Problems With Louis Vuitton Headphones (4 Common Issues)

The Louis Vuitton brand started off selling traveler’s trunks and leather goods, but now even carries tech accessories.

Their tech accessories include the Horizon Wireless Earphones, but the high-end luxury items are not without their own flaws.

Here’s a rundown of the typical issues you might have while using Louis Vuitton headphones.

Louis Vuitton Headphones Cost Over 4 Times More Than Apple AirPods Pro

This isn’t actually a technical problem, but a price of $1,120 does stand out!

Since Apple came out with AirPods, they have been obviously more expensive than the majority of other earphone brands.

This was true until Louis Vuitton released their pricey Horizon Wireless earphones.

So if the expense of a Louis Vuitton headphone has you a bit jolted, what can you do? Try and find a used pair online.

Buy Used Louis Vuitton Headphones.

At first, this solution seems a tad bit on the less hygienic side. I mean, Horizon earpieces are designed for in-ear use.

That means they can be exposed to ear wax.

The idea of sharing earwax with a complete stranger is too intimate for some of us to even think about.

However gross the thought, purchasing used earphones can be done.

Pre-owned, returned or otherwise used earphones are available for sale.

Rest assured that if you patronize, you are in line to fetch good savings – possibly up to 50%! That’s incredible savings for a quality set of headphones. Headphones of good quality will rarely be so discounted because their value stays constant with time.

And if you’re concerned about being clean, Louis Vuitton headphones can be disinfected.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you disinfect used headphones:

  • Clean the inside of your LV earbuds with a small, soft brush. This helps to remove solid grime without leaving scratches on the surfaces.
  • Don’t leave out the charging case and other connections. They need to be cleaned too!

Here are some items that you might need:

  • A soft microfiber cloth made for polishing glass. (Of course, Louis Vuitton Horizon Wireless earphones come with a branded cleaning cloth in the box!)
  • Soapy water made from dishwashing soap.
  • Earbud cleaning tool to clear debris from sound tubes.
  • Rubbing alcohol, to carefully sanitiser the plastic ad silicone parts of your earphones.

Compare the Price of Louis Vuitton Headphones to More Expensive Headphone Brands and Be Comforted

Take advantage of the power of comparison.

It is a strategy used by the car salesman to make you feel like you’re getting a deal.

He shows you the most expensive car on the lot, makes you freak out about the price, then offers ‘relief’ in the form of a less expensive model.

When you see the much lower price, you sigh and smile and take it home. You left thinking you got away with an amazing deal!

The reverse can therefore be tried.

You know the Louis Vuitton headphones cost $1,120. But what if you knew about another headphone set that costs $5,000. Or maybe another one priced at $12, 000.

Those outrageous prices make you feel like the luxury Horizons are more within your reach now.

Know and Accept Your Commitment to the Louis Vuitton Brand

Most of us have a brand or two that we prefer, depending on the product we want. If the Louis Vuitton brand has won your loyalty, then remember that and continue to patronize them.

Look back at previous purchases you have made in LV and recall the satisfaction you felt.

Maybe their products have always been solid and durable. Or perhaps you grew up in a family tradition of Louis Vuitton brand lovers.

It’s ok to stick with your brand. It is ok to be loyal.

And let’s face it – if you are a Vuitton fan, you are already familiar with high-end price points. 

Audio for Phone Calls is Not That Good with Louis Vuitton Headphones

The audio quality for music with Louis Vuitton headphones is good. Some say even better than audio from the AirPods Pro. But to place a regular phone call, Louis Vuitton headphones are potentially disappointing.

Your friend on the other end of the call might complain that you’re in a noisy area, or ask why you have them on speaker. It can sound that bad.


Use High Definition Calling on Your Smartphone

High definition (HD) voice calling is a wideband audio technology with improved call quality.

The frequency range of audio signals is expanded so that:

1. Your audio is clearer, and sounds more natural.

2. Background noise is reduced regardless of your surroundings.

HD Voice does not use WiFi to make or receive calls.

Instead, it is based on VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) technology, which is a step up from VoIP. The technology enables phone service over the Internet and uses a carrier’s LTE data network.

