Onn TV Problems? 6 Most-Common Issues (Solved)

The brand, Onn TV, has created affordable TV sets that have allowed the masses to enjoy great TV no matter what the budget.

That’s fantastic news considering we’re in a golden age of television, but despite having a good reputation for producing functional TVs, there are a few issues that crop up from time to time.

Here you can browse through the typical problems and how to solve them.

My Onn TV Does Not Switch On

So you get back from home from a hard day’s work and throw yourself onto the couch – it’s time to relax, kick back, and watch a great show.

However, what do you do if you find yourself sitting in front of your Onn TV and it won’t turn on?

Please, don’t put your foot through the screen, just read on and you’ll find out what the problem might be – better yet – how to fix it!

Is Something Wrong with your Remote?

Your TV remote is usually what most people use to switch on their TV, but if there’s an issue with it, then you can bet that you’ll have problems activating your Onn TV set.

Here are some troubleshooting pointers for your Onn Remote:

  • Remove any obstacles that may be preventing your TV remote from sending its signal to the TV – pillows, chairs, any objects in the way, etc.
  • Ensure that you and your controller are not too far away from your set. You need to be in decent proximity to your TV for your remote to activate it.
  • Make sure there are batteries inside your remote and that the + and – symbols correlate to the placement of the batteries.

Is There an Issue with your Power Source?

If your Onn TV is not getting power through the mains then there is no way that your TV will switch on. To identify whether or not you have a power source issue that is causing your Onn TV not to switch on try this:

  • Unplug your TV from the outlet and plug another device into the same place. If this device turns on then you know it cannot be a power source problem.

Now, if you still are experiencing problems with your Onn TV not turning on then it’s time to reset your TV.

How to reboot your Onn TV?

Resetting your TV is a tried and tested method to get your TV back to the way it should be – switched on!

Follow these steps to reboot your Onn TV:

  1. Remove the power cable from the mains outlet.
  2. Allow 60 minutes to pass.
  3. Press and hold the power button on the TV set for around 60 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the TV to the mains outlet whilst continuing to hold the power button.

My Onn TV Keeps Turning Itself Off

In the middle of your favorite show? Just about to see that penalty shootout? Nothing can ruin a TV moment like your set switching off without warning.

This sort of thing just shouldn’t happen, but, if it is happening to you then follow these steps and never miss another second.

  1. Disconnect your Onn TV from the mains.
  2. Disconnect all external devices from the TV – remove all HDMI cables, etc.
  3. Next, reconnect your TV to the mains and try reconnecting one external device at a time to identify if it is one of these devices causing the problem.

If this does not solve the issue of your Onn TV switching off at random then it’s time to check for a system update.

Updating your Onn TV

Updating your Onn TV is simple and can be an effective solution for a TV set that seems to like switching itself off.

Follows these steps to perform the system update:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Choose System
  3. Choose System Updated
  4. Select ‘Check for Update’
  5. Update your TV

If you find there are no updates or that updating your Onn TV has not solved your issue, then try this alternative option:

  • From the System Menu, select ‘Control’ and then ‘Other Devices’. Uncheck all the boxes on this screen and then restart your TV. This will have to deactivate HDMI-CEC. With a little luck, your TV will only switch off when you want it to.

Lastly, if you’ve had no joy whatsoever, and your Onn TV still has a mind of its own, then you can perform a factory reset of your TV.

How to Perform a Factory Reset on an Onn TV?

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’.
  2. Next, choose ‘System’, then ‘Advanced System Settings’.
  3. Then select ‘Factory reset’.

If you cannot perform those steps due to your TV not staying switched on long enough then use the reset button on your TV set.

  • The TV reset button should be on the back or side of your Onn TV set.
  • Hold this reset button down until the TV reboots.

My Onn TV has Audio Issues

When we talk about TVs, more often than not, we’re obsessing over the picture quality – high definition, crystal clear images. However, if the sound goes wrong on your TV you suddenly remember how crucial the audio is to your enjoyment.

If you’re having audio issues with your Onn TV then you’re in the right place to learn how to solve them fast.

  1. Ensure that the audio cables connected to your TV are properly fitted.
  2. Make sure that your TV’s volume is not set on mute or that the volume is down so low that you cannot hear it.
  3. If you are unable to hear any sound from your TV then try using some external speakers. Connect them to your TV and if you still do not have any sound then it is likely to be an internal fault.

If you believe that the amplifier inside your TV is damaged then you will need to take your set for repair with an authorized technician. 

There is Only a Black Screen Visible on my ONN TV

A common yet easily resolved issue reported by ONN TV owners is when the TV only displays a black screen when powered on.

If this is also happening to you then have a read of the following steps in order to fix the problem.

  • The first thing you should do is inspect your remote for any faults.
    This can be in the form of physical damage, or even damage to the batteries. If you notice anything obvious it is worth purchasing a new remote or replacing said damaged batteries. 
  • Next, you should try plugging your ONN TV into another socket, to double-check that the issue isn’t with the outlet. If there is an issue with the socket then your TV may not be getting the correct amount of power, resulting in issues such as only displaying a black screen.
  • Another thing you can check is that both the power and HDMI cables are correctly attached to the power supply and your TV set.  
  • Is your TV still displaying no picture?
    Then simply try leaving your ONN TV set unplugged for a few minutes. This will refresh the connection and hopefully resolve the problem once it is plugged back in again. 
  • Finally, if all else has failed then it is time for a hard reset.
    Performing a hard reset drains any power leftover in your device. To do this make sure your TV set is unplugged from the source of power, then locate the power button on the front. Hold this down for a few seconds to reset your TV.

My Onn TV is Displaying a ‘No Signal’ Error

Are you staring at your TV screen and all that is displayed is a message that says – ‘No Signal’?

If that’s you then don’t worry, there’s a simple solution:

  1. Disconnect your TV from the mains. Wait 1 minute before reconnecting and turning it back on.
  2. Ensure all your HMDI cables are properly connected and then select INPUT on your remote control.
  3. Now, choose the HMDI source that your TV is connected to. You need to select the corresponding HMDI port number.

By choosing the correct HMDI source you will no longer receive the ‘No Signal’ error.

Here’s a guide to solve “No Signal” issues on your TV.

ONN TV Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Sometimes you may find that your ONN TV set has problems when trying to connect to your Wi-Fi. Don’t worry, this issue is easily fixed.

Firstly, you need to determine whether the problem is with your ONN TV set or with your Wi-Fi router. 

If you are able to connect other devices to your Wi-Fi router without encountering any problems then you can easily identify that the issues are arising with your TV, not your router.

If this is the case then follow these simple steps to help resolve the problem:

  • Unplug your ONN TV from the power outlet and leave it switched off for a few minutes. Then plug your TV back in and see if it connects to your Wi-Fi.
  • It is also worth checking whether your ONN TV is due for any software updates. If it is, make sure you update it ASAP as this could resolve the problem.
  • Still no luck? Then you will need to perform a hard reset of your ONN TV. To do this simply follow the steps previously mentioned in this article.
  • Unfortunately, if none of these solutions have worked for you, you will need to contact a trained technician.

General Pros & Cons for Onn TV


  • Unbeatable low cost
  • Built-in Roku allows thousands of free channels
  • Crisp, high-quality 4k resolution
  • Sleek aesthetics


  • Wifi connection issues
  • Switching off by itself
  • Sometimes not switching on
  • Black screen problem




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