5 Problems With VTech Baby Monitors (SOLVED)

Staying connected to your little one when they’re in another room is crucial when you’re preparing dinner, getting on with housework, or even trying to get some sleep yourself.

In this blog, I’ll talk about 5 problems that may occur with VTech baby monitors as well as how to solve them.

My VTech Baby Monitor Won’t Switch On

For baby monitors to do their job, they clearly need to be turned on and actively picking up all the sounds and images from your baby’s nursery.

If that’s not the case then you have a bit of a problem, but there may be some simple reasons why your VTech baby monitor is not powered on:

1) Are the batteries in your unit out of power?

If one or both of your units simply will not switch on, then it could be because of the battery being out of juice.

Insert the power supply cable into the parent unit, wait a while, and then attempt to switch on the device.

It’s essential to keep your batteries charged if you want them to work without being connected to a power supply.

If you find that the unit only powers up when it is connected to the power source, then this is an indicator that you will need to replace the battery.

Instructions for this procedure can be found a little further down.

2) Do you have a broken or damaged power cable?

If your units will not switch on whilst they are connected to the mains power using the cable supplied with your device (and you have replaced the batteries) then the problem may be with the power cable itself.

Contact VTech to order a replacement cable, but do not use another power supply other than one that is specific to your device.

My Vtech Baby Monitor Is Producing Static And Unwanted Noise

Your Vtech baby monitor is meant to capture the cries and coos of your treasured newborn, but if you’re experiencing nasty white noise, static, distortion, or high-pitched squeaks instead, then you may be wondering what the problem exactly is.

The good news is that these strange sounds are symptomatic of simple issues:

1) Are your units too close together?

Proximity is an important factor when it comes to your Vtech baby monitors performing as they should.

If the transmitter and receiver get too close then a squealing noise will be produced due to feedback.

Simply resolve this issue by moving the two further apart from one another.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of your unit and bring it to a lower level to reduce feedback sounds.

2)  Do you have a faulty or damaged speaker?

If the sound from your baby monitor is distorted or unclear, or perhaps you have no sound at all, then it may be because the speaker itself is damaged.

Repairs and inspections for certain models, such as the DM111-2 can be carried out at home.

If you wish to attempt a speaker inspection then follow the steps below:

  • Expose the battery compartment and remove the batteries (as noted below).
  • Using a Phillips screwdriver remove the two screws and prise apart the casing.
  • Unscrew the two screws to remove the circuit board.
  • Unscrew the two screws to free the speaker.
  • Remove the soldering to fully release the speaker.
  • Inspect the speaker for damage and replace it if necessary.

Has the antenna on your unit become damaged?

A damaged antenna can result in static sounds being produced from your receiver.

You can inspect the status of your antenna by following the steps below and checking whether the wires that connect your antenna to the circuit board are not broken.

  • Open the battery compartment and remove the batteries.
  • Remove screws from the battery compartment with a Phillip screwdriver.
  • Prise apart the casing of the unit with a plastic opening tool. (Be careful not to force the coverings apart or you risk separating the wires that keep the circuit board connected to the batteries)
  • Remove screws on the circuit board and locate the antenna (a thin piece of metal).

Inspect the antenna’s wiring to see if it has come away from the circuit board and re-attach if necessary.
You can use a soldering iron to detach and reattach a new antenna if necessary.

This can also be the issue with Kidsneed baby monitors.

My VTech Baby Monitor Keeps Bleeping

A bleeping VTech baby monitor may seem annoying, but it is very likely that your device is trying to let you know something important, such as:

  • The devices are no longer in range.
  • Your two units are no longer linked.
  • The batteries need replacing or recharging.
  • The motherboard needs replacing.
  • The temperature in the baby’s room is too high.

How do you Reset a VTech Baby Monitor?

All of the programmed settings on your VTech baby monitor can be easily reset following the instructions below.

Reset the parent unit to factory settings:

Begin by locating the circular reset hole on the back of the unit in the lower left-hand corner.

Using a small pin with a flattened tip press into the hole and hold down the reset button inside.

Your baby monitors parent unit will now reset.

To reset the camera unit:

  • Locate the pairing button on the camera unit.
  • Press and hold this button for 20 seconds.
  • Your camera will now be reset to its factory default settings.
  • Be sure to read this blog about 8 problems with BT Monitors.

Where can you get a Baby Monitor Repaired?

The warranty for your VTech baby monitor will be 12 months as standard from the date of purchase.

If you are experiencing a malfunction with your product inside this time period, simply return it to your local VTech dealership and they will either:

A) Repair your product using new or refurbished parts without charge.

B) Replace your product with the same or a similar product of an equivalent value.

VTech will always guarantee to return your repaired or replaced product within 30 days.

It is essential you bring proof of the original purchase date, price, and location in order to have your product fully serviced.

