HBO Max & New Movies? What You Need To Know

In case you didn’t know, HBO Max sometimes premieres movies that just came out in the theaters. We’ve already compared Showtime content to HBO – but let’s dive deeper.

That means you can watch that much-awaited movie at home, but what can you expect with these added features?

Here’s How HBO Max Works with New Movies:

HBO Max features new movies from Warner Bros. and publishes them on the same day as the movie’s premiere in the theater. These movies will run for around a month before they are rotated out of the roster of films.

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Does HBO Max have New Movies?

One of the newer features of HBO Max is the streaming of movies that happen simultaneously with theatrical releases.

These new movies are from Warner or originals that premiere exclusively on HBO. 

How Quickly Do New Movies Arrive on HBO?

Movies made by Warner Bros. are often released simultaneously with their theatrical releases.

However, HBO Max will stop this practice in 2022 for all Warner Bros films and follow a 45-day waiting time before they are published on the streaming-on-demand platform.

For HBO-original films, these movies are made available immediately. 

For non-Warner movies, the time will depend on the negotiations made by the film company and HBO. HBO adds new movies every week, but the exact titles aren’t specific unless announced beforehand.

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Can you Check Which New Movies HBO gets?

You can search for new movies on HBO by checking the HBO website.

How Do you Find New Movies on HBO Max?

If you want to check the newly added movies on HBO Max, go to the Browse Menu and select Just Added.

Here you always find the latest additions.

What Time Does HBO Max Release New Movies?

HBO Max publishes new movies at 12:01 am Pacific Time, or 3:01 am Eastern Time.

Between the two you can check how many time zones you are away.

How Long are New Movies Aired on HBO Max?

New movies on HBO Max stay on the platform for around 31 days.

That means you have a month to catch these movies before they are cycled out.

Are These Movies Returned to HBO Max in the Future?

HBO Max returns these movies to rotation, usually after five months.

How Does HBO Max Work with New Movies?

The movies that are published simultaneously they premiere on the big screen are from Warner Bros, which the same company also owns as HBO.

These movies are made available as soon as the clock hits midnight, Pacific Time. They stay on the platform for 31 days before they are taken down.

These movies are then returned to the HBO Max roster of content after five months.

All new movies streamed on HBO Max are available in 4k and HDR, which is good, considering that this format has yet to be adopted as the standard by HBO. 

Since the same company owns HBO Max and Warner Bros., the new movies you can get are limited to the latter.

Does HBO on Cable TV have New Movies?

HBO on cable or satellite TVs don’t have these simultaneous premieres of movies.

They are exclusive to the HBO Max platform.

Do All HBO Max Plans have Access to New Movies?

The simultaneous premiere of movies is only available with the ad-free plan of HBO Max.

Is HBO Max the Only Platform with New Movies?

HBO Max isn’t the only streaming platform that does simultaneous releases with theatrical releases of movies.

A good example would be Disney Plus, which gives Premier Access at an added cost per movie.

This model is suitable for those who only want particular titles, but it might cost more than HBO Max.

Can you Watch New Movies on Amazon with HBO?

You can’t access the new movies on HBO via Amazon Prime.

If you signed up for HBO Max through Prime, you could use your credentials to log into HBO Max and access the premiere of the films.

Can you Watch New Movies on Hulu with HBO?

You need to be on the HBO Max app to watch the new movies that will premiere on HBO.

If you signed up for HBO Max using your Hulu account, you could log into the HBO Max app at no extra charge, using your credentials from Hulu.

How Do you Subscribe to HBO Max?

There are different ways of subscribing to HBO Max.

You can get HBO Max for free if you are subscribed to AT&T or other cable TV/internet service providers with HBO tie-ups. You can use the credentials provided to log into HBO Max.

You can also get HBO Max by signing up directly on their website. 

If you want a consolidated payment for your streaming platforms, you can opt to sign up for HBO Max with Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube TV.

What Are the Ways to get HBO Max?

You can get HBO Max in different ways:

TV Subscription:

You can get HBO Max through your cable TV subscription. 

Most cable TV subscriptions come with HBO and a complimentary subscription to HBO Max that is free.

This subscription is an ad-free plan, which makes it a good deal. 

There are also complimentary subscriptions when you avail of a connection through AT&T.

Through HBO’s Website:

Another way of subscribing to HBO Max is through the website. When you sign up with HBO Max on your browser, you can choose between the plan with ads or the ad-free tier.

You can also get HBO Max through services, such as Hulu and Amazon Prime. It is worth noting that you need to use the HBO Max app to get the full features, should you subscribe through third-party streaming services.

Once you get a subscription, you can then use HBO Max on your devices. 

If you’re looking to watch HBO Max on your TV, you can watch them on Samsung and any smart TV that uses Android, Fire TV, or Roku.

If you don’t have a smart TV that runs these operating systems, you can still access HBO Max.

Streaming Sticks:

You can try using a streaming stick or box, such as the Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, or Roku Streaming Stick.

Many newer smart TVs also have built-in Chromecast, so that won’t be a problem.

In relation, you can also use the Apple TV box or any Android TV stick. 

You can also use Gaming Consoles, such as the Playstation and the Xbox. You can download the HBO Max through the app store of these consoles.

And, of course, you can use your smartphone or tablet that runs Android or iOS. You may also access HBO Max on your computer’s browser, with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari as the browsers of choice.

Is the “New Movies” Feature Worth it?

Warner did this “New Movies” feature  which delayed movie premieres in the theater. 

And with the changes still around, there are still plenty of people who would be wary of going to movie theaters.

You can say the added cost of watching movies as they premiere in the theater is worth it if most of the films you are after are set to be released on HBO Max.

If you’re considering upgrading just for this feature, you won’t be able to maximize the additional five dollars you will spend monthly.

HBO Max had already clarified that the simultaneous premieres on their platform and theaters would end by 2021. 

Come 2022, HBO Max will publish all new movies from Warner after 45 days.

But does that mean that the added five dollars are not worth it?

The added five dollars that you pay for HBO Max also provides you an ad-free experience, and you get to watch all content in 4k resolution. 

If you want an ad-free experience, it is still worth the added cost of this plan.

Final Thoughts

The inclusion of simultaneous movie premieres on HBO Max is good, but it might not be enjoyable for some.

The titles are limited to Warner Bros. films, and this feature won’t be around for too long.

That said, if your HBO Max plan covers this feature, you may want to take advantage of it before it gets pulled out. 

If you are looking to subscribe because of it, you need to weigh if it’s worth it, considering the feature won’t be around in 2022.


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