones that use a wired connection, the cables usually break first.

Cables are prone to tangles and sometimes dangle, which can cause wires inside to break when they bend at an angle.

For Bluetooth headphones, common weak points would be the batteries, as they may have inconsistencies.

How Long is the Warranty on AKG Headphones?

AKG offers a limited warranty of 12 months for all their headphones.

The warranty is valid from the date of first purchase from an official retailer or authorized sales portals.

What Exactly Does the Warranty Cover?

The warranty of AKG headphones covers all manufacturing defects that arise within the coverage period.

It does not cover any mishandling of the product, so proper care is needed to prevent the voiding of the warranty.

Like other headphone warranties in the market, AKG’s 12-month warranty also does not include those purchased brand new outside authorized dealers.

Do AKG Headphones Need Maintenance from the Owner?

Like any other headphone brand in the market, AKG headphones need maintenance.

Proper maintenance provides benefits to any owner. 

It ensures that your headphones last longer and maintains an excellent reselling value if you decide to sell them in the future.

Proper care also prevents your warranty from getting voided, as service advisors will look at the condition of your headphones before you can claim your warranty for repair or even replacement.

What Are the Best AKG Headphones?

AKG K92:

The AKG K92 is for those who want headphones that sound good but without fancy features.

It’s devoid of features, such as a built-in microphone and noise-canceling. While it lacks features that you would find in the regular consumer-grade headphones, it shines when it comes to laid-back listening or during applications such as podcasting or basic audio editing.

These headphones are pretty light, and you won’t have a problem wearing them for an extended period. Since AKG designated the K92 as studio headphones, it makes sense that it has such comfort.

If AKG can improve anything, it would be the cable, as it is not removable.


For those looking for good wireless and noise-canceling headphones, the AKG N60NC is an excellent option to consider.

When it comes to sound quality, these headphones have suitable bass frequencies and clear mids and trebles. Noise-canceling is also remarkable, and you won’t have a problem using these to drown out environmental noise, especially during long trips.

These headphones are also light to wear so that you can have them on for extended periods.

Unfortunately, N60NC only has 15 hours of battery life. But, with a detachable cable, you can continue the music, although without the noise canceling.


The N700Nc from AKG is one of the best noise-canceling headphones you can get from the brand.

Sound quality is quite good with these headphones and gets enhanced with noise canceling. While these headphones are on the more premium side, unfortunately, it’s not as good as the top noise-canceling headphones of Sony or Bose.

Speaking of noise-canceling, the N700NC features an Ambient Aware switch that lowers volume and noise-canceling to help you hear the outside world. This feature is handy when doing walks so you can listen to any incoming vehicles.

These headphones boast a 23-hour battery life with Bluetooth and noise-canceling on, and you can extend it up to 36 hours with some features off.


If you are looking for sound quality close to a wired connection but with Bluetooth, the Y50BT headphones fit this description perfectly.

These headphones have good sound quality, much like what you’d expect from a wired connection. The frequencies are balanced, and which elevates the listening experience.

The Y50BT features a 20-hour battery life and comes with the option for a wired connection. The controls on these headphones are also easy to get accustomed to, so you won’t have a problem getting used to them.

AKG Y500:

The AKG Y500 is a popular Bluetooth headphone that has excellent battery life.

The sound quality is quite clear, and you can hear the detail in every frequency. You get up to 33 hours of battery life, which is good when you’re on long-haul flights and will last you until you reach your hotel.

These headphones are pretty sleek and will turn heads when people see you with them. They fold into a compact form for storage, which gives you more options for finding storage.

The Y500 also features a hotkey to use with your smartphone’s voice assistant. It also features an automatic pause when you take off the headphones to save on power.

In case you run out of power, the Y500 also features a wired option, and the free cable that comes with these headphones has a built-in remote for music.

If there’s anything that AKG could improve, it’s the lack of noise canceling.


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