Can a Spouse Listen To Phone Calls? (5 Ways Described)

If you’re worried that your spouse doesn’t trust you then maybe you’re concerned that they may want to listen to your phone calls.

Here you can educate yourself on all the ways someone can gain access to hearing your private conversations over the phone.

But first, let’s get the quick answer out of the way:

Can a Spouse Listen In On Calls?

Anyone can listen in on your phone calls if they have a parental control app or if you’re on a landline. It’s also possible to listen in one someone’s phone call by using a spy app. There are several on the market and the best way to check this is to go over the list of apps on your phone.

Now let’s get started.

5 Ways A Spouse Can Listen In On Phone Calls

Let’s start with the most common way.

1) Using the JJSPY App to Listen in to Your Phone Calls

JJSPY is undoubtedly one of the best monitoring apps out there.

Parental controls are JJSPYs primary selling point, giving its customers the ability to monitor their children’s cellphone activity and internet usage in order to ensure their safety.

It also promotes the ability to monitor employees’ work phones, whether in the office or working remotely.

However, anybody that knows about this app has the ability to use it to do more than just listen to another person’s phone calls.

JJSPY is compatible with both Android and iOS and boasts more than 20 different tracking abilities ranging from location monitoring to browsing history, to live screen streaming.

If your spouse wants to listen to your phone calls live, record them, or even have a live update of your text messages and photos, then using the JJSPY app is a sure-fire way to do this. 

The installation process is easy. All your spouse needs to do is simply:

  1. Visit the official JJSPY website and purchase the app.
  2. Once the app has been purchased they will receive an email that contains all the information needed to install JJSPY.

However, here is the tricky bit:

Your spouse will then need some uninterrupted time to install JJSPY app onto the target device – your phone. 

After the installation is complete it can take up to a few hours (depending on their internet speed) for all the data needed to be uploaded to a remote website.

From there, all your spouse has to do is log onto their JJSPY account to have access to a dashboard that features the following:

  • Live location
  • Battery levels
  • Browser history
  • Text history (includes WhatsApp)
  • Call logs
  • Live microphone
  • Microphone recorder
  • Live screen stream
  • Access to camera
  • Key-logger

Also, it’s worth mentioning that we see very few problems with WhatsApp.

The JJSPY app hides its icon after installation, this means it is 100% invisible on the target device.

However, if you notice your phone lagging, battery levels depleting a lot quicker than normal, or unexplained data usage, it may be a sign that a spyware app has been installed.

2) Your Spouse is Using XNSpy to Listen to Your Calls

XNSpy is now a well-known app on the market, with Entrepreneur and Engadget voting it one of the top mobile phone monitoring software available for purchase. So what is it and how can your spouse use it to listen to your calls?

XNSpy key features

  • Enables the user to gain access to the information on the target’s phone
  • Record, log and monitor both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Keep tabs on browsing history
  • Monitor social media and emails
  • Device remote control
  • Check the location of the target

XNSpy makes clear that this technology is first and foremost for parents who need to keep tabs on their children – so in this sense, the app is used primarily to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those who are most vulnerable.

XNSpy is also used by companies in order to control leaks in regards to company secrets or sensitive information and, moreover, to ensure workplace efficiency. It’s important to note that a company must ask for consent from their employees before installing it onto the company phones.

However, this same software can clearly be exploited by a distrustful partner, but to do so would be illegal.

If your spouse was to use XNSpy to listen to your calls they would have to do the following:

  1. XNSpy can be installed on either your Android or IOS device.
  2. Once your spouse has access to your device they can download the app.
  3. The app runs silently in the background on your phone. There is no visible app icon that can be found.
  4. The app will allow a spouse to record and download any calls you make.
  5. The target phone can also be activated to record even when not on a call – this would allow conversations to be recorded at any time even when you are not using the phone.

Your spouse will need to purchase one of two packages (Basic or Premium) and then choose a monthly subscription.

Only one device can be spied on at a time, so if you suspect that a spouse is using XNSpy or an app like this, then using another phone can help alleviate the fear of someone eavesdropping. 

3) Listening to Your Calls Using a Special Code

A quick search on the web will present a multitude of sites declaring that your spouse can gain access to your phone call by simply entering a code and then your phone number. Simple, right!? Disturbing, too!

However, as the people at Certosoftware state:

“It’s also a common misconception that a phone can be hacked or that someone can listen to your phone calls just by knowing your phone number. This is not possible and is completely false.”

For example, there are many websites that ask you to follow these steps in order to listen to another person’s phone calls:

  1. Find the person’s phone you want to listen in on. (Taking it when they are not around)
  2. Dial the code **06*
  3. Then add your own number and press #

According to sites such as these, anyone who follows these steps will receive a phone call whenever their spouse picks up a call.

However, in no way can this technique be endorsed. It seems very unlikely that this method would work. If your spouse has tried it then they are likely going to wait a VERY long time to hear your private phone calls.

4) Listening to Your Calls Using a Landline

We all want to believe that our privacy is respected, especially by someone who we are in a relationship with. Unfortunately, every romantic partner is different and trust doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand.

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to simply pick up the receiver of a landline in the same house whilst someone is on the phone and then listen in.

Check out the landline demographics across U.S. here.

You must have seen it in a thousand films; with one hand covering the microphone part of the phone, they get to hear all the juicy details of your call. So how’s it done?

  • Let’s say you are on a phone call on your landline.
  • From another room, your spouse carefully picks up the landline phone there.
  • By covering the microphone part of the phone – the lower end – they can listen in to your private conversation.

Here are some tips to work out whether your landline conversation is being heard by your spouse:

  1. Listen in for the sound of another receiver being picked once you’re on the call.
  2. Listen for any strange background noise – such as another person breathing that’s different from the person you are calling.
  3. If you hear a receiver being put down midway through your call. This could indicate that someone was listening and then stopped.

5) Using an iPhone as a Microphone with the Live Listening Tool

iPhones have a handy little tool called ‘Live Listening’. This function is only available on iOS devices and it can only be combined with hearing devices made for iPhones (MFIs).

If your spouse has an iPhone, along with an MFI, then they will be able to use their iPhone as a remote microphone and listen live to the phone’s surrounding environment. 

This method does however come with some limitations and isn’t 100% foolproof.

For example, if you are on the phone whilst your spouse is using Live Listen, they will only be able to hear one side of the conversation, unless of course, you are on speakerphone.

Also, because this method relies on Bluetooth connectivity, your spouse would have to be in or near the same vicinity as you. It’s also worth mentioning that if you walk away from their iPhone your spouse wouldn’t be able to hear a thing.

To set up live listen your spouse simply has to:

  1. Put AirPods in their ears and connect to their iPhone via Bluetooth.
  2. Place their iPhone in close proximity to where you will be making a phone call.
  3. They then will open the control center on their phone and tap the small ear icon.
  4. Then tap AirPods, and finally tap Live Listen.
  5. They will then remove themselves from the room, but stay in Bluetooth range to hear your side of the phone call.


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