Are Philips TV Remotes Universal? (Explained & Solved)

Finding the right replacement remote for your Philips TV might be a challenge. You may be wondering if you can get any Philips remote to control another Philips TV.

Are Philips TV Remotes universal?

About the Compatibility of Philips TV Remote Controls.

The remote controls of Philips TVs are not universal, as their remotes only work for particular models. Philips has designated remotes for TVs that use Roku and Android. You need the right remote for your Philips TV to work or you can use another brand of universal remotes.


Can I Use Any Philips Remote With My TV?

You can’t use any Philips remote with your TV, as the company uses two operating systems for its TVs. 

The Roku remote on a Philips TV won’t be compatible with their Android TVs. And the same can be said for the Android remotes. 

If you lose or break your remote, you can opt to get a third-party replacement or to use a smartphone app.

Does Philips Have a Remote That Works Universally?

Philips does not have a remote that works universally. Their remotes are designed to work with particular models only.

But there are universal remotes that you can buy from third-party manufacturers. 

Do Philips TVs Have a Remote Control App?

You can download a remote control app for your Philips TV through the app store of your device. 

An interesting feature of the remote control app is its ability to also control Ambilight.

Note that the iPhone and iPad apps are different from each other, so make sure you get the right one. 

Can You Replace A Philips TV Remote?

If your remote breaks, your choices for replacement are third-party remote controls or the smartphone app. 

Do Philips TV Remotes Have Voice Commands?

Philips smart TVs support Voice Commands, as they come with support for Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Can I Use Alexa to Control a Philips TV?

Only Philips TVs that use the Roku operating system can use Alexa. 

Can I Use Google Assistant to Control a Philips TV?

You can use Google Assistant to control your Philips TV.

The process to connect your Philips account and Google Assistant varies per TV.

Can You Use a Keyboard and Mouse to Control a Philips TV?

Philips TVs recognize all wireless USB keyboards and mice, provided that they are at least USB 2.0. 

You may also use Bluetooth to pair your keyboard and mice to the TV. 

Note that not all apps are compatible with keyboard and mouse inputs. 

How Do I Know Which Remote My Philips TV Needs?

As there are no official replacement remotes from Philips, you’re left to choose from third-party remotes. 

For the most part, these third-party remotes will work with your Philips TV. If you are unsure, it would be good to check your TV model number and see if a third-party remote will be compatible with it. 

But the safest choice would still be the smartphone app, as it was designed specifically for it. 

How Much Does a New Philips Remote Cost?

Philips doesn’t sell a direct replacement for their remotes, but third-party remotes cost around $30. 

How Do You Pair a Philips Remote to a Philips TV?

If you need to pair your remote, here’s how to do it:

  • Press the pair button on the upper right side for three seconds. A blue LED on the remote will start blinking. 
  • Once the pairing is successful, the blinking will end, and the TV move to the next step. 

The TV does the pairing for you, and you won’t need to input any codes. 

In the case of the remote control app, all you need to do is connect your smartphone and TV to the same network. After launching the app, it will scan for your TV and prompt you to connect it. 

How Many Remote Controls Can You Pair with a Philips TV?

Philips allows you to pair up to five remote controls, but only one may be used at a time. 

Can You Use a Philips TV without the Remote Control?

While you can use a Philips TV without the remote control, there are a lot of limitations. 

You will be limited to basic functions such as channel switching, volume control, and power functions, which are the controls of which are found behind the TV.

That’s why, if you break your remote, you should download the Philips Remote app. 

What Are the Best Third-party Remote controls for Philips?

There are a lot of third-party remote controls that work decently with Philips TVs.

Whether you lost or broke your remote or just want to consolidate your smart home system into a single system, here are some suggested third-party remote controls.

One For All URC1913 

For those who want a simple infrared remote control, the One For All URC1913 remote control is something worth looking into. 

  • It may not be Bluetooth-enabled, but it can connect with a lot of devices via infrared, such as cable and satellite boxes, Blu-ray players, and soundbars.
  • The URC1913 can control up to eight devices and has hotkeys. You can also group devices for certain activities through the activity controls on the remote.
  • Setting up the URC1913 is done through a smartphone app that lets you add devices. All other programming is done through programming mode, so remember to hold on to any instructions you get.

Inteset 4 in 1 Universal Remote Control

When it comes to smart design, the Inteset 4 in 1 Universal Remote Control reigns.

  • First of all, the Inteset Remote is light and has a premium feel to it. The buttons are quite intuitive to use as well. 
  • The ergonomic design provides a better grip, and the remote weighs less than six ounces.
  • You can program up to 32 commands to a key, which is something you don’t get in budget remote controls. Some of the things you can program it to do include turning off all devices linked to it or changing video sources.
  • To help you remember what you programmed to a key, there are label stickers that you can use.
  • Buttons are mapped out well, and keys are very responsive. There’s also backlighting on the keys, which makes it easier to use at night.

Flipper Universal Remote

The Flipper Universal Remote is an excellent choice for those who want a simple remote that does not have many buttons to figure out.

  • It has larger than usual buttons, and while that might make it seem more prone to reset or unprogramming the remote, the Flipper allows you to lock it from accidental resets. 
  • This remote also allows you to hide the number buttons, which lets you only access volume and channel controls. You can set up to 30 of your favorite channels for quick access also.
  • This remote is best for Luddites who want a simpler device.

SofaBaton U1

The SofaBaton U1 is a powerful universal remote control that does more than just control your TV.

  • Through the smartphone app of the SofaBaton U1, you can pair and manage up to 15 devices, including cable TV boxes and even smart light systems.
  • It allows you to create hotkeys for particular actions and devices without overwriting commands for other devices.
  • The SofaBaton U1 is a good option, considering that Logitech has discontinued its beloved line of universal remotes that have similar functions.

Final Thoughts

If you lose or break your Philips remote control, the best replacement would be a third-party remote that offers smart features to control other functions, such as the Ambilight. 

The next best option would be the dedicated smartphone app, which is not bad at all. 

And finally, if you’re on a budget, the entry-level remotes will do the trick, although you might not get all functions. 



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