8 Problems with Arlo Baby Monitors (SOLVED)

Arlo baby monitors are fantastic devices for ensuring you can keep an eye (and an ear) on your little ones when they’re in another part of the house. Although Arlo has discontinued manufacturing the device, they are still in circulation, and many people use them.

It’s not uncommon that new parents to face various problems with their Arlo Baby monitor devices and they will ask questions of the customer service team. This article will look at some of the most common complaints and issues, and how they are solved.

Peace of mind should go hand in hand with baby monitors, however, sometimes problems can occur. Thankfully, in this article, you can get up to speed with common Arlo baby monitor issues and how to solve them quickly.

Arlo Baby Monitors

The Motion Detection On My Arlo Baby Monitor Is Too Sensitive

The motion detection system should be a feature that reduces stress and helps parents stay alert to any changes in the immediate vicinity of their babies.

However, if you’re experiencing an issue with the motion detection, such as it triggering when it shouldn’t, then it could become quite frustrating.

Moreover, if the motion detection is being set off too often when it shouldn’t then this can be a real drain on your unit’s battery life.

Adjusting the sensitivity of your motion detection feature is therefore essential in order for Arlo baby monitor to do its job just right.

How to adjust the Sensitivity of the Motion Detection on your Arlo Baby Monitor:

  1. First, open the Arlo baby monitor app on your mobile device.
  2. Select ‘Mode’.
  3. Select hub/bridge.
  4. Choose to ‘Add a Mode’ by pressing the large green button.
  5. To adjust the sensitivity to your requirements simply click the ‘green pencil’ by the mode and the rule that you wish to change.
  6. Click the green pencil symbol by ‘Detects Motion’.
  7. Move the slider to the desired sensitivity and test.

Handy Tips For Adjusting Your Arlo Baby Monitor’s Motion Detection System

  • You must be using the app with the main account and not a guest account because only the master account will have the option to change such settings. 
  • The master account is the one used to set up the account originally.
  • The Arlo Pro2 maximum detection range is around 25ft.
  • Roads and streets can cause an issue for the motion detection system in Arlo monitors.
  • Try to direct the camera away from the streets in which vehicles will be passing by, thus reducing false triggers.

My Arlo Baby Monitor is Making a High-pitched Screeching Noise

You might expect the high-pitched sound of your son or daughter crying for attention, but a similar sound coming from your device will come as an unwelcome surprise.

The good news is that this is not a major problem and can be easily solved:

  • A high-pitched squeal from your device is caused by feedback.
  • This feedback can be prevented by moving your devices away from each other. 
  • You can also elect to mute your camera by clicking the speaker symbol.

My Arlo Baby Monitor’s Air Sensors are Reporting Abnormal Readings

Arlo baby monitor’s air sensors are a really helpful feature that allows parents to be notified about the following:

  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity
  3. Air Quality changes in regards to:
      • Iso-butane
      • Carbon monoxide
      • Hydrogen
      • Ethanol
      • Methane

If you believe you are getting false readings stating that the air quality is abnormal then you should check first whether the reading is accurate.

Remember, certain sources can set off your Arlo monitor’s sensors such as:

  • Burning fuel
  • Paints
  • Glue
  • Air fresheners
  • Cleaning products
  • Hair spray
  • Any solvents

Remove any of these sources and check again on the readings from your Arlo baby monitor’s sensors.

If there is no sign of any of these sources in your baby’s vicinity then try opening the windows and see whether your monitor returns to normal.

If your Arlo baby monitor is still picking up abnormal air quality then there may be a fault with your air sensors and they may need recalibrating.

Recalibrating your Arlo baby monitor’s air sensors is done by performing a power cycle.

How To Perform A Power Cycle On Your Arlo Baby Monitor

Performing a power cycle on your Arlo baby monitor can solve a multitude of glitches and problems.

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use this process when you need to troubleshoot an issue with your device:

  1. Remove all cables from your Arlo baby camera.
  2. Take the feet off from device by rotating the footplate.
  3. Set the battery switch to off on the underside of the Arlo baby unit.
    • You should not see any green visible by the battery switch when this is done correctly.
  4. Slide the battery switch back to the ‘on’ setting once you have waited 10 seconds.
  5. The Arlo baby camera will now restart.
  6. Rotate the footplate back into place.
    • You will hear a ‘click‘ sound when this has been done correctly.
  7. Insert the USB cable back into your Arlo baby unit.
  8. The power cycle is complete. Check to see if the problem is resolved.

