Under Armour Headphone Problems: 3 Common Issues (Solved)

JBL’s Under Armour Sport Wireless Train On-Ear headphones are a great product, but there are bound to be issues with even the best-quality headphones. We’ve also looked at how durable Under Armour headphones are.

We’ve compiled the internet’s typical problems with these headphones, and we’ve given you some solutions to the issues:

1. Headphones Not Switching On

There are several reasons why your headphones won’t turn on, the simplest solution to this problem is to double-check if you’ve completed the first power-up correctly.

Hold the power switch in place for 2 seconds, and then the headphones should start and automatically go into pairing mode. 

If that doesn’t work, you should check if the charging cable is faulty. To do this, try to charge another device with it. Did the other device charge? If yes, then your cable works fine. If not, then try another cable.

If the headset isn’t charging and the cable is working 100%, you might need to clean the charging port. Often dust, fluff, or lint can find its way in and interrupt the connection points. 

Using a can of compressed air, spray air into the port. This should loosen and remove any particles causing the connection issue.  

If you don’t have a can of compressed air, you can also use a toothpick to clean out the small spaces, but be careful not to scratch the contact areas. We’d strongly recommend using compressed air rather than toothpicks.

2. Issues With Connecting To Devices

Syncing devices via Bluetooth can be problematic. Before blaming your set of JBLs, it’s always a good idea to check your audio device. First, make sure the volume is turned up on your device and the speakers.

If that doesn’t work, make sure that your device’s Bluetooth is on. 

If the Bluetooth is on and you can’t connect the headphones to it, your second step is to put your audio device into discovery mode and try to connect manually. 

  1. In general, first, turn your headphones on and wait for them to play the start-up sound.
  2. Next, put them into pairing mode by holding down the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds. You will hear the pairing mode sound when this is successful. 
  3. Finally, look at the Bluetooth settings on your audio device, and when the JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless Train On-Ear headphones show up on the list of available devices, select it.

If this doesn’t fix the Bluetooth connectivity problem, it might be time to conduct a hard factory reset. 

With JBL devices, this is done in the following steps:

  1. Turn your headphones on;
  2. Once you’ve heard the start-up sound, press both the volume up and down buttons at the same time;
  3. This will begin the factory reset, and your headphones will make the power-down sound;
  4. Finally, the headset will power back up and set to factory default.

Once this has been completed, try reconnecting the headset to the audio device. 

You can repeat this process a few times to ensure that your headphones are properly reset. 

If this problem persists or the factory reset doesn’t work, it could be a problem with the actual buttons. This is a simple fix for a technician. 

3. Nothing Happening When Pushing Buttons

If you’ve been pushing yourself and your JBL Under Armour Headphones to the limit, you can end up dislodging a button or two. 

Often the button is just out of alignment and can be fixed by applying some simple pressure to the button and moving it back into place. 

You can disassemble your headphones and realign the buttons for those who feel confident enough. We’d strongly recommend avoiding this step if you are not a competent DIYer.

Also, working on smaller devices, such as JBL Under Armour Headphones, is tricky. 

If you are confident in your abilities and are determined to do it yourself, there are a few steps to follow:

  1. Remove the ear cushion that is located on the same side as the power button;
  2. This will expose 3 screws, undo them, and place them to one side;
  3. Now you will see the interior of the headset, including the buttons;
  4. Push the power button into place, or press from the inside to the exterior; 
  5. Once you’re happy with the placement, reassemble.

This should sort the issue out. If the button is still not working, you will need to hand your headphones over to a professional. 

Now that we know the 3 typical problems with JBL’s Under Armour Sport Wireless Train On-Ear Headphones, let’s investigate their pros and cons. 

Pros & Cons of JBL’s Under Armour Sport Wireless Train On-Ear Headphones:

Generally speaking, these headphones have garnered great reviews:

Ear Cushions:

The biggest feature of the UA Sport Wireless Train headphones is the ear cushions, which are made from “UA breathe material.” 

The ear cushions have been designed to provide a comfortable fit, are breathable, light, durable, fast-drying, and can be hand washed. 

Generally, the materials used to create these headphones are great, and they need to be as this headset is designed to take a beating. 

Rugged Design:

The rugged design has an IPX4 rating, which means they’ve been designed to be tossed in gym bags.

With their oversized headset buttons, they are easy to use during any workout. 

Battery Life:

With up to 16 hours of battery, these headphones will be ready for several gym sessions. If you’ve forgotten to recharge them, they have fast charging technology. JBL says they will charge 100% from empty in 2 hours.

In layman’s speak, it only takes 5 minutes of charging for an hour of battery. 

This means you can charge your headphones while you cool down between routines. 

Talk Technology:

The UA Sport Wireless Train On-Ear Headphones also feature Bionic Hearing. This allows you to hear your surroundings with TalkThru Technology without taking your headphones off. 

With TalkThru Technology, if you want to lower the music and amplify the speech of your gym instructor or partner, tap the Under Armour logo on the outer panel of the right earpiece. 

This is a great feature and a must-have for all gym nuts. 

Conclusion JBL’s Under Armour Sport Wireless Train On-Ear Headphones

This is a great product with minimal negative feedback online, great peer reviews by influencers and reporters, and two legendary collaborating brands. 

Specifically, reviews have been excellent for the AU Sport Wireless Train sound quality, which is the most important headphone factor.

However, they were released in 2018, so they’re already a few years old, and we think that by spending a little more money and upgrading to the JBL Under Armour Project Rock Wireless Over-Ear Training Headphones, you will get so much more. 

The price difference between the two is around US$100, but we think it’s worth going all in for a great set of headphones.

Please also read our article for troubleshooting tips when one side of your JBL headphones is not working.


JBL Support Site

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