This does however only cover a materially defective product.

If your product has been subject to cosmetic damage such as wear and tear, or it has exceeded its 12-month warranty period, you will have to take it to a licensed technician for repair.

As VTech states, any damage due to:

“misuse, accident, shipping or other physical damage, improper installation, abnormal operation or handling, neglect, inundation, fire, water or other liquid intrusion”

Why is My baby Monitor Saying “No Signal”?

VTech baby monitors have a range of 1000ft, meaning you will be able to know what’s going on from quite a distance.

If, however, your monitor unit keeps losing or displaying no signal, the camera and monitor may be out of range. 

Ensure you place the parent monitor unit and the camera within this distance (1000ft) to make sure the signal is strong enough for them to work efficiently.

When placing your camera and monitor units make sure you avoid placing either near:

  1. Large electrical appliances such as TVs, computers, or modems.
  2. Large metal appliances such as fridges, ovens, or microwaves.

Also, ensure you do not have:

  1. Too many walls or floors in-between the monitor and the camera units.
  2. Walls with corrugated iron or aluminum sheet insulation- as similarly to the large metal appliances, this will interrupt the signal.
  3. Double glazed glass windows in between the two units.

Either unit in close proximity to a device that emits strong radio waves, such as those from a mobile phone.

Why is My Baby Monitor Going Black?

If you find that the screen on your VTech baby monitor is unresponsive then you’re in a bit of a pickle.

However, take a look at these potential causes and solutions and you may well have that screen active again in no time:

Check the batteries

If you see that the battery icon light is flashing or you get a prompt on the parent unit that states ‘Low Battery’ then this will prevent your screen from turning on.

Battery issues are the number one cause of a black screen.

Keep your units charged or replace them to avoid being caught out and this happening to you.

Do you have the unit switched on?

Yes, it’s a basic one, but if you don’t have the unit powered up then your screen will be black.
Locate the power button, give it a press, and see if that solves your problem.


Sometimes even the best of technology has its bad days and glitches can cause all manner of problems – one being a faulty screen.

Luckily, a quick reboot should solve things.

Just switch off the unit, wait a few seconds, and then power it up again.

Faulty buttons

If your buttons on your unit are not responding then this will prevent you from turning on the unit and, therefore, you will be unable to power up the screen.

You may need to replace the buttons, but you can open up your device (as noted earlier) and see if the buttons have become unaligned with the holes in the motherboard.

If your unit does not have replaceable buttons then it may be a case of replacing the circuit board entirely.

If this is the case it is time to contact VTech directly.

How Long do VTech Baby Monitors Last?

We all want our tech products to last forever, but that’s unfortunately, rarely the case.

Baby monitors are prone to accidents and rough usage.

It’s what you’d expect in a busy household with children in the mix, but there are ways to increase the longevity of your Vtech baby monitor:

  • Try not to allow the units to be knocked around.
  • Use a microfibre cloth to keep the camera clean.
  • Do your best not to overcharge the battery.
  • Keep your devices away from water and liquids.

Proper care of your VTech baby monitor will dictate how long it lasts, but users have reported problems with two particular models – The DM111 and the DM211.

It seems that these models sometimes have a particular issue with linking baby and parent monitor.

If you have either one of these devices then you may a VTech baby monitor that won’t last as long, but don’t worry, you can contact VTech who will replace it under warranty.

You may have to pay for shipping costs depending on location.

General Pros And Cons With VTech Baby Monitors


  • High definition displays
  • Superb night vision feature
  • Certain models come with 110-degree wide-angle vision


  • Some models do not use rechargeable batteries
  • Battery life issues
  • Units of some models do not stay paired/linked

Replacing Batteries In A VTech Baby Monitor

If you believe your VTech baby monitor needs new batteries (indicated by a unit only being able to power up when plugged into a power source) then just follow these steps to have your baby monitor up and running again:

#1 Slide off the back cover of your unit to reveal the battery compartment:

Flip the unit upside down and push with both thumbs in the indented space using a small amount of pressure.

The back cover should easily come away in your hands.

#2 Remove the old batteries:

Use caution when removing the batteries. Any signs of battery acid or corrosion should be dealt with carefully.

You can use latex gloves to prevent irritation.

Dislodge the battery from the spring with your finger and pull the battery from the compartment.

#3 Insert new alkaline batteries and close the compartment with the unit’s cover: 

The unit should now be ready to power up again with no it to be constantly plugged into a power source.

VTech baby monitors offer an affordable solution to ensuring you don’t miss a thing and you have peace of mind that your baby is safe and sound.

It is obvious that VTech is a trustworthy brand for parents.

The company has earned the trust of millions, as more and more parents choose VTech products each year. From baby monitors to cordless phones and so much more, VTech has been a trusted leader in the industry for many years now.


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