Tips to Remember with Arlo Baby Monitor Air Sensors

  • Arlo baby monitor air sensors will take 24 hours to finish recalibrating.
  • Never put objects directly in front of the inlet holes for your air sensors.
  • The Arlo app can show you the air sensors reports from the past 12 hours all the way back to 7 days before.
  • The air sensor on your Arlo baby monitor is not a replacement device for a carbon monoxide or smoke detector.
  • Always place your Arlo baby monitor in a well-ventilated area.

My Arlo Baby Monitor Won’t Connect to Wifi

If you have tried setting up your Arlo baby monitor and you’ve discovered that it won’t discover your router then you may feel like you’re at a dead-end before you’ve even begun.

Here are some helpful tips to aid you in troubleshooting why your Arlo baby monitor is not discovering your Wifi:

  • Make sure that you are establishing a a link via a 2.4 GHz band.
  • Your mobile device must be connected to the same wi-fi network.
  • You have entered the correct network name and password (remember that these are both case-sensitive).
  •  The mobile device and your monitor needs to be within the Wi-Fi range of your router.
  • During setup, we urge you keep the monitors by the router and then move them to their desired location only once setup is complete.
  • If the LED camera light times out, you must remember to press the sync button again.
  • A chime should be heard when you scan the QR code with the camera. Do not try to continue with the setup until the QR code is successfully scanned.

Problems with Charging and Battery Life for my Arlo Baby Monitor

The Arlo baby monitor comes with a power cable and according to Arlo:

“Arlo Baby is intended for use as an AC-powered camera but includes a built-in rechargeable battery that can be used for short periods of time.”

It is therefore worth noting that even though it can be used without being plugged into the mains’ power, it is not designed to last unplugged for long periods.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your Arlo baby battery life then take a look at the following tips and solutions:

Are you charging the camera correctly?

      1. Insert the USB power cable into the small port on the Arlo baby monitor camera unit.
      2. The larger end on your USB cable should attach to the power adaptor.
      3. The power adaptor must be plugged into the wall socket.
      4. An LED light will flash blue for the 3 seconds once the connection has been made to a power source.
      5. Open the Arlo app and open the ‘Device Settings’ to observe the unit’s battery charging status which will be displayed as a percentage.

Always use the correct USB charging cable and the AC power adapted that was provided with purchase.

  • Using another charging cable or power adaptor can damage your baby monitor.

Check that your USB connectors do not have dirt or grime inside them as this may prevent a connection:

  • Keeping your charging cables clean and storing them safely will ensure that charging is successful.
  • The cables should firmly and securely fit within their respective ports.
  • The LED light indicates proper connection.

My Arlo Baby Monitor Makes A Clicking Sound

You may have heard your monitor making a clicking sound and you may suspect that this is a malfunction or a glitch.

However, Arlo states that this clicking sound is actually normal and nothing to worry about:

“The clicking sound comes from the internal infrared filter changing positions.”

The internal infrared filter makes these changes when the following happens:

  • When the camera switches on.
  • The camera enters either night mode or day mode.
  • The camera wakes from either night or day mode.
  • An update of the firmware occurs.

How Do You Reset An Arlo Baby Monitor?

Resetting your Arlo baby camera to its factory settings erases the saved data and wipes your camera from the Arlo app. Your camera can be easily reset following the instructions below.

  • Note: It is always worth power cycling your product before attempting to perform a factory reset as this can solve more minor issues. You can do this following the instructions previously mentioned in this article.
  1. Begin by locating the circular reset hole on the left-hand side of the camera beneath the sync button.
  2. Using a small pin with a flattened tip such as a paper clip press into the hole and hold down the reset button inside for 10 seconds.
  3. Arlo baby will now restart and reset.

Where Can You Get A Baby Monitor Repaired?

The length of the Arlo limited hardware warranty is normally 12 months as standard from the date of purchase.

Double-check on the arlo.com product details page for your specific product in case it has a different warranty length.

