HBO & Ads? 16 Common Question (From Beginners)

Are you thinking of getting HBO Max?

For those who don’t know, HBO Max now offers two tiers for subscription: an ad-free tier and one that comes with ads. The ad plan is rather new, and people have been talking about it lately.

Is this plan any good?

Does HBO Show Ads?

For the most part, HBO does not have ads, except for previews or trailers of upcoming programs on the channel.

If you’re subscribed to HBO Max, the content-on-demand platform of HBO, you can expect ads, but with the option for an ad-free experience.

Does HBO Max have Ads?

HBO Max recently introduced an ad-based subscription for a lower cost.

You will get to see short ads, but the subscription would be lower than the regular price.

How Much is HBO Max with Ads?

HBO Max with ads costs $9.99 a month, five dollars cheaper than the original HBO Max plan.

How Do Ads Work in HBO Max?

The ads on HBO Max are similar to those found on YouTube and like those you see on TV.

They appear at certain times and are based on the profile of the HBO Max account.

If parental restrictions are active, then some ads won’t appear.

Like ads on YouTube, they may appear before a movie or in the middle.

You can’t skip these ads, but at least HBO places these ads in between scenes without interrupting the flow of the story.

According to HBO, the ads they put will be distributed properly so that they won’t be annoying to viewers.

For instance, the Friends reunion on HBO Max only had six ad breaks with around 3.5 minutes of ads in an hour.

Now, just because this plan-tier has ads, it doesn’t mean all content will have ads.

In some cases, some programs or features will not have ads at all due to agreements made with HBO and the producers of these contents.

Other films or programs meanwhile will have fewer ads distributed throughout the program.

You can say this ad distribution is better than what you get on YouTube, although you don’t get the skip function. But it beats ads on free TV.

When Do Ads Appear on HBO Max?

Should you decide to go for HBO Max with ads, the ads will appear before and during the show or movie.

The frequency of ads that appear depends on the program and movie you watch.

Overall, you can expect no more than four minutes of ads per hour.

Here’s more on who’s watching TV commercials.

What kind of Ads Appear on HBO Max?

The ads you see depend on the show you are watching.

If the parental control is active, you will also get a different set of ads.

Is There Any Way to Completely disable Ads on HBO?

The only way to remove ads on HBO is to use the HBO Max service without ads.

If you are subscribed to HBO via cable, you can avail of this service for free.

Can you Skip Ads on HBO Max?

You cannot skip or fast-forward ads on HBO Max, but you can skip trailers that appear before a show or movie.

Do Ad Blockers Work with HBO Max?

Ad blockers don’t work with HBO Max.

Since the service is rather new, ad blockers have yet to make their systems compatible with HBO Max.

Can you Pay More to Remove All Ads?

You can pay an additional five dollars to get the ad-free plan of HBO Max.

Does HBO Max on Hulu Have Ads?

If you signed up for HBO Max using Hulu, you automatically get the ad-free plan.

The added cost of the HBO subscription on Hulu is the same as what you pay when you get it through the HBO Max portal.

Does “Hulu No Ads” Have HBO Max?

HBO Max is available as an add-on to Hulu ad-free plan.

The cost of the add-on is the same as an HBO Max subscription.

Does HBO Max Have Ads on Amazon Prime?

There are no ads when you access HBO on Amazon Prime, except for a few featured films available on the platform.

What Are the Differences Between the HBO Max Ad-Tier Plan with the Ad-Free Plan?

The most obvious difference between the two is the lack of ads of one.

But there are other differences, aside from this.

The first is the price. The HBO Max plan with ads is five dollars cheaper at $9.99.

Another noticeable difference is the screen resolution. The higher HBO Max plan allows for 4k streaming, while the ad-tier throttles to 1080p only.

And there’s also the ability for offline watching. The HBO Max plan with ads does not allow subscribers to download content for offline viewing, but the higher tier allows you to save content to compatible devices.

Lastly, there’s a difference in the content available. The ad-free tier of HBO Max gives you access to new movies by Warner that premiere simultaneously on the theater. That means you don’t need to line up in the movie house if the new movie you’re watching is from Warner.

Is the HBO Max with Ads Plan Worth It?

Here’s the thing about the HBO Max plan with ads.

The ad-free tier is more expensive than other streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus, but HBO Max is known for its premium content, a lot of which are only found on their platform.

That said, the ad-tier plan makes an interesting offer.

If you use the basic Hulu plan, which contains ads, or you come from watching live TV riddled with commercials, the HBO Max ad-tier plan won’t be a problem.

It even has fewer ads than what you get on live TV.

A 30-minute program would have no less than two minutes of ads to give you an idea of how frequent the ads are.

In a test when watching the Friends, the ads that appeared were a 15-second ad and two ad breaks that ran no more than 45 minutes.

Now ad frequencies will vary per content you watch. And the type of ads you see will be different per user. What you see in short programs will be different when you watch movies.

And there will be some ad notices in some movies, such as Harry Potter films, to signify a commercial break.

Now, if you’re okay with these, then the HBO Max ad-tier plan is worth it.

HBO Max Service:

Another good reason to consider the ad-tier plan is to try the HBO Max service.

HBO Max does not have any trial period. The ad-tier plan is a good way to get into the service and see if it fits your lifestyle.

It might come at a cost, but it’s still cheaper by five dollars.

Now, there are limitations when compared to the original and ad-free plan of HBO Max.

If you’re always on the go and often download content to save on data consumption, then the ad-tier plan isn’t for you, as it does not feature downloading.

And if you want 4k streaming and access to the in-theater release, then the HBO Max ad-tier is not for you, as these are only found in the ad-free plan.

What Are the Ways to Get HBO Max?

You can get HBO Max in different ways.

You can get HBO Max through your cable TV subscription.

Most cable TV subscriptions come with HBO and a complimentary subscription to HBO Max that is free.

This subscription is an ad-free plan, which makes it a good deal.

There are also complimentary subscriptions when you avail of a connection through AT&T.

Another way of subscribing to HBO Max is through the website. When you sign up with HBO Max on your browser, you can choose between the plan with ads or the ad-free tier.

You can also get HBO Max through services, such as Hulu and Amazon Prime. It is worth noting that you need to use the HBO Max app to get the full features, should you subscribe through third-party streaming services.

Once you get a subscription, you can then use HBO Max on your devices.

If you’re looking to watch HBO Max on your TV, you can watch them on Samsung and any smart TV that uses Android, Fire TV, or Roku.

If you don’t have a smart TV that runs these operating systems, you can still access HBO Max.

You can try using a streaming stick or box, such as the Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, or Roku Streaming Stick. Many newer smart TVs also have built-in Chromecast, so that won’t be a problem.

You Can Also use the Apple TV Box or Any Android TV Stick:

You can also use Gaming Consoles, such as the Playstation and the Xbox.

You can download the HBO Max through the app store of these consoles, and of course, you can use your smartphone or tablet that runs Android or iOS.

You may also access HBO Max on your computer’s browser, with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari as the browsers of choice.

Final Thoughts

The HBO Max ads plan is a good choice for cord-cutters who want a cheaper option but are okay with its limitations.

Granted that you lose some of the service’s premium features, you still get good content on the platform.

And if you decide that you want more, the added cost is not that high, given the additional features you get. And you can even save more when you go for an annual subscription.


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