Why Do Podcasts Disappear On Spotify & iTunes? (Solved)

You might have a library of podcasts on your account, especially the memorable ones.

Keeping track of these helps you return to your favorite podcasts, especially if there’s a ton of helpful information.

But sometimes, you may return to these bookmarked podcasts, only to find some of them missing.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Podcasts Disappearing.

Podcasts usually disappear for different reasons, ranging from personal decisions of the publisher to possible content issues that may have legal implications. The streaming platform concerned can take down the podcast against the publisher’s will when the latter happens.

How Long Do Podcasts Last on Spotify and Itunes?

Podcasts on Spotify can last as long as 60 days from the day it was published. On iTunes, they remain listed until the producer takes them down or a copyright claim forces them to get delisted. 

Why Do Podcasts Disappear from Spotify Playlists?

There are different reasons why some podcasts get removed from Spotify. 

First, the publisher decides to take it down for whatever reason it may have. It might be because the episode created intense polarization between audiences, or there could have been a copyright claim that caused the publisher to take down specific episodes to avoid future conflict. 

Some podcasts are taken down with copyright claims because copyright holders request Spotify or iTunes to take them down. They present proof of ownership, which is processed through a dispute.

If proven that the content infringes on the owner’s right, Spotify takes it down from its library. 

Another reason why some podcasts episodes are no longer available because the podcast host has a limit imposed. Often found on free accounts, these hosts impose a time limit that your podcast will be up on the web. Once you reach the time limit, these podcasts are removed from the listing. 

An excellent example of this would be Buzzsprout, which allows you to host a podcast episode for 90 days with its free account.

If you’re looking to have your podcasts on the web for a long time, you should consider getting a host that gives you unlimited hosting. You may want to look at Anchor.fm, which allows you to monetize your podcasts. 

It’s also worth noting that Spotify also takes down podcasts that violate its community standards. This issue happens when people use the Spotify for Podcasters tool that allows you to upload content on the platform. 

What Is the Easiest Way to Find All Episodes of a Podcast?

The easiest way to find all podcast episodes is to visit the podcaster’s page on your preferred podcasting app. You will find here all publicly uploaded podcasts available for listening to.

You can filter episodes according to the date of upload or length. 

What Is the Easiest Way to Find All Episodes of a Podcast?

Spotify sets an expiration date of 30 days for your downloads if you don’t go online.

If your account doesn’t go online within 30 days of the download, the Spotify app will delete all your download content.

That said, as long as you go online at least once, the lifespan of your downloads gets extended automatically.

So, if your downloads disappear, it’s likely you failed to make your account go online. 

Another reason your downloaded podcasts disappear is that the publisher took them down. Unlike saving a media file to your computer or phone, downloading a podcast is still within the bounds of the platform.

If the publisher removes any content you save for offline consumption, these downloads are removed automatically when you go online. 

Why Do My Downloaded Episodes Disappear on Itunes?

You might have set your podcasts to delete automatically once you finish a podcast episode. You can toggle this setting on your device under the podcast settings. And like content that a publisher removes, podcasts also disappear when taken down. 

Another possible reason for podcasts disappearing on iTunes is exclusivity.

Some podcast platforms engage podcasters for exclusivity, which means that a podcaster will only publish their podcast on one platform for monetary compensation. 

You can check on the podcast website or social media pages if there are any exclusivity deals. 

Can Podcasts Be Set to Unlisted?

Yes, podcasts can be set to unlist in your distribution service. Just set the podcast to private, and only those with a link to the RSS feed can listen to it. This option is ideal for anyone who is looking to create exclusive content. 

This feature is handy, especially if you have a paid subscription and want to give paid audiences an advantage.

You can use the unlisted option to share your paid content, usually not available with free subscriptions. 

Why Is My Podcast Not Showing Up on Spotify?

Some podcasts may take as long as five days to appear on Spotify, but this can be shorter, depending on your podcast hosting. Often, premium hosting can only a few hours before your podcast goes live on Spotify.

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t alert you when your latest episode is live, so you need to check now and then. 

If your podcast has been uploaded and it’s no longer there, you may want to check if any copyright claims need to be addressed. 

Can a Podcast Have an Exclusive or Limited Audience?

