Where Is The Microphones In My Car? (We Checked)

When you’re driving a car they say you should have both hands on the wheel.

Car manufacturers have made this piece of safety advice even easier with the addition of housing microphones inside their vehicles, but where, you might be wondering, is the microphone in your specific car?

How do I know if there are Microphones Installed in my Car?

Identifying whether there are microphones in your car is as simple as locating small holes, vents, or grills. The microphone location is likely to be in the following places:

  • On the rearview mirror
  • On or beside the sunvisor
  • By the handle grips
  • Mounted around or on the steering wheel
  • By the overhead light or headliner
  • On the control panel

6 Places Microphones are Placed in Cars?

No matter what car you own you’re going to want to know where your microphone is located.

You can find your model and make of car listed below and then learn where exactly the microphone is housed – just read on:

Where is the Microphone Located in my Toyota?

Toyota has consistently given its customers a selection of vehicles that rarely let the driver down.

Toyota prides itself on building cars that have decent fuel efficiency, superior comfort, and user interfaces that do the job right, all of which have led many to purchase a Toyota vehicle.

If you’ve purchased a Toyota then you will want to know where your microphone is located.

Take a look at some of the most popular models to learn where the microphone can be found for your car.

  • Toyota Corolla
    This model features a Bluetooth microphone that is located within the upper headliner where you will also find light controls, controls for the sunroof, and a handy spot for your sunglasses. You can identify the microphone by a grated patch that covers a circular hole.
  • Toyota Prius
    The Prius has a microphone house inside the overhead light fixture. You can identify the microphone by the three slots that are visible there. This microphone should pick up sound from all seats within the car.
  • Toyota Avalon
    The microphone in a Toyota Avalon can be found in the rearview mirror.
  • Toyota Highlander
    This SUV employs Toyota’s ‘Driver Easy Speak’. The system works by the use of an in-built microphone that is located in the overhead console. Your voice will be amplified and can be broadcasted to the speakers in the back of the car to ensure you’re heard no matter how loud the background noise.
  • Toyota RAV4
    Similarly to the Prius, the RAV4’s microphone can be seen on the overhead light fitting in the middle of your car. The three horizontal slots give away its position. Remember, to use the Bluetooth function you will need to register your phone on the system.

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Where is the Microphone Located in my BMW?

BMWs are known for their luxurious vehicles and top-of-the-line internal technology and consumers have flocked to get their hands on the wheels of these superior cars.

Here you can find out exactly where BMW conceals their in-built microphones.

  • BMW 1 Series
    Usually you can find the microphones in front of the grab handles if your model has them fitted.
  • BMW X Series
    This vehicle’s voice activation system has two microphones. One is located on the driver’s side and one is located on the front passenger’s side. You can identify them by a device that is housed just by the handle grabs and they have grated vertical slits.
  • BMW 6 Series
    If you own a convertible then the chances are you will find your mic sitting just above your steering wheel. However, if you have a Euro model, then you’ll also have an additional microphone which is found beneath a plastic cover on the passenger’s side of the car. For Coup, the mic is in the headliner.

Where is the Microphone Located in my Ford?

Ford has become known for producing reliable cars, and their focus on great family vehicles has helped keep them ticking all the boxes when it comes to choice and safety.

Let’s take a look at where Ford cars usually have their microphones placed:

  • Ford Mustang
    Two small holes that are just by the map lights will indicate where your microphone is housed, it’s part of the ceiling console.
  • Ford Escape
    This microphone can be found where you’d store your glasses. If you take a look at the overhead console you’ll see a tiny vent which is where the driver’s voice will be received from.
  • Ford Transit
    If you want to find your microphone in this vehicle just look up as it’s located on the overhead shelf.
  • Ford F150
    If you’re having trouble finding your microphone in the F150 then don’t worry, it’s just between the sun visors in the headliner – just look for a small square grill.

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Where is the Microphone Located in my Honda?

The microphone placement in popular Honda models is as follows.

For other models, please refer to your user manual. 

  • Honda CR-V
    the microphone is located on the vehicle’s ceiling, adjacent to the map lights. The voice control system buttons to use the mic (‘talk’ and ‘volume +/-‘) are located on the steering wheel.
  • Honda Civic
    you will find the microphone near the dome light on the headliner. It is identifiable as a small horizontal slit next to the red light.
  • Honda Accord
    the Bluetooth microphone is easily located just in front of the vehicle’s rearview mirror.
  • Honda Pilot
    the voice control system of this model uses the NAVI ‘talk’ and NAVI ‘back’ buttons on the steering wheel combined with the microphone located on the left of the map light on the headliner of the vehicle. It’s identifiable with many small horizontal grated slits.

Where is the Microphone Located in my Mercedes-Benz?

As you know, Mercedes-Benz is a luxury vehicle manufacturer with an outstanding reputation.

Here are some of the most popular models and where you can locate the microphone. 

  • Mercedes-Benz CLA
    the hands-free noise-canceling microphone for this vehicle is located between the call buttons and the rear-view mirror on the roof. It works in conjunction with another microphone located on the right-hand side behind the wheel.
  • Mercedes-Benz SUVs (GLA, GLC, GLB, etc.) –
    the inbuilt microphone for these models is located on the top left-hand side of the rearview mirror. It can be identified as a small grated area.
  • Mercedes-Benz V Class
    this model has an integrated microphone located in the overhead control panel.

Where is the Microphone Located in a Mini?

The Mini is a fantastic car that has reinvented itself so many times over and has kept its footing as one of the most iconic car brands ever to exist. The microphones in a Mini are located in the following places:

  • Mini Cooper
    Look for circular plastic disks near the sun visor. This is where the microphone is housed.
  • Mini Cabriolet
    This model is slightly different. The BT microphone is located on the steering column, near the ignition and right-hand blinker, depending on whether it is a right or left-hand drive model.
  • Mini Countryman
    Much like the Mini Cooper, the internal microphone can be located in the headliner on the driver’s side of the vehicle. It is identifiable as a couple of small plastic disks just behind the rearview mirror.

Can You Disable the Microphone in a Car?

If you decide that you do not want your microphone to be enabled in your car then you’ll need to locate your microphone in your model and either remove the hardware itself or sever the wires that are attached to it.

  • You may wish to take it to a professional to avoid causing any unnecessary aesthetic damage.
  • Remember, some cars employ a microphone for voice control within the vehicle to use certain features.
  • Most microphones won’t be activated unless you have a Bluetooth device connected, such as your smartphone.


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