5 Problems With Audio Technica Headphones & Earbuds

The ever well-designed Audio Technica headphones have been on our markets for almost as long as headphones were invented and customers have relished their top-quality sound. However, even the best headphones have their faults or issues.

Here you can take a look at some of the most typical problems that may occur with Audio Technica headphones.

Connectivity Issues with Audio Technica Headphones

Audio-Technica has both wireless and wired headphones on the market. If you are experiencing a connection issue with your headphones, then simply follow these troubleshooting steps in order to resolve the problem.

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Bluetooth Pairing Issues

Wireless Audio Technica headphones use Bluetooth technology to connect to your chosen device. In order to successfully use your headphones for music or voice calls, they first need to be paired to your device.

The most common reason for your source device to not pick up the Bluetooth signal from your Audio Technica headphones is that they are not in pairing mode.  

In order to enter pairing mode follow these steps:

  1. You must start with your headphones powered off.
  2. Next, switch your headphones’ power button on.
  3. Hold down the control button located on the side of the earcup whilst simultaneously holding down the volume control buttons (+ and -) for at least 8 seconds.
  4. The LED indicator light on the side of your headphones will now start flashing white. You will then hear an alert noise quickly followed by “Bluetooth disconnected”.
  5. This now indicates that your headphones are in pairing mode. 
  6. Go to the Bluetooth menu on your computer or smartphone etc.
  7. Choose to pair with your Audio Technica headphones. Depending on the model, they should show something similar to “ATH-M50xBT”.
  8. Once selected, your headphones will be able to pair with your chosen device. The LED indicator light will stop flashing white and will instead start a slow fade in and out followed by “Bluetooth connected”.
  9. The pairing of your headphones to your device is now complete.

Certain models of Audio Technica headphones have the ability to pair with up to 8 different devices without forgetting the Bluetooth information. 

Although this is a huge bonus, you may encounter issues because a previously connected device is too close in vicinity to where you are trying to connect to your current device.

To fix this issue, simply move further away from previously connected devices and ensure you are within 3 feet of your chosen device.

If this is not possible then another way to resolve the issue is to switch off the Bluetooth capabilities of your other devices.

Wired Connection Issues

Are you are having problems with the connection of your wired Audio Technica headphones? If so, then read on to find out some simple ways to fix this issue.

  • First things first, double-check the connection between your chosen source device and your headphones. The jack on the end of the wire needs to be connected all the way in for your headphones to function properly. Inspect the connection and the wire, if there is any visible breakage to either then they need to be replaced. Luckily this cable is affordable and readily available.
  • Restart both your device and the headphones. This will help to refresh the connection and may solve the problem.

My Audio Technica Headphones have no Sound

When you’re off to work on your morning commute you’re going to need some entertainment to get you through the tedious journey to and from the office. If your headphones decide suddenly that they no longer want to produce any sound you may be wondering what the problem is.

Let’s take a look at why you might be experiencing a lack of sound, or weak sound, whilst using your Audio Technica headphones:

1) Are your Audio Technica headphones switched on? 
It may seem obvious, but it’s worth checking before you troubleshoot any further. If your headphones are not charged or are switched off, then there is no way that your Audio Technica headphones will produce any sound. Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of forgetting to charge and power them up.

2) Your volume level on your source device is too low. 
To play sound through your Audio Technica headphones you need to have them connected to a source device such as a smartphone, laptop, or TV. A common issue that users may experience is when the source device’s volume level is set low or is muted. When this happens, the music you are playing cannot be heard on your headphones.

           SOLUTION: Find the volume level on your source device and check that it is not muted and is turned up to a suitable level.

3) Is the volume on your Audio Technica headphones too low? 
It may well be the case that the volume on your headphones is set too low for you to hear the music that you’re playing. Always remember this second volume level and ensure that you have both the source audio volume and the headphone volume at an appropriate level to enjoy the superior sound quality that you desire.

4) Are you properly connected via Bluetooth?
Some Audio Technica headphones employ Bluetooth technology in order to connect to the audio source device.

If you are finding that your headphones won’t play any sound through them then check that they are connected and paired to your device.