Find out if it’s offered by your cell service carrier and check if your smartphone is HD voice compatible.

Use WiFi or an app to make voice calls

In the absence of normal, carrier-based calling, you can either use an app to make voice calls over the internet or make Wi-Fi calls. Wi-Fi Calling allows high-quality and clear conversations indoors.

Without an extra app, just turn on your phone’s WiFi call feature and make a call to others with Wi-Fi Calling-enabled phones.

How do you turn on WiFi calling?

  1. Accept the latest software or firmware updates for your handset. Your handset manufacturer’s Support service should be able to guide you through the firmware update steps.
  2. Open your phone’s settings and Enable Wi-Fi Calling on your phone.
  3. Connect to an available Wi-Fi network.
  4. Use your phone’s native dialer to place a call.

You can also use free apps to make calls on your WiFi too. Apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Duo should already be familiar names. 

Keep It All Clean

Loose threads, dirt, and even food and grease can collect in small holes in our cell phones and headphones.

Periodic cleaning of your Louis Vuitton headphones, earphone jack, and smartphone speaker could make the difference you’re looking for in call quality.

Get a repair

If using the internet and having clean accessories doesn’t clear up your Louis Vuitton headphones call quality, it may be time to do phone screen and sound system repairs.

Search for repair professionals in your area and let them fix the problems you’re having with your handset.

Large size of Louis Vuitton Headphones Causes a Few Problems

Louis Vuitton Horizon Wireless earphones weigh 9 grams. That’s a pretty hefty size compared to the 4 grams for Apple AirPods.

This can be a problem for the following reasons:

  • Wearing them for even an hour can cause your ears to hurt a lot once they’re removed.
  • The large size of these buds makes them fit very snugly in the ear, thus making it harder to reach the control buttons sometimes.
  • LV Horizon Wireless earbuds can get uncomfortably warm in the ears after a while.


Although the Louis Vuitton Horizon earpieces are larger and heavier, thoughtful designers supply three-fit wings and five ear-tip sizes to choose from.

After finding the right fit, the earbuds settle very snugly in the ear and hold quite securely.

If you’re still experiencing discomfort even with the correct size earbuds, get them sized and fitted by a professional.

An audiologist can make impressions of your ears to get the ideal size custom earphones to be made. You can also try switching to foam for a more comfortable fit.

Search online for “replacement foam tips” and either Louis Vuitton headphones or Master and Dynamic earbuds ( they manufacture the Horizon Wireless earphones for Louis Vuitton).

Louis Vuitton Headphones Have Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

When you’re in crowded areas and practically everyone is using a mobile device, the Louis Vuitton Bluetooth connection can drop.

Like annoyingly drops almost every other second. Then it can also fail to connect to iPhone12 Pro.

If you have Bluetooth connectivity problems with the Louis Vuitton Horizon Wireless earphones, here’s what you can do.

  • Make sure your iPhone is fully updated.
  • Turn Bluetooth “Off” then back “On” and try pairing again.
  • Put the Horizon Wireless earphones in pairing mode and reset if that’s possible.
  • Update the firmware of your LV earbuds
  • Rename your iOS device in the Settings menu (General > About > Name)
  • If these steps don’t help, use this Apple troubleshooting link⁴
  • If you still have problems with Bluetooth connectivity, reach out to the LV team to see if the Horizon Wireless earphones need an update to work with iOS 14 or the iPhone 12 Pro.

General Pros and Cons for Louis Vuitton Headphones

What People Like About Louis Vuitton Headphones

  1. Great unboxing experience
  2. Leather protective case
  3. Nice charging case with wireless charging
  4. Extra attention to detail
  5. Active noise-canceling
  6. Battery life up to 30 hours of listening time

Problems with Louis Vuitton Headphones

  1. Louis Vuitton headphones cost over 4 times more than Apple AirPods Pro
  2. Audio for phone calls is not so good with Louis Vuitton headphones
  3. The large size of Louis Vuitton Headphones causes some problems
  4. Louis Vuitton Headphones have Bluetooth connectivity issues


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