Arlo also states that there may be:

“some components or accessories of Arlo products, such as batteries, power supplies, skins, or mounts, that have limited warranty lengths that differ from the one-year warranty of the underlying Arlo product.”

Therefore, if you know what is wrong, it’s worth checking the individual warranty for that specific part.

If you are experiencing a failure or malfunction with your Arlo baby inside of its stated warranty, you will need to submit a warranty service claim.

To do this you have to follow these three steps:

  1. Begin by collecting an RMA number from Arlo technical support.
  2. Return the malfunctioning product to the address Arlo technical support provided you with.
    • Unfortunately, this will be at your own cost.
  3. Ensure you provide Arlo with proof of the time date and location of the original purchase.
  4. Arlo will then repair your baby monitor, replace it or refund you for the original purchase price.

However, do note, that this only covers a product that is materially defective.

If you have mishandled or misused your product, or it was damaged in shipping, you will not be able to apply for a warranty service claim. In this scenario, you will have to take it to a licensed technician for repair.

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Why is my Arlo Baby Monitor saying No Signal?

Sometimes your Arlo baby monitor may have little to no signal strength and appears to be out of range. Always ensure you have placed the camera and base units within range of the router and each other.

The cameras have a maximum range of 90 meters (300ft) from the base unit. For optimum efficiency place the cameras 3 meters (10ft) from the base unit, and allow at least 2 meters (6 1/2ft) between cameras.

Here are some helpful tips to increase the signal strength and Wi-fi range of your Arlo baby monitor:

  1. Ensure your home Wi-fi bandwidth meets Arlo’s minimum requirements.
    • Your Arlo baby monitor will be less effective and have lower video quality at lower bandwidths.
  2. If your bandwidth is low, try adjusting the video quality settings.
  3. Make sure you have placed your Arlo baby monitor in an area with good Wi-fi strength.
  4. Before you commit to installing your camera in a particular area, always ensure the camera is displaying a minimum of 1 bar signal strength.
    • This may fluctuate and is dependent on the environment.
  5. Limit the number of networks and devices in the vicinity of your baby monitor.
  6. When placing the base unit, make sure it is no less than 1.8meters (6ft) from your router to avoid Wi-fi interference.
  7. Make sure you keep your Arlo baby’s battery above 25% charge.

There are also several obstacles to avoid when setting up your Arlo baby system.

Try to limit placing these materials in between your base unit and camera:

  • Large metal or electrical appliances such as TVs, microwaves, ovens etc.
  • Thick walls or ceilings, especially ones made with aluminum sheeting.
  • Double glazed windows.
  • Mirrors.
  • Large volumes of water such as a water heater.

Why is my Baby Monitor Going Black?

When you are experiencing a blank screen with your Arlo baby monitor but can still hear sound, try these easy troubleshooting ideas in order to help resolve the problem:

  1. Uninstall and then re-install the Arlo app on your chosen device.
  2. Check if there’s an update or new version of the Arlo app available in the App Store for Android or iOS.
  3. Restart your mobile phone/ device. Make sure you leave it off for at least 2 minutes before turning it back on.
  4. Try power cycling your camera as this helps solve minor glitches and freezes.
    • To do this, read the instructions previously mentioned in this article.
  5. Enable local 4K streaming.
  6. Make sure automatic HDR is set to ON.
  7. Check your Wi-fi status.

How Long Do Arlo Baby Monitors Last?

Your Arlo baby monitor has a warranty for 12 months, depending on the specific part that needs repairing.

To ensure your baby monitor lasts as long as possible always avoid misuse and mishandling:

  • Try to prevent knocks and bumps to your camera.
  • Keep the lens clean by using a microfibre cloth.
  • Do not allow liquids to spill on your device.

In terms of battery life, Arlo states:

“The expected battery life for Arlo Baby ranges from three hours of night-time use to six hours of daytime use. Night-time use depletes Arlo Baby’s battery faster because the night vision LEDs use more battery power.”


General Pros and Cons for Arlo Baby Monitors


  • Very user friendly
  • Ability to record your own lullabies
  • Update notifications of the current temperature
  • High-end design
  • Great visuals


  • No longer in production
  • Connection/signal issues
  • Sometimes makes a clicking sound
  • Motion detection can be triggered easily if settings are not calibrated

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