If not, then there’s your solution: reconnect your headphones via Bluetooth.

5) Do you have damaged wiring on your Audio Technica Headphones? 
Sometimes with the wired models of Audio Technica headphones issues can occur because of kinks and twists to the cable that connects your headphones to the source device.

Damage to the internal wiring will prevent sound from traveling from your device to your headphones.

6) Is there an issue with your audio source device? 
It’s worth remembering that sometimes the issue may not be with your Audio Technica headphones at all.

In fact, it may actually be the device from which you are playing audio. Sound card issues or outdated drivers on your computer could be preventing playback.

The Sound on my Audio Technica Headphones Cuts in and Out

Choppy sounds on your Audio Technica headphones are an unexpected problem and, although rare, can be very frustrating if it’s happening to you.

So what’s causing a situation like this to occur? Let’s investigate:

Wired models of Audio Technica headphones, such as the ATH-AD500, have occasionally been reported to have no playback on one side of the headphones. 

This could be due to one of two distinct problems:

  1. The external cable has become damaged.
      • If you notice a tear or break in your external cable it will need to be re-soldered or replaced in order for you to have a normal functioning sound.
  2. The thick red and yellow wire has become damaged.
      • Similarly, if you discover that the red and yellow wire has been torn or broken then it is very unlikely that you will receive decent audio – if at all. Re-soldering the thick red and yellow wire is your only option.

What about Wireless Audio Technica models?

So that’s the low-down when it comes to the wired models, but what about headphones that use Bluetooth?

Usually, you can be safe in the knowledge that Audio Technica headphones have great Bluetooth connectivity and will rarely let you down.

However, if you are experiencing problems, you needn’t worry. We have the reasons why your sound is cutting in and out, but better yet, how to ensure that becomes a thing of the past.

There are three main issues that can interfere with Bluetooth connectivity which will result in sound being choppy and cutting in and out on your Audio Technica headphones:

  1. How far away you are from your audio source.
  2. Other wireless devices interfering with the signal.
  3. Physical objects creating obstacles for the Bluetooth signal to reach your headphones.

Here are some top tips to ensure you don’t have choppy sound because of Bluetooth connectivity:

  • Try to always stay close to your source device. It doesn’t need to be in your pocket all of the time, but no further than 30 feet away from you should do it!
  • Try to avoid having big objects between you and your headphones and the audio source. If nothing is in the way of your headphones and the source, then nothing is getting in the way of that Bluetooth signal either.
  • Put some distance between the wireless device you are using and those that you are not. Routers, other headphones, and anything that loves to connect via Bluetooth can create interference with your headphones’ ability to have perfect playback.

My Audio Technica Headphones won’t charge

We all know that headphones need to be charged up to be ready for use, but what if you’ve done that and your Audio Technica headphones seem to have battery issues?

Now, this should not happen with a great pair of Audio Technica headphones, however, sometimes battery issues do plague our favorite pieces of tech. If you think you’re having a battery-related problem with your Audio Technica headphones then read on:

A good indicator to tell whether or not your battery is charging is the LED light on your headphones. If the LED is not flashing it may be because:

  1. The battery is completely drained and the LED will begin to flash again once the headphones have some more charge.
  2. The charger you are using is broken or faulty.
  3. The computer/laptop you are using is not charging your headphones’ battery because the computer itself is not on charge.
  4. The Audio Technica batter is faulty due to wear and tear.

Best Ways to Deal with Audio Technica Headphone Battery Issues

  • Check for damage on your charger and the cable for your charger. You should always try to use the charger and cables that were supplied by Audio Technica.
  • Ensure that the computer you are using to charge from is always connected to the mains, and moreover, that the computer/laptop is not set to enter standby, sleep, or hibernate mode.
  • Contact a local Audio Technica dealer to replace an old battery if you believe it to be at fault.

General Pros and Con for Audio Technica Headphones


  • Amazing value
  • Manufactured to the highest standard
  • Crisp and clean sound
  • Powerful deep bass


  • Possible connectivity problems
  • Occasional choppy sound issues
  • Loss of sound
  • Rare charging complications


Audio Technica Headphones Troubleshooting

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