You can limit a podcast’s audience by enabling the private link on your podcast distribution service. Only people with the link can listen to your podcast by setting it to private.

While it’s not a guarantee that it will be entirely confidential, this option is feasible for those aiming for a limited audience.

How Long Does It Take to Publish a Podcast on Spotify and Itunes?

Podcasts often go live in a few hours, but sometimes it can take two to five days. You may want to check the terms of your podcast hosts regarding the lead time of each episode you upload.

Can You Re-List a Podcast?

Yes, you can.

All you need to do is set the link to the public in your hosting service so that it will appear on the streaming sites you set.

Can You Choose Where a Podcast Appears?

As the publisher of your podcast, you have a full prerogative on where your podcasts appear. You can opt to have it only on Spotify or not to have it on other distribution platforms, like Apple.

If you plan to focus on a particular streaming platform, you can take advantage of narrowing your distribution channels.

Note that this is highly discouraged, as it also prevents your podcast from being on top of the search results.

Does It Cost Extra to Distribute to Other Podcast Platforms?

It won’t cost you extra to distribute to other podcast platforms for the most part. These are included in the plans and are paid for with your chosen package.

Can You Look for Podcasts in Search Engines?

You can find podcasts when you use search engines like Google. It helps to employ good search engine optimization (SEO) practices to ensure that your content comes out on the first page.

Good SEO practices help you popularize your show and make you an authority in your chosen niche.

How Can I Make My Podcast More Searchable?

If you’re looking to improve your podcast presence, you need to employ some SEO practices. They might look time-consuming, but in the long run, it ensures that your content is one of the top results on search engines.

The first thing to consider is having a website for your podcasts. While it is optional, since your listeners are likely to be on the streaming platforms, a dedicated website helps with SEO.

You can even use the website to grow your email list and create a following.

You can use the podcast website to host blogs that come simultaneously with every podcast episode you upload. You can use these blogs to link episodes, upload summaries, excerpts, or even whole transcripts.

Because there are words present, your podcast becomes easier to find when searched based on keywords.

The title of every podcast episode you upload should have the keywords needed to make it more visible.

Because the title can make or break an episode, the right keywords must be present to generate interest and make it searchable on the web. Click baits are okay, as long as the right words are used to line you up in your niche.

As pointed out earlier, transcripts of your podcast help improve visibility.

While search engines like Google have better algorithms now to search for content like videos and podcasts, having the transcript of your podcast on a site will allow you to push your podcast to the front page.

You get to have the keywords distributed so that search engines can find them.

Add Keywords

A podcast website comes in handy for this purpose. You can upload your transcripts here and improve the SEO of your podcast. It might look time-consuming at first, but different services allow you to get transcripts faster of your podcast.

Just use the final output to avoid unnecessary words such as “Ahh” and “Umm” from being included in the transcript.

Don’t skip the Metadata part of your podcast. Metadata provides potential listeners with details on your episode, which help in search engine algorithms. You can add tags related to your episode based on keywords that your target audience is likely to use to search for a topic.

Like any other endeavor, don’t forget about your social media presence. Social media presence increases your podcast’s visibility. It can amplify your message and even improve your search results.

And with people now going over social media for information, having the right keywords with every post can get you landed on the screens of your listeners.

Social media also helps you find where your audience hangs out often. You can use tracking links to help you find which social media platform they use the most so you can pay extra attention to the chosen platform to increase engagement.

Lastly, don’t forget about asking for reviews on your podcast.

Reviews give you a seal of approval to encourage potential listeners to check you out. And the more positive the reviews are, it’s likely that current listeners will spread the word about you and make you more visible on social media and even search engines.

How Can I Discover New Podcasts?

There are plenty of tools that you can use to search for new podcasts. 

The easiest way is to do a Google search, wherein you search for keywords related to a topic and add podcasts to narrow your options. 

You can also search podcast hosting sites, such as Spreaker and Podbean.  

There’s also Listen Notes, a dedicated podcast search engine, which also helps you expand your network if you’re a podcaster. Listen Notes also lets you create playlists and expand your skillsets for podcasting. 

Final Thoughts

A podcast can disappear for several reasons, and it can depend on both the podcaster and the listener.

To ensure that your podcasts are still there, it helps if you bookmark them, synchronize your podcast streaming app and follow these podcasters on social media to ensure you are updated.


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